Chief Financial Officer

Mezzetta - Larkspur, CA (30+ days ago)4.0

Mezzetta is looking to take the company to the next level with a CFO who can drive operational effectiveness and efficiency across the enterprise. We are seeking a talented and experienced CFO that has been on the leadership teams across a diverse array of large to small companies, with a track record of success in optimizing shareholder value in Revenue and Profitability growth, capital efficiency, and sustainable organizational execution.

Our CFO will be a close and trusted business partner to the CEO and the leadership team, be intimately involved in the corporate strategy, and be a key leader driving the evolution of Mezzetta as it moves towards leveraging its category strength and brand equity of quality and value.

With significant growth over the past decade, Mezzetta is at a critical juncture in its corporate life cycle. We are seeking a CFO that relishes this growth stage of a company's evolution and has proven their ability to be a true impact player and a leader in analogous situations, with the requisite ambiguity and dynamism. They will take great pride in helping build a standalone company of sustainable enterprise value.

This role will require a presence at our offices in both Larkspur, CA and American Canyon, CA. Occasional travel outside of this region required as well.

Major Responsibilities:
Providing strong leadership as a member of the executive team including strategic vision and tactical execution to drive revenue growth, profitability, and capital efficiency; Building and managing a world class finance and accounting team.
Ensuring a governance structure is in place to achieve sustainably effective and efficient operational execution that increases shareholder value and facilitates employee and organizational well-being.
Accountable for all financial, accounting, purchasing, cash flow and treasury, analytic, taxation and risk management controls and requirements of the organization.
Leads and ensures all financial and operational planning processes, required to support performance management and effective execution are in place.
Including Strategic Planning, Annual Operating Plans, Rolling Forecasts, Sales & Operations Planning, and supporting models for Revenue/Pricing, Margin Analysis/Control, capital expenditure planning and monitoring, product development, costing, etc.
Ensures the financial reporting and supporting processes provide profitability analyses that can be drilled down to the SKU/Customer level to assess direct, indirect, and fully burdened profitability.
To support product pricing strategies, market segmentation, channel development, product innovation/development, etc.
Assists in the implementation and/or maintenance of management control systems for other departments e.g. Product costing system, Sales reporting and variance systems, Sales cost reporting, Distribution cost measurement etc. These reports will also be used by the Finance department to be informed of day to day trends and to suggest potential improvements when appropriate.
Consolidates and communicates financial performance updates and comments to the Executive Team, the Advisory Board and the organization.
Collaborates with the SVP of Supply to ensure procurement, manufacturing, engineering, and logistics are optimizing cost/quality/service and continuously driving improvements across all factors. Also, to ensure CAPEX projects are delivering the aligned ROI’s.
Collaborates with CMO to ensure marketing investments are sound and align on key performance indicators of what successful campaigns and spends are realized. As well as ensuring margins are met.
Collaborates with Chief Sales Officer to ensure trade and slotting investments are delivering the aligned ROI’s.
Manages the IT Director to ensure the enterprise is supported with appropriate business intelligence and empowering systems, including the full ERP and supporting modules suite of tools.
Oversees the preparation of financial and other statistical reports necessary and required to control and assess the ongoing performance of the company vs its goals.
Ensures full compliance with all regulatory and contractual obligations, and efficient completion of the year end-end financial review and the publication of the audited consolidated financial statements. Ensuring full compliance with all regulatory and contractual obligations.
Establishing and maintaining relationships with financial institutions, insurance brokers, auditors, finance and legal service providers.
Keep informed of innovations in financial and tax management thru networking and professional associations.
The successful candidate will be a highly intelligent, self-confident, and collaborative leader with the skill, experience, and appetite to drive change across people, processes, and systems needed for Mezzetta to achieve the next level of performance.

Furthermore, we are seeking the following Experience, Education & Skills:
Bachelor’s degree required in related field plus a MBA, CPA and/or CMA (preferred)
A strong leader with the intellectual honesty, open mindedness, and rigor to defend their strategic direction and support it with data while considering the position of others.
An understated confidence evidenced by approachability, appreciation for all levels of an organization, and a calm composure even when faced with stress or confrontation.
A clearly evident capability built upon a long track record of integrity and professionalism that is worth of trust. Ethics are never compromised.
A 10-15 year track record in financial leadership positions driving a business through organic growth with hands on experience in CPG and manufacturing environments, in large and small companies.
An ability and willingness to raise issues and drive resolution on topics, popular or unpopular, in the best interests of the company.
A demonstrated, detail oriented and principles first approach to problem solving rather than reliance on industry heuristics. An ability to explain those principles to others.
A desire to lead more than manage, to coach more than supervise, and to create an environment where employees develop into competitive assets.
A willingness to prioritize building a cohesive company & culture over individual functional success.
Demonstrated leadership in high value negotiations in both win-win and win-lose scenarios with suppliers, partners, and customers, and government entities.
Expected to be Brand Ambassador at Mezzetta, live and drive company vision and beliefs, and be a partner to the executive team in the business beyond financial
Set a high standard for written and oral communication skills.