District Supervisor, United States Marshal Service

The Akal Group of Companies - Savannah, GA

Purpose: The purpose of this job profile is to outline and delineate the specific requirements, duties and responsibilities of an Akal District Supervisor for the USMS/CSO Contracts.

The District Supervisor is the first-line, on-site manager responsible for a specific District or an area assigned by the Contract Manager within the respective Judicial Circuit. As the first-line manager, the District Supervisor must have effective control over all administrative and operational functions of the contract and must maintain awareness of all activity within the area of responsibility. The District Supervisor is responsible to deliver all requirements of the scope of work (from the contract) and must utilize all resources at their disposal to accomplish this. The District Supervisor must know and utilize company policy and procedure in the execution of their duties and must not deviate from published policy and procedure.


The District Supervisor is responsible for the administration, supervision, and management of all aspects of the contract and Akal’s business for their geographic area of responsibility; to include hiring, training, contract operations, personnel management, administration, investigations, reporting, logistics, and discipline processing.

The District Supervisor must be an experienced and effective manager in addition to an organized and efficient administrator. The District Supervisor must be able to work independently to accomplish all necessary functions required. This includes but is not limited to comfort and competency with contemporary business tools such as computers, mobile phones, text messaging, fax machines and scanners in order to communicate and work as efficiently as possible.

Occasional travel is required in connection with this position. Travel outside the assigned district or circuit may be required.

Akal Security Organizational Goals:
Each District Supervisor is expected to perform their job with awareness of and in alignment with the key organizational goals listed below. These organizational goals must be a constant reminder of the most important work that must be conducted by a District Supervisor.
1. Achieve Targeted Growth: To achieve growth by capturing high value, high profit revenues; to compete aggressively and effectively within our industry groups and target markets; to grow our core business and stabilize its revenues and profits.
2. Develop as Experts: To develop and expand the capabilities of AGC personnel at all management and supervisory levels as high performing leaders in our industry of government contracting, security services, specialized services and business administration; to ensure that AGC personnel at these levels exceed the capabilities and performance of our competitors
3. Maximize Profit: To minimize costs and exceed projected profits by following best practices in business operations, risk management, and financial management
4. Customer Relationships: To foster and continually develop strong customer relationships at the COTR and CO levels, so that customers rate AGC performance at the highest levels
5. Quality & Compliance: To effectively and intelligently manage quality and compliance so that performance is monitored, measured, and regulated to meet requirements and mitigate risk
6. Reduce Risk of Employment Practices: To significantly reduce the risk of employment practice liability by using best practices in Human Resources & Personnel Management, and ensuring that all supervisors and managers are trained in and following those practices
7.Promote Safety: To reduce work related injuries and promote a culture of safety awareness
8.Efficiency & Productivity: To constantly seek improvements in efficiency, productivity and performance by utilizing the most effective and practical technology tools available within our budgets and staff resources

Job Skills/Requirements
Chain of Command
As an employee of Akal, the District Supervisor reports to the Akal Contract Manager for their respective circuit, or their designee. As a key resource of the CSO program, the District Supervisor must interact and communicate with as well as take operational direction from the assigned USMS Judicial Security Inspector for the site. Regarding personnel matters or other internal Akal issues, the District Supervisor must inform and take direction only from their Akal chain of command. The District Supervisor is directly responsible for the employment and performance of all Lead CSOs and CSOs in a given district/site and must manage them accordingly.
Minimum job qualification requirements
1. Experience in federal government contracting, administrative experience in security, law enforcement, or public administration is highly desirable.
2. At least five years supervisory experience is required.
3. Be an experienced administrator with a contemporary skill level using computers for business functions.
4. The District Supervisor must pass background investigation mandated for CSO applicants and meet minimum CSO requirements listed below:
a. Be a citizen of the United States of America
b. Be at least 21 years of age.
c. Be a high school graduate or have a GED, or equivalency.

Akal Security is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Qualified Women, Minorities, Individuals with Disabilities, and Veterans are encouraged to apply. VEVRAA Federal Contractor

Certification Requirements
– Valid State Driver's License

Education Requirements
– High School Diploma or Equivalent

Additional Information/Benefits
d. Be able to read, write and speak the English language fluently and any other language determined to be necessary by the U.S. Marshal of the district where the services are to be performed.
e. Possess or be able to obtain a valid state driver’s license for the state where services are to be performed, and have a safe driving record for the past five years.
f. Possess three calendar years of verifiable experience as a certified law enforcement officer or its military equivalency; provided the experience includes general arrest authority (experience does not have to be consecutive). General arrest authority is defined as the authority conveyed upon a person to make felony arrests of persons not under a custodial arrangement (prisoner, probation or parole violator) throughout a valid jurisdiction. The state or federal codes specific to the persons qualifying experience will be used to determine the CSO applicants arrest authority. The Contractor must verify the CSO applicants arrest authority prior to submitting the application for approval.
g. Be free from conviction of a misdemeanor crime of domestic violence in accordance with Title 18, Section 922(g)(9) of the United States Code. The term “convicted” is generally defined in the statute as excluding anyone whose conviction has be expunged, set aside, or pardoned.
h. Possess the ability to meet and deal tactfully with judges, attorneys, government personnel, and the public.
i. Possess the ability to understand, explain, interpret, and apply rules, regulations, directives and procedures.
j. Possess poise, self-confidence, and the ability to make sound decisions and react quickly under stressful conditions.
k. Possess the ability to prepare clear and concise reports.
l. Possess the ability to learn and adapt to changing situations.
m. Possess the ability to accept and respond to instruction and direction.
n. Possess the ability to accept and respond to instruction and direction.

Job Duties & Performance Expectations
The DS shall oversee and manage the security operations performed by CS0s/LCS0s, to include as a minimum:
  • Serve as the primary point of contact for the Government to discuss technical and security related requirements through regular site visits to primary and sub-offices. It is the fiscal responsibility of the Contractor to provide adequate DS site visits necessary to successfully manage contract requirements.
  • Have the ability and authority to make decisions on behalf of the company, particularly on personnel related issues.
  • Have the authority to supervise all CSOs and LCSOs working under this contract.
  • Be available to the Government on a 24-hour basis, to ensure Contractor response in the event of an emergency or other exigent circumstance.
  • Maintain daily contact with the COR to ensure adherence to the needs of the client/contract, with regards to manpower and hour usage.
  • Receive and execute daily technical direction from the COR.
  • Maintain and monitor all post performance required by this contract and correct any and all issues or problems brought to his/her attention.
  • Keep the COR informed about post coverage, potential problems, and the actions taken to correct any and all issues or problem(s) brought to his/her attention..
  • Act on and report all Performance Service Violations (PSVs) without hesitation or unnecessary delay;
  • Assure all Government-issued equipment and property is tracked and accounted for, and otherwise safeguarded until the time it is returned to the Government, in accordance with an approved property control system.
  • Have the ability to carry out all administrative tasks efficiently, e.g., timely, complete, and correct (without reliance and further assistance of the CS0s).
  • Are prohibited from performing duties as that of a CSO or LCSO and shall not be subject to the uniform, medical or physical requirements stated in this contract.
Benefits: Medical Insurance, Dental Insurance, Vision Insurance

Screening Requirements: Drug Screen, Criminal Background Check, Credit Check