Student Intern/Co-op

Tufts Medical Center - Boston, MA (30+ days ago)3.9

The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit is seeking an Unit Coordinator Student Intern/Co-op

The Unit Coordinator coordinates the flow of patient activity and information on the unit/practice areas, based upon currently approved policies and procedures recognized by the Medical Center. Functions as a member of the Health Care Team under the direction of the Clinical Nursing Director or designee to perform a variety of clerical duties. The Unit Coordinator is a liaison to all departments and is the key pivotal communication link between multiple disciplines associated with patient care, customer service and the smooth and efficient functioning of the unit. The Unit Coordinator at Tufts Medical Center provides a supportive environment, which fosters the patient and family centered model of care.


In constant communication with the Admission Discharge Transfer (ADT) Center on the status of all patients, including all transfers, admissions, discharges, bed changes, bed cleaning requests and possible changes made throughout the shift.

Responsible for review of the bed assignments and relaying this information to the charge nurse.

Informs nurse, appropriate service, intern, resident, and the ADT Center when new admissions arrive on the unit.

Assembles charts for admissions and disassembles chart for discharge according to hospital guidelines ensuring all necessary documents are included.

Prepares and maintains medical records, in accordance to Medical Center standards and policy, including labeling patient name on admission forms, filing all paperwork in medical record, sorting EKG's, x-rays, pathology reports, operative notes, progress notes, consultations, etc., for current, discharged, and transferred patients.

Labels patient names and updates bed boards, bedside charts, and computer information, including diet, condition, allergies, height and weight of new and current patients.

Transcribes physician orders to appropriate information sites, i.e., Sorian, nursing kardex, MAR (medication administration record), intervention sheet, diet sheet and other documents utilized and completes necessary follow through.

Promptly answers telephones, triages telephone calls, and call light intercom, using appropriate and approved etiquette, and notifies appropriate staff

Pages physicians and others via the hospital page system, maximizes the use of alpha paging when appropriate.

Promptly calls the hospital emergency operator to communicate emergencies using the Medical Center policy.

Utilizes hospital computer systems accurately to enter orders, verify orders, retrieve data and generate reports. Reports malfunction to help desk.

Under the direction of the professional nurse, coordinates all appropriate personnel for safe transport of patients.

Performs all duties and responsibilities particular to each unit as indicated on the individualized duty lists.

Assists with orientation and training of new unit coordinators as designated by the Nurse Manager in collaboration with the Central Staffing Office.

Participates on assigned committees and projects within the department or the hospital at the discretion of the Nurse Manager.

Upholds the standards of performance established by the Department of Patient Care Services at all times.

Notifies Nurse Manager and Staffing Coordinator if unable to perform any of the above responsibilities.

Completes other duties as assigned in order to fulfill the requirements of the Unit Coordinator position.

Provides clear, concise and helpful communication that encourage positive patient, family, visitor and staff experiences

Collaboration: Demonstrates/applies the skills necessary to interact with the health care team in regards to the implementation of the medical/nursing plan of care.

Accepts assignments positively and resolves issues in a mature manner.

Promotes open communication with the nursing staff to ensure a positive work environment.

Conducts self in a kind and courteous manner to patients, families and staff.

Accepts constructive feedback regarding performance and effects a positive change in a timely fashion.

Environment: Influences others by establishing an environment for optimal patient care, mutually supportive collegial relationships and professional development.

Maintains attendance in accordance with the Medical Center policy

Adheres to the Medical Center dress code.

Maintains a work area that is neat, organized and free of food and beverages.

Takes breaks/lunch when nursing staff can accommodate coverage.

Maintain positive customer relations in all interactions.

Arrives to work on time and remains until the end of scheduled shift.

Notifies the Nurse Manager or in his/her absence, the charge nurse on the floor and Central Staffing Office of absences according to hospital policy.


Must have excellent communication skills including understanding extensive medical terminology in such duties as transcribing medication orders.

High level of interpersonal skills required for interacting effectively and cordially with a wide variety of hospital personnel, visitors and patients.

Must be able to perform in stressful situations and handle multiple priorities simultaneously while maintaining a positive and approachable demeanor.

Knowledge of computer systems and software with an ability to learn and retain new applications. Knowledge of Microsoft Office useful.

Utilizes cultural competence training and knowledge of individual needs to enhance patient, family and co-worker's health care experience.

Tufts Medical Center

Floating Hospital for Children

Nursing/ Patient Care Services

Unit Coordinator Duties

A. On Admission:
Assumes responsibilities for updating RapidView board with Charge RN

Notify Charge Nurse of all rapid view activities and flow page communication

Communicate changes and information back to Admission Discharge transfer Center (ADT) via RapidView as indicated

Assembles patient's medical record according to Hospital Policy. Labels appropriate forms, i.e. progress notes, nursing assessments, and files in medical record

Enters allergies, heights and weights into computer

Transcribes admissions orders per Hospital Policy

Schedules requested tests, x-rays, procedures

Forwards copy of medication orders to pharmacy

Notifies department of requested consultations

Notifies dietary department of changes in patient diet order

Prepares required lab slips and/or requisitions and entries for laboratory testing

Informs primary/assigned nurse, service and attending when patient arrives

Ensures patient belongings checklist is completed and signed

Notifies dietary department of admissions, transfers, and room service eligibility

Creates and maintains a list of covering MDs with pager numbers for all patients on the unit at all times

B. Procedures and Transfers:
Enters requests for patient transfers, changes in service, and floor/room change into RapidView

Transcribes transfer orders. Sends medical record, addressograph, and clinical forms to receiving floor at the time of transfer

Ensures medical record is organized and filed appropriately per Hospital Policy

C. Discharges/Transfers:
Facilitates the discharge process by ensuring checkout procedure is completed with documentation in appropriate system

Schedules return clinic appointments as ordered

Notifies RN (in the absence of the case manager) when the Discharge Plan is completed in Soarian

Makes transportation arrangements as requested, i.e., book ambulance, attain discharge summary

Collaborates closely with Case Managers on complex discharges and communication for transportation

Notifies ADT Center of patient discharge/computer discharge and enters information into RapidView

Disassembles patient medical record in proper medical record sequence, ensuring that all components of the medical record are captured, and prior to sending to Medical Records. Saves all appropriate documents for unit specific Quality Assurance per Hospital Policy

Ensures Environmental Services Department (ESD) has cleaned patient room

Discharges the patient in Soarian promptly after the patient is discharged from the unit

Forwards current and old medical records to Medical Record Department or to appropriate destiny

Notifies Admitting Office of patient death and requests death certificate for MD to complete

Sends patient's medical records to the appropriate area

Ensures patient belongings are returned to the patient upon discharge or transfer

D. Performs related clerical functions:
Unit Receptionist

Answers telephone utilizing proper and approved Tufts Medical Center service standard etiquette; triages calls appropriately/communicates information to appropriate staff members

o Greets patients and their families as well as all other medical center employees, using customer service standards

o Security Management:
Evaluate appropriate people to enter unit

Screen visitors for security and infection control

Coordinator of unit activities

o Triage all unit communications and activities to appropriate team member

o Keeps a daily log on movement of all patients on and off the floor

o Posts on physician order books patient due for renewal orders, i.e., medication and treatment, weekly narcotics and monthly rewrites

o Labels and dates patient flow sheets

o Obtains blood products from blood bank as required

o Answers all call lights

o Safeguards confidentiality of the medical record and patient information according to HIPPA (Health Information Privacy Protection Act) regulations

o Updates bedside clipboards with necessary clinical forms

o Coordinates tests, procedures, activities for all patients/families/providers on and off the unit

o Interfaces with the ADT Center to coordinate patient admission/discharge/transfer

o Interfaces and directs ESD with priority bed cleans

Environment Management

o Medical Record


Packet development

Chart breakdown/thinning/discharge

Admission chart

o Supplies (Staples, Smartworks, Patient Care Supplies)

Order supplies (office & special orders)

Assess & maintain par level

Organize supplies

Material management interface; notify when supplies low

Ensure current forms on unit and in plentiful supply

o Maintain unit environment

Assess and maintain environment for safety, tidiness and patient, family and provider satisfaction

Oversee nurses station and other common areas for cleanliness as determined by the unit

Makes environmental rounds for routine maintenance

Initiates needs

Fills out and processes job requisitions

o Order Management

Transcribes all written orders

Maintains supplies for order entry during downtime

Communicates to Helpdesk any issues identified using order system

Manages all orders entered under CPOE (Computerized Physician Order Entry)

Pulls order sheets for pharmacy and/or takes orders as appropriate

Communicates verbally to appropriate departments any orders needing contact

E. Labor and Delivery:
Night shift Unit Coordinator will enter and transcribe orders for patients being transferred to the MIU

All OR procedures being performed in LDR will be scheduled in the PICIS scheduling system.

Performs administrative support for nurses triaging and admitting patients

Enters critical information accurately into LDR logbooks

Must have knowledge of all prenatal physician groups associated with LDR

Labels mother and baby packets for delivery

Responsible for encountering and charging patients account

Calls delivery teams according to protocol

F. Directing and assigning Transporters/Housekeepers. This includes the following:

Determines from nurse how many Transporters will be needed to transport the patient

The unit coordinator, under the direction of the charge nurse may request the Housekeepers to perform duties within their job description to facilitate patient flow and care delivery.