Network Engineer

LTN Global Communications - Savage, MD

Who is LTN?

We are an innovative and fast-growing live and real-time video transport service provider to the media industry. We own our own patented technology, deployed in a global network with data centers across the US, and in Europe and Asia. We provide transport for both fulltime channels and occasional use events in traditional television markets, as well as digital streaming to a variety of platforms worldwide. Our customers include the world’s largest media companies, including global news networks, sports networks, entertainment companies, studios, cable companies, sports arenas and stadiums, television stations, and colleges.

LTN has built a unique, highly available service, utilizing multiple datacenters and thousands of machines connected through a LTN operated global managed IP network. The LTN network is based on state of the art software, proprietary algorithms and a flexible model which allows it to grow and support new environments. Our company culture is fast paced and rich with cutting edge technology. We value talent, curiosity and creativity, and offer the opportunity to participate in high value, interesting projects and grow professionally.

Position Description

In this position you will focus on providing the network expertise and leadership to expand both the scale and capabilities of the LTN core network through automation and well-designed network architectures. You will maintain and expand both the LTN backbone IP network and make those core network resources available to all of the LTN products and services that need reliable and scalable networking. Additionally, you will provide technical research and testing on new network services and capabilities and help develop the automation and monitoring required to manage them at scale. This role involves hands on management of production switches as well as network architecture design and development of automation software at scale of hundreds of switches within a global network.

This role is part of LTN’s core engineering and infrastructure team and plays a key role in maintaining existing networking infrastructure at a high level of service and reliability as well as building out new capabilities and automating the management and monitoring of the network which supports all of LTN’s production services.


Participate in technical research and development on network related topics to enable continuing innovation and new capability development within the company
Communicate with internal development and engineering teams to share knowledge and understand network requirements of product and infrastructure teams
Provide analysis, troubleshooting and support to mitigate and resolve network outages or degraded performance.
Develop automation software leveraging best-in-class open source as well as proprietary software to manage the configuration and monitoring of a global network of switches and routers.
Maintain core switches and routers in backbone datacenter network as well as main company offices.
Support integration and test network activities as hardware and services are promoted from development to production
Provide technical expertise to LTN's operations team and customer sales-engineering team to assist with customer support and integration
Utilize Linux and hardware switch based routing platforms to provide reliable and highly performant data routing for core services as well as control and monitoring traffic.
Manage network firewalls to enforce company policies
Configuration and monitoring of core company voice, LAN and wireless networks
Expand highly reliable network architecture with remote VPN access for control and management traffic to thousands of remotely connected sites.
Manage DHCP with Dynamic DNS and a network of authoritative and recursive DNS servers
Key Candidate Attributes

Experience with VyOS and Linux based routing
Experience with Arista and Cisco L2 and L3 switches
Experience with ARIN processes and setting up BGP peering both private and public
Experience with IGMPv2 and v3 with PIM-SM for routed multicast
Experience with high availability network protocols such as VRRP, Layer 3-7 load balancers and proxys
Experience with network automation libraries and platforms such as Arista's eAPI and the open source NAPALM library for switch automation
Strong communication skills to proactively and openly share knowledge with internal teams and external customers on network related technology and services.
Deep engineering skills in systems and networking
Knowledge of Linux network configuration, routing, and iptables firewalls
Ability to take high level project description and create detailed technical plans and then execute them
Detail oriented with strong organizational skills, with the ability to multitask and prioritize.
Initiative and ability to work independently, and as integral part of a small team.
Experience with advanced WAN Internet Routing (BGP, BGP security, DDOS scrubbing, Route reflectors)
Ability to participate in a 24x7 on-call rotation

Experience with intrusion detection systems, DDOS protection, and network security monitoring.
Have written Puppet modules or Ansible playbooks
Experience with REST APIs
Experience with pmacct or other routing data collection and aggregation tools
Experience with using Cloud providers (AWS/Azure/GCP/IBM) services
Experience with satellite based IP services
Experience with bonded cellular IP equipment and protocols
Experience with point-to-point wireless or microwave IP links
Experience with Wireguard for VPN
Experience with SDN systems and protocols
Engineering or Computer Science degree
Job location: Savage, MD.

Compensation: Competitive package of salary and benefits.