Project Managers’ Assistant

Prestige Construction Group - Richmond, VA

ContractEstimated: $38,000 - $51,000 a year

Typing – This includes the typing of all subcontracts, owner contracts, change orders, and job-related
correspondence and documents.
Answering Phones – Includes taking messages and/or forwarding to voice mail.
Office supplies – Includes ordering and maintaining the office supplies for the field office.
Copies – as required
Faxing – as required
Office trailer set-up – Assist superintendent/project manager with establishing the job trailer/office. (i.e., set up
phones, ordering office furniture, etc.)
Filing – as required
Runner – Includes picking up job mail from the downtown office and completing other job-related errands.
Either a company vehicle or the secretary’s personal vehicle can be used. If a personal vehicle is used, mileage
shall be reimbursed.
Material req forms – Include filing out material requisition forms for only those items which are purchased by
the secretary.
Mail – as required
Communication skills – must be able to communicate intelligently with internal staff as well as external
Computer knowledge – must be proficient with spreadsheet and work processing software.
Notary Public
General Cleaning and Organization as directed by P.M.


In addition to the duties listed above the following items will be required:

Experience – This position requires that at least one (1) year experience with Prestige Construction Group as a
job site secretary must have been acquired.
Multiple project capability – This person must be capable of working on two (2) or more projects
Insurance – Includes tracking of subcontractor insurance and the requesting of current certificates as required.
Lien waivers – Includes tracking of lien waivers submitted by subs, vendors, and especially sub-subcontractors
and sub-vendors.
Accounting skills – Must have basic accounting skills to assist in items such as pay applications, invoice
processing, and time keeping.
Project close-out – Assist in close out of the project, including phone calls, and packaging of documents.
Sub/Vendor liaison – This includes the ability to communicate to subs/vendors with basic understanding of their
fields in order to accurately relay information to the project superintendent and project manager.
Self directed – Must be able to perform the duties listed above with a minimum amount of supervision.
Expedition – A basic understanding of expedition is required for items such as transmittal tracking.
Submittals – The ability to help an engineer with items such as transferring notes on shop drawings.


In addition to the duties of the two descriptions above the following will be required:

Supervision skills – Must be able to oversee the work of one (1) or more secretaries in the company.
Computer skills – Must be proficient in the software programs utilized by the secretaries in the company.
Also, must have a basic understanding of Expedition and Coins.
Training – Must have the skills to train other job site secretaries.
Managerial skills – Must have the skills to assist the project manager in scheduling meetings, etc.

Overall skills
Time management
Job knowledge
Communication skills
Attitude/Team player
Writing skills
Organizational skills

Agur Davis
Operations Manager
Prestige Construction Group, Inc
219 Turner Road
Richmond , Virginia 23225