Heavy Mobile Equipment Mechanic

Technica LLC - Elmendorf AFB, AK (30+ days ago)3.5

Technica LLC seeks to fill a Heavy Mobile Equipment Mechanic position to perform on a Government contract with a place of performance at Ft. Richardson, AK

  • Completely disassembles engines (air-cooled and liquid-cooled), (two-cycle and four-cycle), (V-engines, L-engines, and opposed engines; gas, multi-fuel, and diesel) determining the extent of repair and/or rebuild required. Grinds valves, replaces rods, rod bearing, camshafts, cam bearings, starters, generators, ignition and wiring. Checks and cleans spark plugs; checks, repairs and adjusts magnetos, timing valves, distributors, coils, condensers, etc. Checks, rebuilds, and adjusts carburetors and fuel injection systems. Re-assembles engines or power packs, adjusts and tests on test stand and reinstalls in vehicle.
Transmissions (standard and all types of manual and automatic): Removes transmission, completely disassembles, replaces defective selector rods, gears, pressure pumps, bearings, clutch disks, pressure plates, bands, clutches, pumps, bearings, valve bodies, etc. Reassembles, adjusts, tests and reinstalls on equipment.
Differentials and Final Drives: Removes from vehicle or equipment, disassembles, repairs and/or replaces pinion bearings, carrier bearings, axle bearings, ring gears, pinion gear, differential housing, universal joints, etc.
Suspension: Replaces and adjusts tracks. Replaces and adjusts road wheels and track roller bearings, idler wheels, idler bearings and oil or grease seals; replaces suspension arms, torsion bars, stabilizer bars or springs, etc. Repairs steering and braking systems. (60%)
  • Working alone or with other mechanics, diagnoses and repairs all types of failures in electrical systems (6 to 24-volt) including ignition, lighting and power circuits using various devices and testing equipment. Inspects and tests equipment and units which will not operate or operates improperly. Traces circuits, checks control boxes, generators, distributors, motors, magnetos, and coils as well as magnetic, hydraulic and pneumatic actuated electrical controls, e.g., voltage control units, current controls, series switches, etc.; tests, repairs and adjusts panel instruments, i.e., heat gauges, ammeters, oil pressure gauges, temperature gauges, etc. Removes, repairs and/or overhauls, reinstalls and performance tests major assemblies (e.g., fuel injection pumps, cylinder heads, alternators, starters, turbochargers, power take-off assemblies, hydraulic pumps and motors, power steering components, clutches, transmissions, axles and winches). Performs repairs to the equipment sub-systems (e.g., cooling systems, electrical systems, brake systems and hydraulic systems.
Repairs power generators. (10%)
  • Diagnoses and repairs fuel system failures; repairs and replaces carburetors, fuel pumps, fuel lines and fuel-injection system components. (15%)
  • Performs engine tune-ups and final adjustments. Uses master mechanics tool sets, special bench tools to include precision instruments and testing equipment. (10%)
  • Performs technical inspection on heavy mobile equipment and related items (except CL VII) to ensure correct identification, serviceability and completeness. Prepares documentation required for turn-in. (5%)
  • Receives written instructions (job orders); oral instructions when required on work problems encountered and concerning priority jobs. Is expected to plan work sequences, select tools and repair parts, and otherwise carry assignments through to completion, referring only the unusual and difficult problems to the supervisor.
  • Work is reviewed by spot check during progress for quality of workmanship, use of accepted techniques, adherence to established practices and standards and use of correct tools and equipment. All work is subject to final inspection that is accomplished through a visual, auditory and operational check made prior to release of vehicle to using unit.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.
  • Journeyman knowledge of the mechanical makeup, operation and working relationships of a variety of heavy duty systems, assemblies, and parts as outlined.
  • Incumbent must apply knowledge of how electrical, hydraulic, and other non-mechanical systems tie in with and affect the operation of mechanical systems.
  • Incumbent must possess and provide their own general mechanic tool set and have the skill in using a wide range of diagnostic and test equipment described. Specialty tool requirements will be provided.
  • Ability to apply the guidance found in technical manuals, illustrations, specifications, diagrams, schematics and similar guides are a requirement of the position.
  • Experience to perform overhaul and repair of lighter vehicles, e.g., wheel, track, commercial, industrial, forklifts, trucks, etc., requires similar journeyman knowledge of the makeup, operation, installation, and interrelationship of all components, assemblies and systems of these vehicles.
  • Incumbent must be skilled in removing, tearing down, rebuilding, adjusting, reinstalling and aligning major vehicle components and assemblies.
  • Journeyman skill is required in the use of hand tools, diagnostic and test equipment, and technical manuals.
  • Knowledge to properly manage hazardous materials when they become wastes; who the emergency coordinator is and what immediate actions are to be taken in the event of a spill; location and use of on-site emergency equipment.
  • Skill to repair power generators.
  • Incumbent works in tiring or uncomfortable positions for long periods. Work requires frequent bending, reaching, stretching, climbing, and crouching. Incumbent works on top of or under heavy-duty vehicles in cramped or awkward positions, and performs work on lighter vehicles while the vehicle is overhead and where parts worked on are in hard to reach places. Incumbent may frequently lift parts and equipment weighing 20-50 pounds and/or puts forth similar effort in pushing, pulling, turning and positioning parts, assemblies, equipment and tools. Lifting and moving of heavier items is made with the assistance of others and/or with jacks, joists, and cranes.
  • Work is performed inside and occasionally outside; shop area is frequently inadequately heated; work is dirty, greasy and noisy; possibility exists for injury from dropped units and parts, and slipping tools. Inside work is usually performed on concrete floors and involves frequent exposure to exhaust fumes.
  • Subject to random drug testing on an unannounced basis.
  • Must possess a current state driver's license.
Hourly rate is $33.58/hr.

Technica is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action (EO/AA) Employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, religion, nationality, age, disability, veteran status, gender identity, or sexual orientation. We offer health, dental, vision, short-term, long-term and life insurance benefits as well as 401K options to all full-time personnel.

To be considered for employment, complete Technica's online application in full.