Set Up Crew Tennessee

Under Canvas - Pigeon Forge, TN

30+ days agoFull-time
Under Canvas crew are camp setup champs! We setup Glamping tents and campsites. Think hotel room inside of a wall tent. Crew members travel to company camp sites and events located in beautiful landscapes around the country. If you have a positive, friendly attitude, enjoy traveling, working hard,and spending a lot of time outdoors, you will love being a member of our staff.

Employee's responsibilities:
Setup and takedown of events and permanent camps
Organize and plan for proper tools and resources to complete job tasks
Track inventory, proper storage, and condition of equipment - Immediately report any
damaged tents that need to be repaired or replaced

Provide exceptional customer service

Drive crew or equipment correctly and safely
Track time and expenses accurately
Attend company trainings and adhere to all safety practices and best methods for tent set up
and management of equipment

Production duties:
Process orders from the sales team while carefully adhering to policies for inspection and
quality control
Internal production and assembly, build-out, shipping, and tracking of equipment

Expectations and Job Requirements
Exceptional attention to detail, quality, and time management
Ability to recognize potential hazards early - avoid them, and work in a safe manner
Ability to follow instructions carefully, ask questions when in doubt, and get the details right
Accurately keep track of time, progress, and inventory
Quickly communicate any issues and proactively contribute to resolutions
Prepared to work AND THRIVE in challenging work conditions including, but not limited to:
weather, travel, deadlines, special requests, changed plans, and equipment issues
Necessary attributes include: hustle, grit, and a sense of urgency to get the job done quickly
Ability to work well as a team and maintain positive energy with challenging dynamics
Flexibility to work within a changeable and/or on-call work schedule, working long hours if
Displays a high degree of professionalism in any situation
Transport staff and equipment safely in company vehicles
Adhere to Under Canvas chain of command
Properly maintain trucks, equipment, and tools
Smartphone, computer, and technological capabilities

Required Skills
General construction and mechanical skills
Ability to troubleshoot and repair mechanical faults
Ability to prioritize
Attention to detail

Ability to follow instructions
Email, word processing, and communications skills

Physical & Mental Demands
Heavy lifting and physical tasks (60lb min)
Long hours working in rugged outdoor terrain and adverse weather conditions
Keeping accurate lists and mentally pro-active
High level of communication during high demand workloads

Travel Requirements
Extensive travel to/from permanent camps, events, and other work-related locations.
Accommodations can include rustic wilderness camping, hotels, and staff trailers

Driving large trailers

  • Per diem for food and paid lodging for all travel to setup sites.
  • Employee should have personal vehicle. It is not frequent, but Milage reimbursement if required for work use.
All expecations are a plus, but not required! Will train! If you work hard and play hard, you will be a great fit!

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