FMV Analyst

AEVEX AEROSPACE - United States3.6

Job Title: Processing Exploitation and Dissemination (PED) Cell - Full Motion Video Analyst
Current Contract Name: Rapid Integration and System Engineering (RISE)
Contract Physical Location: Europe

AEVEX's responsibility on the RISE contract:
The Contractor shall provide intelligence analysis/fusion PED support to daily ISR support sorties of approximately 16-18 hours duration, with the ability to support MQ-9 surge activities up to 96 hours of continuous operations or supporting 2-ship operations (on station relief) for 96 hours within a week in support of the United States Air Force Europe (USAFE) mission.

Under the RISE contract there will be a greater opportunity for career development as the site solidifies and the requirements become more focused. While each member on the team is first and foremost responsible to provide FMV support as an analyst, there are secondary roles of progressively increased responsibility that allow AEVEX to fully exploit multi-INT capability and enable intelligence fusion in support of mission needs through final PED outputs. Each team consists of a Site Leader, Senior Analyst, FMV Lead, Fusion Lead and a core group of FMV Analyst’s all working together within the Processing Exploitation and Dissemination Cell (PED). The PED Cell is supported by an Operations Lead strategically aligns customer intent with PED production and ensures Requests for Information (RFI’) are realistic, attainable and understood.

Team members responsibility by Job Title - Position Overview: FMV Analyst
To accomplish PED this task, the responsibilities of each individual position on the team is further broken down into three metric groups; Technical, Operational and Professional.

Technical: Technical metrics are those responsibilities that are require a technical understanding of the mission, the software needed, and the expertise required during execution. Each analyst should:

Consistently deliver quality outputs for all Screener, Reviewer and production functions.
Perform peer-to-peer Quality Assurance reviews of all outputs and deliverables - as mission allows and prior to submittal.
Be familiar with task order support functions (Air Crew, SAR GMTI) utilized during the execution of FMV analysis.
Be familiar with the RISE Contract customer's mission to include describing different mission partners their roles and requirements.
Understand team SOPs and the chain of command within the team, overall customer organization and program. Supports the Team and customer requirements with minimal direction
Be familiar with RISE Contract customer, specific systems and software and can use effectively.
Be familiar with requirements and tools needed to produce assessments eg: POL, ABI, and BDA.
Display familiarity with ISR best practices eg: sensor selection, sensor angles, keypad communication, sensor tracking and comparative analysis.
Understand and employ proper procedures for shift turn-over.
Be familiar with fusion of intel disciplines into assessments- incorporating historical FMV data or other intelligence sources and proven exploitation abilities with IR, SAR, HSI, LIDAR to enhance intelligence products.
Be familiar with data mining, open source reporting and other intelligence sources, fusing data with ArcGIS, SOCET GXP, or comparable ELT. Capable of performing geo-locational mensuration functions, extracting coordinates and positional relationships with geospatial databases.
Familiar with FMV sensor design, collection systems, data acquisition, exploitation technologies, data analysis, production processes, and systems dissemination methods and tools.
Be familiar with software utilized during FMV analysis and positional functions including TACITVIEW, SOCET GXP, Clear-Com, Google Earth, Falconview, ArcGIS, RemoteView, and other required tools used in the creation of standard and non-standard NGA imagery analysis product.
Operational: Operational Metrics are those responsibilities that require a higher level of understanding outside the scope of individual tasks within the PED Cell.

Familiar with customer program capabilities.
Familiar with contractor and government customer chains of command. (Fulcrum, USAFE HQ)
Communicates effectively with contractor and government customer counterparts.
Familiar with supporting agencies and the information that they produce.
Familiar with FMV Analysis architecture and support roles and effectively collaborates, where appropriate, with other analysts during the entire TCPED process including the collection, research, analysis and product generation process.
Familiar with customer supported Areas of Operations (AOR's) and key networks.
Display familiarity with AOR specific infrastructure, and cultural norms during assessments.
Professional: Professional metrics include company based and contract specific responsibilities that ensure compliance with contractual agreements and professional development.

Maintain currency for all on-boarding, annual and focused security training.
Familiar with and execute with minimal deficiency contract required processes: requesting additional hours, travel authorization request (TAR), training authorization (TA), CAC retrieval.
Familiar with AEVEX’s expense reporting process (UNANET) and consistently closes out travel to include a final trip report.
Familiar with time keeping system (UNANET), consistently records accurate time daily, and submits complete timecard weekly with minimal deficiency.
Display professional conduct interacting with customer, program leadership and team members.
Demonstrate understanding and compliance with customer site regulations to include dress-code and conduct.
Maintain program metrics and mission explanations daily with minimal deficiency.
Understand program location specific visa requirements and maintains up-to-date credentials.
Utilize the proper chain of command for back office support (finance, HR).

AEVEX is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, or protected Veteran status.