Head Girls Softball Coach

St. Louis Park Public Schools - Saint Louis Park, MN

Full-timeEstimated: $36,000 - $44,000 a year
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St. Louis Park High School

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Title: Head Girls Softball Coach
Department: High School Athletics
Group: N/A
Reports to: Athletics Director
DBM Classification: N/A

Coaches have a unique position in the school community and have an opportunity to provide leadership for all school personnel by their actions while participating in the athletic program. It is important that this unique position for leadership be utilized in a responsible manner.

The Coach is hired and expected to provide the necessary leadership and to plan, organize, and be responsible for a comprehensive interscholastic golf program, and to carry out the objectives of the high school athletic department.
The Coach is also responsible for all lower level programs in the high school.
Coach are expected to have had previous coaching experience.
MSHSL "Coaches Clipboard" modules must be completed prior to start of season.
The Coach is expected to maintain effective communication with athletes, school administration, staff, students, parents and the community.
Head Coach must meet the requirement of the State Statute to be a head coach prior to the beginning of the season.
Actively coach at all practices and games.
Work with other coaches in coaching athletes.
Show respect for the opponent at all times. When an opponent visits your school, they should be treated as a guest, greeted cordially on arriving, given good accommodations, and accorded the tolerance, honesty, and generosity all human beings deserve. When visiting another school, we should be cordial and appreciative of our host. Good sportsmanship is the Golden Rule.
Show respect for the officials. The officials should be recognized as impartial arbitrators who are trained to do their job and who can be expected to do it to the best of their ability. Good sportsmanship implies the willingness to accept and abide by the decisions of the officials.
Know, understand, and appreciate the rules of the contest. A familiarity with the current rules of the game and the recognition of their necessity for a fair contest is essential. Good sportsmanship suggests the importance of conforming to the spirit as well as the letter of the rules.
Maintain self-control at all times. A prerequisite of good sportsmanship requires one to understand his/her own bias or prejudice and the ability to prevent the desire to win from overcoming rational behavior. A proper perspective must be maintained if the potential educational values of athletic competition are to be realized. Good sportsmanship is concerned with the behavior of all involved in the game.
Recognized and appreciate skill in performance regardless of affiliation. Applause for the opponent's good performance is demonstration of generosity and goodwill. The ability to recognize quality in performance and the willingness to acknowledge it without regard to team membership is one of the most commendable gestures of good sportsmanship.
Treat your opponent with respect. Make a special effort to be courteous and respectful even when you feel your team has not been treated fairly.
Be a humble winner and a proud, respectful loser.
Conduct yourself in a manner of controlled intensity.
Use only positive verbal interchange with any person from the opposing team or school.
A handshake or pat on the back is the only physical contact acceptable outside of the normal contact allowed in each sport.
Respond to officials' decisions in a controlled manner and with a spirit of good sportsmanship.
Use only positive actions and words towards officials.
Use principles of sportsmanship and fair play regardless of the situation or outcome of the contest.
Make certain buildings and property is in good condition when you finish using them.
Respect the opponent's school and locker room areas; also respect any personal property in area.
Pick up any litter from the area and leave area used cleaner than you found it.

Diversity creates a healthier atmosphere:
All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, protected veteran status, disability status, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, marital status, genetic information, or any other protected characteristics.