Real Estate Office General Manager

Ohio Cash Buyers - Monroe, OH

We are not your average Real Estate Company. We’re Better! We’re different. And the BEST team deserves the best teammates and leadership. We won’t give you a BORING out-of-the-box job ad that says we are looking for a manager that can tick boxes on a checklist…ugh. that mediocre stuff isn’t the way we operate. We are looking for the General Manager who will lead every day like it’s the most important day of their life. We won’t consider reading a boring resume so get ready to be engaging, be creative, be different, be better. We offer our employees a fun and exciting work environment and the ability to retire early with massive bonus potential. Our hiring agency edits things that aren’t PC in our job ads, which is why you’re not seeing cuss words here, but I can promise you that at the office you’ll hear the same words that you’d hear on a construction job site. That’s our office culture. We are raw, honest, and unfiltered. If that’s not how you are naturally, don’t try to fake it with us, because you won’t make it if you do.

We need an AMAZING Real Estate Office General Manager…immediately! This is a massively fulfilling and challenging role where you can have a ton of fun along the way! We are a high-volume Real Estate Company that has WAY more demand than we can supply… and we supply a LOT already. We turn down 80% of our opportunities strictly because we need the person to systematize, build processes, teams, people, ensure accountability that we can depend upon, to crank up our Marketing and Sales (which work phenomenally) and start hitting our potential. We are presently buying and selling 12-20 properties each month. It should be DOUBLE that easily with the network and resources we have.

If you haven’t disqualified yourself yet, maybe there is a difference in definition OR maybe you’re the one? If you are not incredible at assimilating knowledge in record time and executing without 100% of the info, you'll struggle with everything you do with us.

$90,000 - $110,000 yearly

What would someone who is amazing do?

Our Visionary is incredible at so many things. We would put him toe-to-toe with anyone else in real estate and watch him absolutely crush them in knowledge, strategy, growth, sales, marketing… You, in the GM role will need to complement areas using your strengths and Spidy-Senses, managing the day-to-day, keeping things organized, staying on top of important events and dates, communicating frequently, hosting meetings and training sessions…

You will naturally lead a real estate team in the day-to-day, corralling kittens every once in a while.
You will set the standards, track, measure, and maintain consistency.
You will challenge yourself and the team by stretching goals.
You will joke, yell, celebrate, coordinate birthdays, coordinate team lunches, and ensure that our culture is maintained.
You will be a task master, planning with laser like precision, being able to quickly recall all properties on a roster and know what’s happening with each of them.
You will be ahead of the curve in technology, seeking, learning, assessing, and implementing tools that make the company better, make the company money, and save the company money. You will find and subscribe to every real estate and construction technology newsletter to be on the leading edge.
You will use your background in real estate to continue to develop efficiencies and refine processes.
You will document processes and implement SOPs to be followed and to be used for training.
You will identify areas where you lack in Real Estate, Construction, or Technology knowledge and you will find ways to enhance your understanding to refine the company, systems, processes, people, training... etc.
You will use checklists, systems, organization, planning and plotting of 1-3-6-12 month goals.
You will work to achieve and exceed goals on time, on quality, and on budget.
You will identify company needs for resources, develop an understanding of the budget and ROI needed, set requirements, take initiative, interview potential candidates, weed out the phonies from the heroes, hire, retain, incentive, train, and manage them to perfection.
You will use spreadsheets like a beast.
You will refine our systems and procedures.
You will track KPIs like Rain Man.
You will coach your team.

Qualifications:How do we define amazing? In our culture:
You must be naturally happy, enthusiastic, excited, passionate, and driven 90% of the time. Employees, clients, and contractors need to be able to feel the passion in everything you do.
You must be able to manage stress properly. Leave personal matters at the door when you come in.
You must operate at extremely high standards. If you haven’t been the one to create the standards or set the standards at the last place you worked, then you won’t hit our standards here.
You must be driven to be better and be different every day, challenging yourself and stretching your goals. We don’t settle, ever!
You must embrace and make order of the chaos of a fluid environment. You will have to be able to control people through persuasion, coaching, decisiveness, focus, directness.
You must like fun. We joke, we yell, we celebrate, we have cake on birthdays, we do lunch as a team sometimes, and we truly enjoy the people we work with!
You will have to be a task master, planning with laser like precision, being able to quickly recall all properties on a roster and know what’s happening with each of them.
You must be technically savvy. It’s not 2004, technology is required to drive businesses forward and it’s your job to be ahead of the curve, seeking, learning, assessing, and implementing tools that make the company better, make the company money, and save the company money.
You must have a background in Real Estate.You must know what your people do, to be able to lead them in the most effective manner forward.
You must have a background in Construction. One of the biggest areas of saving any company money is through its vendors and suppliers. If you don’t know what 10/2 wire is, or what 16OC means, you would allow the company to be taken advantage of for hundreds of thousands of dollars, and we can’t have that.
Organization, planning, implementation, communication, and execution must be your top strengths.
You love checklists, systems, organization, planning and plotting 1-3-6-12 month goals and working backward to achieve and exceed those goals.
You are very much a "fixer" just as much as a "team-builder." You must be able to identify company needs for resources and understand the budget, ROI and requirements to be set, take initiative, interview potential candidates, weed out the phonies from the heroes, hire, retain, incentivize, train, and manage them to perfection. Always setting higher goals and accomplishing a better day today than yesterday.
Spreadsheets make you happy, systems and procedures make you happy. Tracking KPIs makes you happy.
You must be SMART, intuitive, dedicated, a problem solver, and a critical thinker.
You must understand basic sales psychology.
The owner is sometimes crazy and definitely a perfectionist....but he’s a great guy who truly has a passion for seeing our people succeed and our clients build wealth and retire early. We practice what we preach. We have more potential than all but a select few investors in the entire USA.... but potential without output and performance is a WASTE. The owner holds back on 80% of what we could be doing simply because... we wouldn't be able to support the rest of the process through to completion with the level of quality that we demand, and that our clients demand and deserve.

You will report directly to the CEO and work as a cohesive team. Even though there is structure, we still abide by “the BEST idea wins, every single time with zero ego to get in the way of progress.” That's why this is GM to COO/VP as a career track. We're a small company, which means there's no glass ceiling and you can be the VP of a department in 8 months if you're amazing.

So what's the team like?We're a small team of 13 and growing! We wear jeans most days, shorts and t-shirts on others, with rare client meetings, slacks or khakis. We are a family oriented company. We have NO desire to be some huge corporate boring stuffy business. Maybe 20-25 employees, TOPS. That's it. A lean, mean, robust, Real Estate machine :)

Your income will DIRECTLY reflect your ability. This isn't junior support staff.... Starting salary is $60,000 - $70,000, but this is $90,000 - $110,000++ per year based on experience and hitting/exceeding performance metrics, Volume, Margins...etc. to get to the potential quarter bonuses. We are seeking only those who CAN and WILL lead our team to do 30+ deals per month consistently and who has the knowledge, experience, and ability to truly do so.

This is a forever career with a base, profit share, performance bonuses, and many other investment perks. Give us 8-10yrs of amazing work together, and you'll easily be in a position to retire if you WANT to retire. And that's at any age. Are you 32? Great, retire at 40-42! Starting with us at 52? Done by 60. It's 100% up to YOU, the opportunity is here.

We’ve shown you our personality, now show us yours. Here’s what you’re going to do:

Before you submit your resume, (which you will) or take the DISC profile test, (which you will) record a video introduction separating yourself from the sheep that may mistakenly apply for this position in bulk. Tell us WHY you’re THE person we simply HAVE to hire, and WHAT you can offer us that will lead this team to massive success. Give us the respect of being honest with yourself and with us.

To get you started, here are a couple of thought exercises:
Given the worst possible structure and a paper system, could you digitize, organize, and systematize an entire real estate company within 2 weeks?
Being fresh blood inside of the company, how would you foster respect and command a team?
When faced with a complex construction problem where you may be the only person to turn to for the immediate answer, how will you solve it?
What Talent, Ability, Desire, Knowledge, and Skills separate you from our top candidate?
Why would you want to work for us instead of doing this on your own?
Have you read the book Traction and understand the Visionary and Integrator relationship?
Have you seen the new Avengers? – I’m glad you’re thorough at reading all the questions, but perfect is the enemy of done, so hop to it.
I sincerely hope you're the ONE we're seeking, and we look forward to having you join our crazy team!

About Company
We are an investment company that buys and sells homes, properties, apartments and more. We've been in business for 15 years and we're growing daily. We only buy quality homes in quality areas.

Our office is small and informal. We're a team of 17 and growing daily! We wear whatever we want, whenever we want. Sometimes, we will dress up a bit for a client, but that's a very rare thing. Anytime you meet a client you will be professionally dressed. We take pride in our unique culture!

There are no office politics or drama allowed. No time for hierarchy issues, no time for anything other than supporting each other as a TEAM, and working to achieve the mutual goal of making SUCCESS happen daily.

Our core values are all about achieving today, helping our team, helping our clients, and being honest and full of integrity in all things we do.