Data Analyst

Healthix - New York, NY4.5

Full-timeEstimated: $84,000 - $110,000 a year
Job Title: Healthcare Data Analyst

Department: IT- Healthix Data Strategy and Reporting

Reports To: Healthix Data Strategy and Reporting

FTE: Full-Time

About Healthix:
Healthix is part of a nationwide movement to improve our health care system through better
access to information. Healthix is the largest public health information exchange (HIE) in the
nation, bringing together over 700 healthcare organizations at more than 6,000 sites across
New York City and Long Island. We provide secure access to clinical data of more than 17
million patients to improve quality of care, efficiency and effectiveness. Healthix delivers
actionable patient data electronically 24/7 in real time, with patient consent and consistent with
regulations and policies established by NY State Department of Health. Healthix mission is to
support healthcare providers and health plans to provide care management, improve clinical
outcomes, promote efficiency and reduce healthcare costs.

Position Summary:
To support Healthix’s strategic objective to provide actionable data to providers, we are seeking
a Data Analyst to help identify, analyze, and execute the organization’s Data Quality and
Analytics initiatives.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:
  • Leverage strong analytical skills to support Healthix’s Data Quality initiatives – Data
Completeness, Data Standardization, Data Consistency, Monitoring and Reporting,
Participant Access to Healthix Data, Input and Collaboration.

  • Collect, organize, analyze, and interpret data. Identify trends or patterns in complex and
large data sets. Demonstrate innovative and critical thinking skills by developing new
conclusions based on findings.

  • Trace messages, review messaging processing, and identify potential points of failure in the
Healthix system. Communicate findings and make recommendations to enhance Healthix’s
Monitoring and Reporting efforts.

  • Perform end to end encounter data analyses to identify potential issues with data coming
from Healthix Participants. Work with Healthix Participants to understand and document
common workflows and common deviations from expected workflows. Compare data
Healthix is receiving against data stored in databases and displayed in the Healthix portal to
reveal potential data quality issues. Develop and maintain detailed workflows, issue logs,
and data remediation plans.

  • Reference Healthix analytics tools to identify Data Quality improvement opportunities, e.g.
gaps in data, data not adhering to a standard, etc.

  • Work closely with integration and development team on the analysis and testing of patterns
or issues observed in the data.

  • Easily communicate and present findings and complex ideas internally and externally.
Work with Healthix Participants to understand data / interfaces better, request clarifications,
and remediate outstanding data quality issues.

  • Translate findings into reports, leveraging strong knowledge of and experience with
reporting packages / programs. Disseminate information with attention to detail and

  • Demonstrate strong project management skills and ability to manage Data Quality initiatives.
  • Support ad hoc requests to understand data elements received, stored, and displayed
better, as well as data “pushed” to Healthix participants

  • Leverage familiarity with clinical workflows in the analysis and interpretation of Healthix data
  • Conduct annual Functional Data Quality Audits with Participants to confirm adherence to
Data Quality standards, and identify and address issues observed with data

  • Collaborate with Management to prioritize Data Quality issues that need to be investigated
and resolved

  • Work closely with Software Quality Assurance Analyst, Healthix MDM/MPI specialist, and
interface analysts/engineers while performing job functions.

  • Work with InterSystems HealthShare and IBM Initiate products to perform tasks. Prior
knowledge is not necessary.

Education and Experience

  • Bachelor required, Master desired in a healthcare-related field (Public Health, Health
Information Management, Biomedical Informatics, Healthcare Administration, Healthcare
Outcomes Research, etc.)


  • Expertise in hospital/healthcare clinical workflow - required
  • Experience working in healthcare/clinical data (Meaningful Use, Medicare/Medicaid claims
data, ICD, CPT, Clinical Research, EMR Report Writing, etc.) – required

  • At least 3 years’ experience using SQL (should know how to use different type of joins,
subqueries and SQL functions to return required data values)– required

  • Background in statistics or biostatistics using of the following statistical packages (SAS,
SPSS, Stata, R, Python) – highly desirable

  • Demonstrate ability to clean data and perform data validation checks -required
  • Experience with HL7 v2 and v3 – required
  • Data management and modeling for analysis (OLAP,OLTP, Dimensions, Facts, Cubes,

  • Familiarity using ETL tools (e.g. ability to query, merge and transform large datasets using
regular expressions) – required

  • Experience with relational databases (SQL Server, Cache, Oracle, MySQL, MongoDB, etc.)

  • Strong understanding of heaIthcare IT project management (EMR implementations,
healthcare data analytic implementations for report and dashboard development, etc.)-

  • Understanding of patient security and HIPAA compliance for data – required
  • Experience with business intelligence tools (SAP Business Objects, SSIS, Tableau,

  • Familiarity with interface engine tools (Cloverleaf, Ensemble) – highly desirable
  • Familiarity with InterSystems Software Suite (Healthshare, Ensemble, Cache, DeepSee)–
highly desirable

  • Experience in at least one other programming language (Python, Java, C#, Objectscript,
etc.)- highly desirable

  • Experience in data visualization and dashboard development– desirable
  • Familiarity of IBM Initiate software using SQL Server – desirable
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