Sanitation Technician

T. Marzetti - Columbus, OH3.4

$21.51 / hr. Performs all duties and responsibilities to include dismantling, cleaning, and reassembling of all equipment used in any given work day to ensure the entire plant is kept in a clean, neat condition.

Washes and sanitizes all processing equipment, pumps, blenders and transfer lines or production machine blocks, hoppers, feed tubes and hoses.
Breaks down, cleans and sanitizes all filling equipment including but not limited to hoppers, feed tubes, vibrator feeders, drop tubes, filler hoppers, and augers.
Uses extreme caution when disassembling fillers, pumps and valves, making sure not to drop or incorrectly reassemble those parts.
While cleaning these specialized parts (pumps, fillers, and valves/meters), checks the seals and gaskets for wear and or damage.
Replaces the seals and gaskets when necessary.
Follows master sanitation schedule as instructed by supervisor.
Adheres to company policies and procedures, Good Manufacturing Practices, Code of Safe Practices, Standard Operating Procedures and lockout/tagout procedures and chemical manufacturer’s solution make-up formula.
Follows specific guidelines for cleaning and sanitizing from the chemical supplier’s handbook and company handbook.
Reports all equipment malfunctions and/or system differences immediately to the supervisor or manager.
Completes work in the assigned area in the prescribed time period.
Sanitation Technicians will be measured by Quality Assurance swab reports.
Ensures compliance to quality, 5S, food safety, OSHA and HACCP support programs; assures conformity to all company, customer and government standards.
Perform all other duties as required, assigned or directed by Supervisor

High school diploma or GED preferred.
Experience in an industrial environment handling sanitizing chemicals and non-toxic food products desired.
Training in forklift and pallet jack operation helpful.
Must be able to read and comprehend instruction sheets provided with cleaning chemicals; strong mechanical aptitude helpful.
Passing score on a written test required.
Ability to work cooperatively with a team.
Must have visual, auditory, physical and mental ability to operate equipment safely.
Working Conditions/Environment
Works in a manufacturing environment where the employee is regularly required to speak, read, sit, stand, walk, climb, crouch, lift, reach, grasp and bend while moving about the facility. Must be able to move 75 pounds a distance of 25 feet or more at various frequencies and or intervals. Must be able to stand for an 8 – 10 hour shift (sometimes longer) with regular breaks while performing repetitive tasks. May be required to work overtime and/or weekends as needed. The employee may be exposed to non-ambient temperatures, odors, dust, oil, slippery floors, moving parts/equipment, and handling of hazardous sanitation chemicals. The noise level is loud in the plant. Ear protection, eye/face protection, hair/beard nets, steel-toed/slip-resistant shoes, and gloves are required as necessary in accordance with company GMP and safety standards.