Creative Assistant, Marvel Games

Marvel Entertainment - Glendale, CA4.0

Full-timeEstimated: $39,000 - $54,000 a year
Are you passionate about video games and Marvel? Do you dream about making amazing games with the world’s most iconic Super Heroes and Villains? If so, we may have the perfect job for you! Marvel Games leverages a massive library of more than 8,000 characters to create incredible games by partnering with the very best game companies on Earth. We are looking for an exceptionally motivated Creative Assistant to join Marvel Games!
The Creative Assistant will work closely with the Executive Creative Director and Assistant Creative Manager to provide reference, support, and feedback in order to help maintain the standards of authenticity and quality across our diverse and growing mobile, VR and console games portfolio.

Responsibilities :
Review and provide clear, actionable feedback on game design documents, scripts, in-game assets and text, copy, and marketing materials to ensure accuracy and brand fidelity.
Conduct project research on topics including (but not limited to) Marvel characters, plotlines, story arcs, costumes, etc.
Gather, maintain, and organize reference materials from comics spanning across Marvel’s vast 80-year history.
Assist in creating educational materials, decks, and presentations for internal and external teams
Collaborate with the Marvel Games creative and production teams to brainstorm and execute ideas on integrating Marvel IP into video game content
Serve as a resource on the Marvel Games team for all things related to Marvel IP

Basic Qualifications :
A creative professional: You have 2+ years of relevant experience in media/entertainment. Experience in the comics and/or video games industry (console, PC, or mobile games) is a huge plus.
A fanatic for comics and video games – You are well-versed in both mediums and understand how to thoughtfully translate comic book characters and action into amazing narratives and gameplay.
A walking Wiki of Marvel (past & present) – You have an authentic love for all things Marvel! Not only can you recall Marvel lore from decades of comics, films, games, and animation, but you also understand what is happening now and what is key to the Marvel brand.
A strong communicator – All that Marvel knowledge goes to waste if you can’t effectively communicate it to others. You are a passionate and professional communicator: verbally, with the written word, and in front of an audience. You are able to provide clear, concise, and actionable feedback and guidance, and present ideas with clarity, conviction, and collaborative understanding.
A self-starter – You are reliable and passionate about your work with strong organizational skills with the ability to manage multiple projects, set priorities, and meet deadlines and expectations.
A problem-solver – Adept at problem solving (both alone and in groups); ability to evaluate creative, challenges and provide credible and achievable solutions.
A people person – You always seek to foster deeper and more productive relationships with the people around you, and you treat them the way you wish to be treated - within the team, within the company, and with all of our external partners.
An excellent teammate – We need a sympathetic and champion collaborator that is able to adapt and adjust to a wide variety of studio work styles.
Passionate about games – We love playing games and creating them. So do you!

Required Education :
BA / BS Degree in related field
2+ years of relevant work experience

Additional Information :
Please include a cover letter answering answers to questions below:
Why you are interested in working at Marvel Entertainment?
What is your favorite video game of all time? What games are you currently playing?
If you could be any Marvel Super Hero or Villain, which one would you choose and why?
In your opinion, what makes a great Marvel story? What is your favorite Marvel storyline, and why?