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Quinault Indian Nation - United States






The Prosecuting Attorney’s Office is an in-house counsel positionresponsible for the Quinault Nation with administration, development andoversight for all tribal statutory designated civil and criminal prosecution,including fish and wildlife, civil, criminal, and juvenile and dependencymatters. The Prosecutor’s Office mayalso be responsible for some representation in federal court, primarily inHabeas Corpus cases, as well as coordination with federal prosecutors in theenforcement of federal law on the Quinault Indian Reservation. The Prosecutor’s Office is also responsiblefor providing advice and training to the Nation’s Police Force and other regulatoryand law enforcement agencies.


The Prosecutor prosecutes tribal members and non-member Indians who arecharged with the commission of offenses within the boundaries of the QuinaultIndian Reservation, as well as non-Indians who commit domestic violenceoffenses. In addition, the Prosecutorworks closely with the Quinault Tribal Police Department and other tribaldepartments to protect and enhance the welfare and safety of the tribalcommunity. The Prosecutor alsoparticipates in the negotiation and management of inter-governmental lawenforcement agreements with local and state agencies.

The Prosecutor will be expected to perform the tasks and meet thestandards listed below:

Represent the Quinault Nation before the Tribal Court in criminal,traffic, nuisance, juvenile offense, and exclusion proceedings before theTribal Court, as well as tribal civil and regulatory enforcement;

When the Indian Child Welfare Attorney is unavailable, represent theQuinault Nation in juvenile dependency proceedings before the Tribal Court as well as statedependency cases involving Quinault children and assert the Nation’s interestsunder the Indian Child Welfare Act;

Represent the Nation as a Prosecutor in Tribal Court to enforce thelaws and tribal court orders of the Quinault Nation; Appear in court on all arraignments, trialsand sentence hearings, and handle any resulting appeals;

Engage in, or lead pretrial investigations;

Train, assist and advise the tribal Police in the prosecution ofcriminal cases, and the preparation and execution of requests for arrest andsearch warrants; where relevant, train other tribal staff regarding criminaland juvenile procedures, paying particular attention to ensuring that the civilrights of defendant’s are protected;

Necessary evaluation, research and preparation of cases;

Prepare, file and prosecute or plea bargain necessary charginginstruments in Tribal Court;

Assist and advise the Reservation Schools in truancy actions, AssistQuinault Staff in devising and obtaining treatment for defendants, victims andtheir families, where appropriate, especially in juvenile cases;

Assist and advise tribal staff in regulatory enforcement actions and inthe preparation of administrative search warrants;

Protect the rights and property of all persons within the jurisdictionof the Tribal Court;

Train supporting staff and attorneys asneeded to carry out the prosecutor duties;

Collect and maintain statistical dataconcerning types and trends related to caseloads;

Reporting as assigned, to be expected on aquarterly, budgetary and annual basis. Includes development and implementation of an annual operation plan,identifying accomplishments, unmet needs and priority recommendations;

Research, develop and institute the Prosecutor’s Office procedures,manuals, pleading forms, prosecutions plans and other needed materials;

Research, develop and recommend to the Attorney General enhancement ofProsecution services for areas including, but not limited tocross-jurisdictional coordination, substance abuse, domestic violence,training, fish and wildlife, outreach, juvenile delinquency, status offenses,dependency, deferral/diversion programs, probation, data collection, mediationand clinic/workshops;

Work closely with the FBI and U.S. Department of Justice in ensuringthat serious crimes committed on the reservation are adequately prosecuted infederal court;

Coordinate with staff of the Office of the Attorney General and beavailable for and attend upon request meetings of the Business Committee andother bona fide committees, councils, and projects of the Nation;

Recommend to the Attorney General amendments to the Nation’s Codes asneeded;

Assist the Office of the Attorney General with public relations andlegislative efforts related to law enforcement issues. Such duties include, but are not limited tocommittee/commission, staff, and client, public meetings to coordinate, educateor solicit information concerning prosecution laws.

Advise and consult the Office of the Attorney General regarding thefunction and development of the Nation’s criminal justice system;

Upon request of the Attorney General:

a. Provide written opinions on legal mattersaffecting the Nation;

b. Draft recommendations for procedures,statutory and legislative changes and other legal documents;

c. Represent the Nation before any other courts,legislative and administrative agencies;

Abide by the disciplinary rules and otherrequirements of the bar associations of which the attorney is a member, as wellas any disciplinary rules adopted by the Tribes to govern attorney practice onthe Reservation. Maintain a high levelof professionalism and ethics at all times;

Comply with tribal laws and administrative policies.


Representthe Quinault Nation at national, state and local meetings/conferences topromote and explain Quinault objectives;

Act asadvisor to the staff on the development and implementation of Quinault criminalcodes.

Establishand maintain an effective system of communication throughout the Nation, andestablish and maintain effective working relationships with others.

As relevantfor enumerated duties, consult with other government representatives andagencies, business community, and private and public organizations to explorenew ideas and resolve problems.

Demonstratetact, respect, and diplomacy in working relationships.


Work is primarilyperformed in an indoor office setting for eight hours per day, five days perweek. While performing the duties ofthis job, the incumbent must regularly talk, hear and see when communicatingwith the public and employees; frequently sit and occasionally stand and walk. Frequently necessary to work beyond normaloffice hours for evening and weekend meetings or projects. Business travel within the state and to other

states may be required. Travellong distances by car or plane as required;

Position specific demands include:

Strong reasoning and aptitude tomake solid judgments based on considerations for due process and communityvalues;

Approach problem solving withanalytic abilities, initiative, ingenuity and imagination;

Ability to communicate the law and complex ideas in a mannerunderstandable to laypersons;

Patience and persuasiveness and work effectively before courts, andcommunicate with a wide variety of non-legal staff and policy makers;

Experience with diverse communitiesand Indian Country;

Work on multiple projects while remaining organized and meetingdeadlines;

Navigate circumstance involving demanding, angry or upset people in dignifiedand professional manner;

Ability to work with minimal supervision, organize well, and handlemultiple projects in a timely manner;

Ability to communicate effectively in legal pleadings and in court;

Knowledge of computer operations and software programs typically usedin a legal setting, including Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Word, Westlaw,Google and other software commonly used by the legal profession;

Physical ability to do to the functions of the job, including sittingat a computer typing for long hours; handling the stress of litigation, publicspeaking, and high work demands; lifting large and heavy case files; drivinglong distances and traveling by plane; and other physical and emotional demandsnormally placed on attorneys;

Other duties as assigned by supervisor.


Juris Doctor Degree from an accredited law school;

Become a member of the Quinault Tribal Bar within 6 weeks of employment. Active membership in a federal or state Bar,in good standing, or ability to attain reciprocal admission to the WashingtonState bar within six months of hire;

Demonstrated motivation and leadership skills, such as participation inbar, community, extracurricular contributions; OR experience demonstratingaccomplishment in the face of adversarial or challenging circumstances;

At least three (3) years of experience in prosecution or criminaldefense;

Demonstrated knowledge of landmark cases involving the QuinaultNation. Experience or substantiveeducation in federal Indian law, including such topics such as tribalsovereignty and jurisdiction, and protection of tribal treaty rights;

A valid driver's license and ability to meetGSA insurance requirements.


Position openeduntil filled. Interested applicants are encouraged to submit an application,letter of interest, resume and two writing samples. The Nation is a Quinault andIndian preference employer. Applicants are encouraged to apply early, and toexplore the Nation’s website at:

Job Type: Full-time


  • prosecution or criminal defense: 3 years (Required)

Work Location:

  • One location


  • Health insurance
  • Dental insurance
  • Vision insurance
  • Retirement plan
  • Paid time off
  • Flexible schedule