Senior Pastor (relocation required)

Union Church of Manila - Philippines - United States

Full-timeEstimated: $61,000 - $89,000 a year

**THIS POSITION IS BASED IN MANILA, PHILIPPINES. A strong educational foundation in theology with a Masters’ degree or higher is required; international/intercultural experience and prior experience as a Senior Pastor are preferred.**


Union Church of Manila seeks a Christ-centered, Spirit-led pastor with strong and faithful Biblical preaching skills and a long-term vision and commitment (minimum 5 years) to shepherd, nurture, and serve the Church’s unique multicultural, international, and interdenominational congregation. A strong educational foundation in theology with a Masters’ degree or higher is required; international/intercultural experience and prior experience as a Senior Pastor are preferred.

The Senior Pastor should be a relational but visionary leader with qualities based on Biblical standards (Titus 1:6-8, Titus 2:1-12, 1 Tim. 3:1-13, Matt. 20:25-28), able to lead, engage, and equip the church to pursue and fulfill its vision and mission. The candidate should be healthy in mind, body, and spirit with a personal history that is above reproach. UCM seeks a pastor of character willing to lead and guide with compassion, humor, and humility. The Senior Pastor should be interdenominational and ecumenical in outlook.

It shall be the duty of the Senior Pastor to zealously maintain the truths of the Gospel, and to earnestly strive to lead a life worthy of the office of a pastor. The Senior Pastor will serve with special attention to the proclamation of the Word of God, the administration of the sacraments, and providing pastoral care to the members of the Church.

The following primary functions and accountabilities belong to the discretion of the Senior Pastor and are not subject to the authority of the Council:

(a) the direction and leading of public worship; including the selection of hymns and readings of scripture during each service of worship

(b) leading members in prayer
(c) preparation and preaching of the sermon

In performing the role and responsibilities, the Senior Pastor is assisted by two key direct reports who provide support and implementation of programmatic ministries including Discipleship, Fellowship and Membership, Stewardship, Communications, Worship, Age and Stage, Missions and Benevolence, Outreach and Evangelism, and Care.

a) Associate Pastor who has responsibility and oversight for focus ministries as delegated by the Senior Pastor, and in consultation with the UCM Council.

b) Church Administrator who has responsibility for the functional areas of Finance, Property, Human Resources, General Administration and Support Staff. These functions are managed day to day by the Church Administrator, and oversight over Finance, Property, and Human Resources is provided by Church Council members.

UCM has a total of over forty [40] full-time staff within the ministries, functional areas and support functions, as well as a host of volunteer staff within the various ministries, who work under the responsibility of the Senior Pastor, his direct reports, or some ministries and committees.


The primary responsibilities of the Senior Pastor are preaching, worship, and prayer; leading the pastoral team; and provide strategic leadership to pursue UCM’s vision
and mission.

The Senior Pastor reports to the Council on all roles and responsibilities. As an elected member of the Council, the Senior Pastor may also be invited to Chair the Council.

Primary Roles to Fulfill:

  • Preaching, Worship, and Prayer: The Senior Pastor’s role is preaching, leading the worship, and administering the ordinances and sacraments. The Senior Pastor has overall responsibility for all services of worship and carries out this responsibility in collaboration with the Pastoral Team and in conjunction with other participating parties represented on the Worship Committee. The Senior Pastor is also responsible for the overall tone and integrity of the worship services.
  • Leading the Pastoral Team: The Senior Pastor is the overall supervisor and team leader for the Pastoral Team, managing the pastoral calling and team development, delegation and the suggested length of their terms of call in furtherance of the UCM mission and vision; to note, any hiring process will be made in consultation with, and final approval by, the Council and Terms of Call Committee.
  • Strategic Leadership: The Senior Pastor, in consultation with the UCM Council, shall help formulate the strategy of UCM’s vision in line with the UCM mission and purposes, looking after the spiritual nourishment and growth of the Church community. The Senior Pastor works with the Council and the Pastoral Team in the development, implementation, and evaluation of objectives and plans of action for fulfilling the vision, mission, and purposes of UCM. The Senior Pastor takes the lead in communicating these activities to the UCM congregation.

Secondary Roles to Serve or Delegate:

In addition to the primary roles above, the Senior Pastor is responsible for the following secondary roles based on their giftings and passions. The Senior Pastor will have the opportunity to actively oversee and serve these functions, or may indirectly oversee by delegating as appropriate toward the qualified staff, UCM Council, and the committees and thereby congregational volunteers that report to the committees.

  • Head of Staff: The Head of Staff cares for and invests in our staff, and is responsible for formal performance evaluations, informal encouragement, and regular meetings for feedback. The Senior Pastor shepherds the staff such that eachcan pursue their gifts in support of the ministry of UCM, the building of the church and personal spiritual growth in Jesus Christ. Support from the Council is available to determine which level of direct involvement the Senior Pastor chooses to have, or to leverage and delegate management roles to existing staff and committee members.
  • Programmatic Ministries / Committees: The Senior Pastor has the responsibility for and exercises oversight on all programmatic ministries. Again, the Senior Pastor can delegate supervision of ministries as appropriate to ensure the best oversight and performance of the people and ministries.
  • Pastoral Care Program: The Senior Pastor is responsible for overseeing the pastoral care of the congregation, including, but not limited to, counseling, weddings, baptisms (child & adult), child dedications, funerals, visitation in homes and hospital, and other pastoral care as needed. These duties are to be shared in an organized pastoral care program with the other pastoral staff, UCM committees, and others.
  • Finance and Stewardship: The Senior Pastor may sit on the Finance and Stewardship committees either directly or through another pastor or Church Administrator. The UCM Council has accountability to ensure that the Pastoral and Ministry Teams develop a responsible budget and stewardship plan in line with the vision, mission, purposes, and objectives of UCM, consistent with available resources. The Senior Pastor takes the lead in mobilizing giving through preaching on stewardship and by other means of communication.
  • External Joint Ministry: The Senior Pastor is encouraged to liaise with other pastors, churches, and civic organizations in the Metro Manila area to develop shared ministry opportunities (e.g. joint ministry outreaches, fellowships, etc.).
  • External Representation: The Senior Pastor represents UCM as needed for various functions involving the international community, government, embassies, interdenominational groups, and other entities.
  • Conflict Resolution: The Senior Pastor oversees conflict resolution following Biblical principles and established protocols, and with support of the Council and committees as needed.
  • Equipping UCM Council: The Senior Pastor oversees the training, on-boarding, and development of UCM Council members, including recommending Council nominations to the Nominating Committee for evaluation.

Job Type: Full-time


  • Senior Pastor: 5 years (Preferred)
  • international / intercultural: 2 years (Preferred)


  • Master's (Required)