Police Records Specialist

City of San Marcos, Texas - San Marcos, TX

Participates in maintaining the Police Department's records and files; provides customer service to the public; processes accident/offense reports, open records requests, and sex offender registrations; prepares, copies, files, and distributes forms, correspondence, and other types of paperwork; performs data entry; monitors the accuracy and completeness of data; conducts background checks; and performs other related duties.
Greets and provides customer service to the public; responds to public inquiries and complaints; determines the type of report, level of assistance required, and/or necessity of officer involvement; receives monies from the public and issues related receipts; balances daily receipts for records services provided; sorts and delivers departmental mail; answers incoming calls; scans vehicle impound sheets; enters lost property reports; provides translation services to the public and law enforcement personnel.
Verifies clearance and identifications for visitors to the department. Logs and issues visitor passes.

Processes accident reports:
Matches accident reports to incident numbers; ensures reports are received in a timely manner; distributes report copies to the Department of Transportation; scans reports into online database for public access.
Gathers report information and enters related data into various departmental databases; sets up tracking of geographic/demographic information.
Processes requests for accident reports from insurance agencies; locates and mails out requested reports; collects and receipts related fees.
Receives faulty accident reports from the Department of Transportation; redistributes reports to officers and ensures errors are corrected.

4. Performs logging tasks:
Prints arrest list and booking reports; enters arrestees into departmental database; inputs mug shots; updates master name file.
Separates student arrests from booking reports; enters detentions into juvenile arrest log; types juvenile justice reporting forms; prepares juvenile file folders and index cards.
Scans DWI/DUI forms into CIS incident reports; prints copies of DWI/DUI incident reports for the Legal Department.
Enters UCR Part II Class C citations.
Performs various duties related to NIBRS submissions and validations.
5. Reviews and approves incident and arrest reports; monitors reports for accuracy and completeness; generates and submits monthly UCR and NIBRS reports reports to the Department of Public Safety including violence family report status sheets, hate crime data, sexual assault report status sheets, and LEOKA forms.
6. Provides offense reports to the US District Court, Attorney General's Office, County District Attorney's Office, Community Supervision and Corrections, Juvenile Probation, San Marcos City Attorney's Office, Child Protective Services, Department of Public Safety (DPS), and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

7. Processes sex offender registrations:
Documents and verifies appropriate paperwork required for sex offender registration is presented prior to registration.
Prepares forms and documentation pertaining to the registration and/or annual update of sex offenders.
Obtains sex offender fingerprints and photographs; imports photographs in the DPS Secured Sex Offender website.
Creates, updates, and maintains sex offender records and files.
Notifies the media and local schools regarding sex offenders registered in the community.
8. Conducts applicant background checks as required by the military, FBI, US Office of Personnel Management, Homeland Security, Department of Transportation, and law enforcement agencies across the nation; ensures submittal of required release forms; searches local/state databases for arrests involving applicants; attests to the validity of information provided in background check reports.
9. Prepares and notarizes visa letters for individuals traveling abroad, non-citizens applying for employment, and non-citizens renewing resident alien status; documents the criminal records and type of offenses in related correspondence.
Processes expunctions, sealing orders, and open records requests:
Enters all petitions, notices, final orders, and sealing orders into Excel document for tracking purposes
Receives, processes, and tracks open records requests from citizens and attorneys; forwards requests requiring further action to the Administrative Division, Criminal Investigation Division, Legal Department, and/or Attorney General's Office.

10. Miscellaneous:
Acts on behalf of the Police Records Supervisor as required; sends arrest and incident blotters to the media; clears warrants from departmental database.
May be required to attend court hearings and testify regarding records procedures.
Cash management through Tyler Cashiering Program.
Performs various administrative tasks requiring tracking, interaction, and coordination with departmental staff and other city departments.
Travels to attend meetings, conferences and training.
Regular and consistent attendance for the assigned work hours is essential.
Performs other related duties as assigned or required.

This position works under general supervision.

High School Diploma or equivalent is required.
Appointment/Commission as a Notary Public is required with 90 days of employment.
Must possess a valid Texas Driver's License with an acceptable driving record.

One year of Police records experience is preferred.

Must be able to read/comprehend law enforcement records, offense codes, and regulations governing records management activities.
Effective verbal and written communication skills are required; must be able to maintain positive working relationships with City departments and personnel, outside agencies, the media, and the general public.

Physical requirements include lifting up to 10 pounds rarely. Subject to handling, fine dexterity, vision, hearing and talking constantly; sitting frequently; standing, walking and bending occasionally; lifting, carrying, pushing/pulling, reaching, kneeling, crouching, crawling, twisting, climbing, balancing and foot controls rarely.

Working conditions involve exposure to infectious diseases, criminal offenders, and potentially irate members of the public.

Safety Sensitive Position.