Access Control Specialist - St. Louis, MO (TS/SCI with Poly)

Cleared Recruiters - St. Louis, MO (30+ days ago)

TS/SCI with CI Poly required

Duties may include:
Provide assistance with oversight, guidance, and program implementation.
Perform accurate data entry and keep information real time.
Trouble shoot and track software and hardware issues and take corrective issues before system malfunctions.
Prepare briefings and attend meetings.
Provide system capability and skills for program and implementation of the Agency’s Security Management System (SMS) (automated access control system handling badging, CCTV, alarm, etc.) to ensure operational readiness of the system at all NGA locations, and also be responsible for adding/ removing employee facility accesses.
Support operations and entry of the Agency’s SCIF database. Ensure accuracy of data and keeps information real time. Provides required reports.
Act as the Information Security System officer/manager assist for the SMS and perform required functions.
Provide support to Site operators and ensure they are trained/certified in their responsibilities.
Perform risk assessments and provide security oversight and technical direction on AIS systems, networks and media.
Conducts audits and inventories.
Support and provide guidance regarding information systems security awareness programs.
Perform market surveys and provide recommendations on new cost effective hardware and software that incorporates new security technology concepts.
Conduct inspections and perform staff assistance visits.
Liaison with members of the DoD, IC and other officials as required to and insofar as protocol permits.
Provide expertise, as required to the NGA Workforce Support Center/Help Desk, in order to assist internal and external customers in a timely manner.
Provide periodic updates and reports to the SMS Program Manager and the Industrial and Physical Security Division Chief as required.
Plan, coordinate, and/or host regular and adhoc meetings with Site operators to address issues and concerns. Prepare meeting minutes and follow-up actions to resolve concerns.
Lead special projects, such as development of new access badges, mass records updates, or re-badging.
Support and document new customer requirements; assist other offices within the Agency with ongoing investigations.
Ensure timely delivery or products and services from vendors as required to support the program.
Coordinate and make recommendations to the Program Manager on all construction projects and SMS initiatives.
Conduct risk management surveys and render impact statements or recommendations when deviations to standards are appropriate and fully justified.
Maintain and/or update security plans, as-built drawings, and other required documentation.
Prepare and deliver briefings to internal and external customers; prepare various forms of correspondence as required.
Provide assistance for SCIF database operations and maintenance of the existing agency’s security management system (SMS) (e.g., badging, CCTV, alarms, etc.) to ensure operational readiness of the system at all NGA locations.
Prepare and implement life-cycle management model to support budget efforts.

Skills and Experience:
  • Significant experience in a distinct functional or cross-functional security areas (e.g., personnel, physical, industrial security; computer investigations; classification management; operational security; security education, etc.) based on the specific needs of the task.
  • Experience may be broad based, crossing multiple markets (e.g., government, industry) and may also include relevant and associated certifications and knowledge of applicable tools, methodologies, or best practices.
  • Experience directing the activities of security specialists as necessary on activities related to the specified field or discipline.
  • Must obtain DoD Security Professional Education Development (SPeD) Certification IAW DoD Manual # 3305.13M within 1 year of service start date.
7-10 years
includes >3 years within DoD/IC
*** and ***
For Access Control Specialist Positions: Experience must include >2 years of SMS and CAC.

  • This position has been designated as mission critical/mission essential, meaning in the event of closure of NGA’s facilities, the individual(s) under this position are likely to be required to work as dictated by the customer, if sufficient funding is available on contract.