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Who We Are:
Ball Corporation supplies innovative, sustainable packaging solutions for beverage, personal care and household products customers, as well as aerospace and other technologies and services primarily for the U.S. government. Ball Corporation and its subsidiaries employ 18,500 people worldwide and reported 2017 net sales of $11 billion. For more information, visit www.ball.com, or connect with us on Facebook or Twitter.

Job Duties:Primary Purpose of Position:
Serves as Pilot in Command (PIC). Responsible for the safety of passengers and crew and the comfortable, timely operation of the aircraft. Supervises the flight crew and ensures that all flight and ground operations comply with FAA Regulations. Determines flight routes, speed, and takeoff and landing times to fulfill scheduling requirements. Makes decisions regarding possible delays, rerouting or flight cancellations. May manage other functions in the flight department such as Safety Manager and/or Standardization Director. May perform other general department duties when not flying.

Essential Functions and Responsibilities:
Complies with Federal Air Regulations, company policies and procedures, and aviation rules established by foreign countries when operating therein.
Makes preflight inspections prior to scheduled flight; studies weather conditions at destination, en route, alternate airports and departure points, and makes any decision necessary to start, delay, or cancel the flight as operating conditions indicate.
Prepares the flight plan and files with appropriate aviation official.
Ensures that the aircraft is clean and prepared for flight with all provisions on board for the safety and comfort of the passengers.
Checks the weight and balance of the aircraft, fuel on board, and aircraft performance charts to ensure necessary margin of safety prescribed by the aircraft flight manual and company policy.
As pilot in command, delegates to the second in command any duties necessary for the smooth and efficient operation of the flight.
Approves purchases of necessary fuel, equipment, catering, supplies and maintenance at airports en route.
Reports any mechanical discrepancies or any other operation problems to the aircraft maintenance supervisor and performs post-flight inspection at conclusion of duty assignments.
Maintains and/or attains the required training, proficiency, type ratings, or credentials necessary for certification.
Maintains the professional competence, ethical integrity, knowledge, and skills necessary for the satisfactory performance of all assigned responsibilities.
Establishes and maintains effective work relationships within the department, the division, the group, and the company. Includes ability to handle stress and to interact with others so as to establish and maintain a positive and productive work environment and minimize personal conflicts.
While the regular working cycle of this position is usually five days on (Monday-Friday), this job may include working weekends (Saturday and Sunday); working hours may vary as specified by management. Incumbent must be able to work overtime on a regular basis and/or be on call as directed by management.
Regular and predictable attendance is required between the assigned start and end times of work.
Assures and maintains safe and healthful working conditions while enforcing safety rules and regulations.
Performs duties without posing a direct threat to anyone or to property. Direct threat is defined as a significant risk of substantial harm that cannot be eliminated or reduced to an acceptable level by reasonable accommodation.
Ability to work independently within parameters set by management.
Communication. Ability to communicate effectively, write effectively, read, comprehend, and follow complicated verbal and written instructions.
Ability to meet the knowledge, skills, abilities, physical requirements, and working conditions set forth in this position description and on the attached Physical Demands Assessment.

Position Specifications:
Comprehensive knowledge of operating multi-engine turbine powered aircraft, typically acquired with a minimum of five years of experience and two or more years of college or technical training.
Airline Transport Pilot Certificate-multi-engine rating and appropriate type rating.
Logged 3,000 hours of total flight time; 1,000 hours of multi-engine pilot in command; 1,000 hours of turbine; 250 hours of instrument time as pilot in command.
Interpersonal skills to communicate with all levels of individuals both internally and externally.
Ability to work effectively as part of a team.
Ability to analyze problems and take corrective action.
Ability to develop and maintain positive working relationships that foster customer service among individuals from within the company as well as outside the company.
Ability to apply intensive and diversified evaluation, selection, and substantial adaptation and modification of standard aircraft pilot techniques, procedures, and criteria.
Must be able to handle sensitive related and proprietary information in a confidential manner.
Performs such individual assignments as management may direct.
Must follow company policies, procedures, practices, and standards of conduct as outlined in the Ball Corporation manuals.
Must maintain professional competence, ethical integrity, knowledge, and skills.
Integrity and Trust (Ethics and Values). Is widely trusted; is seen as a direct, truthful individual; can present the unvarnished truth in an appropriate and helpful manner; keeps confidences; admits mistakes; doesn’t misrepresent him/herself for personal gain.
Customer Focus. Is dedicated to meeting the expectations and requirements of internal and external customers; gets first-hand customer information and uses it for improvements in products and services; acts with customers in mind; establishes and maintains effective relationships with customers and gains their trust and respect.
Action Oriented (Drive for Results). Enjoys working hard; is action oriented and full of energy for the things he/she sees as challenging; not fearful of acting with a minimum of planning; seizes more opportunities than others; pushes self and others for results.
Priority Setting (Time Management). Spends his/her time and the time of others on what’s important; quickly zeroes in on the critical few and puts the trivial many aside; can quickly sense what will help or hinder accomplishing a goal; eliminates roadblocks; creates focus.
Composure. Is cool under pressure; does not become defensive or irritated when times are tough; is considered mature; can be counted on to hold things together during tough times; can handle stress; is not knocked off balance by the unexpected; doesn’t show frustration when resisted or blocked; is a settling influence in a crisis.
Informing. Provides the information people need to know to do their jobs and to feel good about being a member of the team, unit, and/or the organization; provides individuals information so that they can make accurate decisions; is timely with information.
Functional/Technical Skills. Has the functional and technical knowledge and skills to do the job at a high level of accomplishment.
Problem Solving. Uses rigorous logic and methods to solve difficult problems with effective solutions; probes all fruitful sources for answers; can see hidden problems; is excellent at honest analysis; looks beyond the obvious and doesn’t stop at the first answers.
Peer Relationships. Can quickly find common ground and solve problems for the good of all; can represent his/her own interests and yet be fair to other groups; can solve problems with peers with a minimum or noise; is seen as a team player and is cooperative; easily gains trust and support of peers; encourages collaboration; can be candid with peers.
Perseverance. Pursues everything with energy, drive, and a need to finish; seldom gives up before finishing, especially in the face of resistance or setbacks.

Working Conditions:
Airport/hangar facility as well as typical office environment.
This position may be exposed to occupational hazards, including but not limited to, high noise levels, physical obstacles, exposure to chemicals, etc.
Must wear appropriate safety glasses, hearing protection, clothing and footwear in appropriate areas and follow safety practices.

Physical Requirements:
First Class Medical.
Flying aircraft approximately 95 percent of work time.
Both short-term and long-term domestic and international travel 100% of the time.
This position regularly requires a high degree of mental effort due to considerable interruptions and/or frequent changes of activity or workloads during a typical working day.

Relocation for this position is Available

Ball Corporation offers comprehensive benefits packages, including paid holidays/vacation, affordable medical, dental, life insurance, tuition reimbursement, ESPP, and retirement plans.

EEO Statement:
Equal Opportunity Employer

Minority, Female, Disabled, Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Transgender and Veterans.