Student Engagement Specialist (Program Specialist 2)

Seattle Community Colleges - Seattle, WA4.6

This a full-time position works directly with the Director of Student Leadership, the Coordinator of Cultural Planning, and the Student leadership Front Office staff to provide training, guidance, advice and supervision to Seattle Central student organizations. The position encourages collaboration and cooperation between student organizations, Student Leadership boards, and other campus departments.

The individual in this position is responsible for organizing, training and directing all efforts pertaining to the Student Organizations Resource Council (SORC) and through that board, the Seattle Central student organizations and for processing the appropriate paperwork to hire, supervise and arrange to pay the student employees and purchase needed services, equipment and supplies.

The Specialist of Student Involvement is responsible for forming sustainable and professional relationships with advisors of other boards as needed. The Student Involvement coordinator is fully responsible for record keeping, information management, report writing, budget oversight, and responsibility for other relevant paperwork. In addition, must design and maintain meaningful assessment practices, which concur with the Seattle Central strategic plan and core themes.
This job requires the ability to manage several projects simultaneously, interpret and apply rules and regulations, understand and complete requisite paperwork, facilitate group program planning, and communicate effectively with students, staff, faculty and members of the community. The Student Leadership department strives to serve a diverse, urban student population and the ideal candidate would be expected to exhibit significant proficiency with multiculturalism and diversity and to create a space where Seattle Central students can enhance their skills, seek their success and build appreciation for culture(s) and cultural differences. This individual often serves as the first point of contact and referral for students looking for a path to involvement and works with the front office to provide and guide students seeking connection through volunteer opportunities.

APPLICIATION PROCEDURES:Seattle Colleges are committed to recruiting dedicated faculty and staff who together create a welcoming academic climate that reflects the diverse backgrounds of our community, including ethnicity, national origin, religion, race, gender, gender identity, age, status as a veteran or disabled veteran, disability, political status, and sexual orientation.

This position is governed by a collective bargaining agreement with representation by WFSE and is subject to union shop provisions.

Prior to a new hire, a background check including criminal record history will be conducted. Information from the background check will not necessarily preclude employment but will be considered in determining the applicant's suitability and competence to perform in the position.

Attached current Resume
Attached cover letter addressing how you meet the duties and responsibilities, and requirements for the position
Contact phone number and email addresses for three professional references
Required application materials including answers to supplemental questions must be completed and submitted online

Essential Functions:
Advise, train and supervise the Student Organizations Resource Council (SORC) members.
Coordinate the organization, orientation, training and supervision of Seattle Central Student Organizations.
Create and maintain meaningful structures for club development (handbook, orientation, fundraising rules and regulations, etc.).
Monitor club paperwork.
Develop and implement educational programs; advise student organizations; assist student organizations in the development of programs to enhance their appreciation for culture and cultural differences and encouraging community.
Work with the Director of student leadership and the coordinator of Cultural Programming in the organization and implementation of weekly Leadership Institutes.
Organize quarterly Student Involvement Fairs.
Work with the advisor to the Tournaments and Games (TAG) team in the development of sports clubs.
Develop an outreach plan to provide student organization advisors with information to assist them in serving as effective mentors for student organization leaders.
Develop annual budget proposal for submission to S & A Budget Subcommittee. Monitor and manage budgets for Student Involvement; serve as a financial coordinator to student organizational accounts. manage individual student organizations budgets;
Interpret and apply District, Campus and Department policies and provide training to student organizations on the process of space reservations, financial accounting, and posting procedures;
Engage in meaningful and collaborative assessment efforts for executed programs and activities, leading to design and implementation of a data-based decision process.
Provide direct supervision for part time student assistants, coordinating their training, developing their job duties, and assessing their work performance. Meet one-on-one with students and independently advise students regarding program content, policies, budgets, procedures and activities.
Partner with departments on programmatic cultural activities and events that supplement classroom experiences; works closely with faculty and staff in support of student organizations when developing co-curricular activities for learning communities focused on multiculturalism and diversity.
Work collaboratively with all board advisors to discuss overall progress and to assess projects and programs with other colleagues and in the recruitment and selection of all student boards.
Prepare yearly goals, objectives and annual report.

Required Education, Experience & Abilities:
Bachelor's degree and two years of experience working in a student-centered program, program management and development, or student recruitment/retention program.
Training and experience in designing processes that promote student development
Budget development and oversight.
Record keeping, information management, report writing
Experience developing student development assessment practices.
Ability to manage several projects simultaneously.
Ability to interpret and apply rules and regulations.
Knowledge and practice of social justice-oriented programs

Customer Service Skills:
Ability to actively listen, communicates clearly, identify issues, provide options, and follow-up with concerns.
Demonstrated interpersonal, communication, organization, and project coordination skills.
Ability to maintain confidentiality.
Ability to work within an environment supporting students in addressing issues often of a sensitive or controversial nature.
Ability to maintain a good rapport with students, community members, and co-workers.

Relationship Building Skills:
Actively demonstrates an understanding of the many facets of diversity and the benefits of a commitment to achieving cultural awareness, sensitivity and competency.
Ability to create environments which provide for the inclusion of all children, including children with disabilities and children with diverse language, socioeconomic and/or cultural backgrounds; support children in communication of feelings and needs.
Builds constructive working relationships characterized by a high level of acceptance, cooperation and mutual regard.
Understanding and usage of leadership development models

Communication Skills:
Conveys clear, timely, persuasive messages that positively influence the thoughts and actions of others.
Use a variety of tools and methods to encourage students to change behavior and/or overcome physical/emotional barriers.
Express ideas and information through the spoken word or in writing using language that is appropriate to both the complexity of the topic and the knowledge and understanding of the children, parents and co-workers.
Read, interpret, and retain information from written material.

Organizational Skills:
Help to integrate various ideas, intentions and information to form goals, objectives, timelines, action plans, and solutions.
Help to coordinate events, activities, services and schedules with necessary and available facilities or equipment.

Computer Skills:
Working knowledge of Office 365 and Internet capabilities.
Proficiency in Windows, Microsoft Word, and Outlook, TS Gold.
Experience with database and other cloud document management applications

Preferred Qualifications:
4+ years experience managing clubs and organizations on 2-year college campus
Knowledge of current practices in student involvement/engagement
Knowledge and practice of student development theories
CPR/AED and First Aid certified
Project management courses, practice, and/or certificate