Pool Server

The Lodge at Torrey Pines - San Diego, CA (30+ days ago)3.8


Position Description

ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES include the following. Other duties may be assigned.
1. Reports to work at scheduled time in complete and clean uniform.
2. Checks in with head bartender for instructions as to room where function is to be held (type of function, number of people, etc.).
3. Sets up station according to instructions, also assist bartender in the set up of bar area.
4. Ensures that sufficient equipment is on hand so that the area can be neatly maintained.
5. Solicits, promotes and serves drinks in an efficient and courteous fashion with a smile.
6. Ensure that alcoholic beverages are served only to guests of legal drinking age and with proper I.D. must be requested at all times.
7. Notifies head bartender or beverage manager of guest comments.
8. Smiles and greets the guests before asking them if they would care for a beverage.
9. Takes food and (or) beverage orders in a friendly manner with a positive in attitude
10. Knows exactly what the guest wants to drink. For example, if a martini is ordered, the server must ask if the guest wants vodka, gin, up or on the rocks, with an olive or a twist.
11. Is knowledgeable of brands of liquor and spirits available in the bar.
12. Serves beverages on cocktail napkins.
13. Uses the product procurement policy when ordering.
14. Is completely prepared before approaching the bar.
15. Watches the bartender to know which drink is which.
16. Checks drinks for proper garnishes (straws, sticks, olives, cherries, etc.).
17. When delivering drinks, the server knows who ordered which drink. Drinks are never auctioned off.
18. Fingers never touch the rim of the glass -- filled or empty. Common decency and County Health Department laws do not allow touching the rim of the glass.
19. Presents the bar check to the guest when stating the amount of the tab.
20. Checks back periodically or when the first guest's glass gets low. Is available at all times without intruding.
21. Remembers the guests drink order when guests are having several rounds.
22. Asks the guest, "May I take this drink?" or "Are you finished with this drink?" before removing a glass from the table. The guest may feel that his drink is still good when it may appear to be only ice.
23. Tables are wiped down thoroughly after guests leave and the chairs are examined carefully and brushed off if needed.
24. Acknowledges the guests with "I'll be right with you" if busy.
25. Always uses a tray whenever delivering or picking up empty glasses.
26. Keeps an eye on the appearance of the area when not busy. (i.e. arranges tables and chairs, picks up paper on the floor, etc).
27. Thanks the guests for their patronage when they leave and invites them to return.
28. All accidents must be reported immediately to a supervisor.
29. Speaks to a supervisor when in doubt about any rules/regulation.
30. Follow instructions of management in any manner as may be directed or requested.
31. Any other duties as requested by management.

Position Requirements
This Pool Server position is a seasonal position at The Lodge at Torrey Pines. The position begins May 15, 2018 and will end in October 2018. This is a full-time position. Current San Diego Food Handlers Certificate required, LEAD certified, 6 months experience.