Front Desk Receptionist

Boston Childrens Health Physicians LLP - Orangeburg, NY

Organizational Duties and Responsibilities

Performs duties to support the goals and objectives of Boston Children?s Health Physicians in its efforts to provide quality service and patient satisfaction
Demonstrate continuing education by completing all required annual trainings, as stated in the Training Curriculum, including but not limited to care coordination, population health management and self-management support techniques.
Complete annual corporate compliance training
Understand and effectively communicate HIPAA compliance, corporate compliance and client confidentiality
Ensure and/or remain in compliance with local, state and federal regulation

Essential Tasks, Duties and Responsibilities

Phone Responsibilities
Make appointments in a timely fashion, keeping patient preference to clinician and patient preference to time of day in mind when making the appointment
Take messages about medical questions to send to the nurse
Connecting patient to the nurse when there is an urgent need or when the patient is returning a call
Connect patients to a member of the billing department when requested
Check in responsibilities
Greet patients when they approach the front desk and ask for their name and appointment time
Verify address, insurance, email address and phone number in both Medent and MBA and correct if either need to be updated
Scan insurance card if a copy is not in MBA, Medent, or both
Have patient sign financial policy or HIPAA statement if not signed
Give patients the update history questionnaire for well visits or paper copies of developmental questionnaires
Direct patients to billing if there is a balance on the account
Distribute patient portal documents and CHADIS documents if applicable
Distribute newborn folder?make new copies of the newborn folder as needed
Distribute adolescent information sheets for adolescent well visits
Distribute Medical Home Information Letter and PCP selection letter to parents of all new patients
Mark patient arrived
Check out responsibilities
Mark patient checked out
Look in superbill to see if patient will be due for follow up?make follow up appointment when necessary
Collect copayments and balances in the form of check, cash, or credit card
Distribute stickers as requested
General front desk responsibilities
Maintain a smiling face and a positive attitude when interacting with patients
Be aware at what is going on at all of the front desk positions, offer to help if needed
Be aware of what is happening with CHADIS to assist a patient or provider if needed.
Maintain HIPAA confidentiality and sensitivity when talking to or about patients
Help with calling for appointments reminders and rescheduling
Provide care in a patient-centered manner
Attend medical home meetings
Participate in pre-visit planning
Demonstrate excellence in both internal and external customer service
Other duties as assigned

Other Details:
1 Full Time Position and 1 Part Time Position Available

Part Time Position will be 25 hours per week, hours will vary,

Minimum Experience and Licensure Requirements

High school degree or equivalent required
Pediatric experience preferred