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Boba Republic - Allen, TX

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Hiring for November 2019


Boba Barista


975 State Highway 121# #160, Allen TX 75013

Job Types

Full-Time, Part Time


$8.50 to $10.00/hour + tips & store discounts


None required!


The Boba Barista is responsible for preparing all drinks, cleaning the restaurant throughout the shift, and generally being the face of the restaurant by catering to the customers needs. This includes taking their orders, inputting their orders and delivering the drink to the customer.

Job Context

Boba baristas are expected to spend a large majority of their time on their feet tending to the needs of the customer. The hours of work may vary between 10:30 AM – 11 PM Monday – Sunday but is flexible. Shifts usually last between 4 – 8 hours but can vary. Expect to work at least 2 to 3 shifts a week. Evenings and weekends are required


  • Ability to work evenings and weekends *Must be able to work at least 3 days a week *Able to lift 30 pounds
Food Prep Responsibilities

  • Prepare house made ingredients *Refill empty ingredient containers as needed throughout the shift *Prepare and serve all drinks ordered by the customers
Expanded Responsibilities

  • Interact with customers in a friendly manner *Describe menu items to customers or suggest products that might appeal to them *Provide customers with product details *Take out garbage *Set up or restock product displays *Keep a positive energy throughout the shift *Input customer order into the computer terminal correctly *Remind the other staff members of any special requests *Bring all customer orders to the pickup station and call out customer orders *Regularly check up on customers and cater to any of their needs *Must receive all phone calls and answer any customer questions
Cleaning Responsibilities

  • Clean the restaurant throughout the shift *Must clean and set up tables and chairs before and after the shift. *Must sweep and mop the dining area as needed as customers spill *Must stay sanitized throughout the shift by washing hands as needed *Clean the bathrooms as needed throughout the shift
Job Competencies

Upon hire, the boba barista must:
  • Be able to actively listen *Be aware of customer intentions and needs *Have basic customer service abilities *Be service oriented *Able to work in teams *Communicate effectively and positively *Speak clearly *Fluency in the English language *Be able to prioritize information *Have good judgement and quickly make decisions *Do basic mathematical calculations *Be physically able to stand, lift, and move for numerous hours *Physically coordinated *Understand basic hygiene *Spatially aware of their surroundings
After hire, the boba barista must:
  • Have a deep understanding of all the different menu items *Describe menu items to customers or suggest products that might appeal to them
Available shifts and compensation: We have available shifts all days of the week. Compensation is $8.50 - $10.00/hour.

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