Chief Engineer

Prime Investments - Greenville, NC4.3

Personally works on repairs & maintenance projects, conducts walk-throughs to visually & physically assess the safe & efficient maintenance/ operation of the physical structure of the hotels, all mechanical, electrical, H.V.A.C. systems, & any other related equipment,

Assigns & verifies completion of all routine maintenance on public spaces, meeting rooms, ballrooms, outlets, back of the house spaces & grounds. Assigns & verifies completion of all repairs, replacement, renovation projects to public & back of house areas.
Hires, trains, supervises, allocates personnel, communicates departmental/individual job goals & criteria’s of job performance, appraises, & if necessary disciplines department staff & all other staff under the direction of Property Operations.

Informs GM & hotel department heads, on a regular basis, regarding the specific & overall condition of the building structure(s), related systems & equipment offering prudent & cost-effective proposals for maintaining the same. Accesses & inputs information into a computer & generate reports.

Adheres to all Corporate required budgets, purchasing policies & controls, to include all outside contractor bids, & schedules

Maintains & documents effective Energy Management & Preventive Maintenance programs

Appropriate supply of materials & equipment to carry out the normal day to day operating & maintenance requirements of the hotel & adjacent properties under the company umbrella, organized & efficient administrative ad filing systems within Property Operations for the timely & accurate handling of correspondence, reports, requisitions for purchase & other administrative requirements of the department, well-defined & organized system within the shop for inventory, maintenance & storage of all tools, products, materials & equipment necessary to execute the required activities of the department.

Immediately available to report to the hotel or adjacent facilities under the company umbrella in the event of any emergency which necessitates the skills & expertise of the CFM

Perform all duties in the area of responsibility & technical capabilities as required by management., Demonstrate working knowledge of the service standards, Regular attendance in conformance with the standards is essential to the successful performance of this position.

OSHA laws require the use of the following Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) when performing work duties that have the potential of risk to your health or safety, Reports defective damaged or lost PPE, or equipment that does not fit properly

Excellent knowledge of electrical systems, components & devices, HVAC systems, boilers, mechanical systems & the maintenance & repair of all.

Excellent knowledge of public construction & building systems; all related permits, licensing, new & existing codes pertaining to public building & fire safety.

Skill in use of computers & software programs associated with Property Operations.

Skilled in the proper & safe use of all tools, equipment, materials, chemicals & products relating to the department.

Excellent ability to communicate in the English language, both verbally & written.

Ability to remain informed on state-of-the-art developments effecting the safe & effective operation of the building facility.