VMware Consultant

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VMware Administrator Duties and Responsibilities

The organizations VMware administrators work for determine the exact responsibilities they take on. Based on our analysis of job listings, common duties typically include:

Implement Infrastructure

VMware administrators build and install computer infrastructure, which encompasses hardware, servers, and virtual machines, using a VMware environment such as vSphere. Afterward, they configure it for production by creating user accounts, controlling access to networks, and managing storage and security settings.

Perform Maintenance

Software must go through regular maintenance, and it’s up to VMware administrators to monitor client systems daily and pinpoint problem areas. They proactively design and install upgrades, releases, and application patches. On a less frequent basis, they also update drivers, servers, and firmware with newer technology.

Provide Technical Support

In order to provide technical support to clients at all times, VMware administrators may remain on call during irregular hours. They must respond promptly to issues reported by clients, conducting root cause analysis and going through various testing scenarios for thorough resolution.

Recommend Solutions

VMware administrators participate heavily in planning client infrastructures. This entails gathering system data, researching possible solutions, developing and presenting their design ideas, and thoughtfully evaluating suggestions from others. In addition, they evaluate industry trends and assist in implementing standards and best practices.

Create Documentation

Those in this role must create and maintain documentation for all system-related processes and procedures that they’re in charge of, including project requirements, changes and upgrades, implementation plans, and support tickets. Another paperwork-heavy task is creating summary reports for clients or internal management.

Must be willing to travel to Florida. Must have certifications/experience relevant to the job listing.

Job Type: Contract

Salary: $135,000.00 to $165,000.00 /year


  • VMware: 5 years (Preferred)