Software Engineer - III

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Senior Scrum Master:
The main goal : create stable and self-organized teams with a clear and engaging direction, help to identify and resolve organizational impediments, as well as educate the organization on Agile Methodologies. This is management role. The SM manage the process in each scrum team he is assigned too.

Experience: 5 years of experience has a Scrum Master with experience working with multiple team located in multiple Geos. Strong Communication skills & team spirit.

Why do we need you?

As a ScrumMaster you will works with 2 to 3 teams at a time to help deliver business value that helps meet the Intel’s Security corporate goals. The Scrum Master role is embedded in the teams but also acts as an extension of the Intel’s Security Process team.

As the Senior Scrum Master you are the process enabler. You have experience in working with multiple teams located in multiple geos.. You are not afraid of raising issues and driving change to remove impediments and obstacles from your team. You support the Product Owner, and facilitate creativity. You participate in improving the team’s engineering practices and tools as needed. The qualified candidate utilizes strong leadership, has the ability to follow the leadership of others, practice effective communication, be adaptable to change, and has the capability to collaborate and share information with all levels of the team.

You will be responsible for coaching and mentoring Agile Scrum methodologies of various team members to ensure effective application of the iterative principles and applicable standards in alignment with the agile methodologies. You will also be responsible for participating and/or helping provide relevant updates of product deliverables to the Intel’s Security process & management team.

What we're looking for?

You have at least four to five years of actual work experience performing Scrum Master role
  • Your work experience includes at least 3-5 years working as a Scrum Master for a software development team that was diligently applying Scrum principles, practices, and theory.
  • First level Scrum Master certification (CSM, PSM I - PSPO, PSM II or more is an advantage
  • Experience working with multiple teams located in multiple geos
  • Understand incremental delivery and the value of metrics.
  • Good skills and knowledge of servant leadership, facilitation, situational awareness, conflict resolution, continual improvement, empowerment, and increasing transparency.
  • Knowledge of numerous well-documented patterns and techniques for filling in the intentional gaps left in the Scrum approach (example: numerous Burndown techniques, numerous Retrospective formats, handling bugs, etc.).
  • Understand backlog tracking, burndown metrics, velocity, and task definition.
  • Knowledge of the various Software Development Life Cycle methodologies (Agile, Incremental and Iterative, Scrum-ban, Lean, Waterfall).
  • Bilingual (French and English), both verbal and written.
  • Show leadership & have excellent communication skills
  • Capable of taking over the responsibility of Senior Scrum Master for 2-3 teams rapidly (quick transition phase).
Main duties

Responsible for the Scrum Artifacts:
Facilitating Planning
Facilitating Grooming
Facilitating Reviews
Facilitating Retrospectives
Helping the team to stay focused (e.g. by acting as a buffer between external, distractions and the team)
Helping the team to maintain their scrum tools (Story board, Action board, charts, backlogs etc.)
Helping the team and the product owner to find a suitable Definition of Done and Definition of Ready

Developing and nurturing team dynamics:
System Coaching
Mediating through conflicts
Helping the team to make decisions
Fostering the developer team´s self-organization
Mediating the general conflict of goals between development team and product owner

Serving as a mirror to the team:
Reflecting Agile and Scrum values to the team
Reminding the team of their arrangements
Helping the team to continuously improve their process
Reflecting issues to the team through observation from outside of the team
Asking open questions
Checking all the modules the team uses (Spring backlog, metrics, etc.) and show them differences between the model and the real world

Provide support to Product Owner:
Helping to write or split user stories together with the team
Helping to write or adapt product visions
Helping to order product backlog items
Helping with the release planning
Coaching the Product Owner on Impact Mapping or Story Mapping

Update himself in order to teach and mentor the team and organization:
Continuous learning of everything related to Agile (visit user groups, attend conferences, read books, write blogs, etc.)
Consulting team members and organization on Agile
Helping team members to create information radiators
Giving feedback to the team
Encouraging the use of Agile Engineering Practices within the development team
Challenging team with Agile Management innovations (e.g. FedEx-Days)
Exchanging knowledge with other Scrum Masters in the organization ( e.g. Community of practices)
Doing Gemba Walks

Responsible of helping the team to maintain the big picture:
Bringing people together and let them talk to each other
Keeping in touch with every stakeholder regularly
Helping the team to report to management
Helping to further spread the Agile Community within the organization
Organizational exchange events like Open Spaces or World Cafes fort the team, its stakeholders, and organization
Sharing insights throughout the company through blogging, internal conferences etc.
Being a contact person for everyone in the team and the company who has any questions regarding agile
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