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Community Psychiatric Support & Treatment (CPST)

Assist the individual and family members or other collaterals to identify strategies or treatment options associated with the individual’s mental illness, with the goal of minimizing the negative effects of mental illness symptoms or emotional disturbances or associated environmental stressors which interfere with the individual’s daily living, financial management, housing, academic and/or employment progress, personal recovery or resilience, family and/or interpersonal relationships, and community integration

Provide individual and their family supportive counseling, solution-focused interventions, emotional and behavioral management, and problem behavior analysis with the individual, with the goal of assisting the individual with social, interpersonal, self-care, daily living, and independent living skills to restore stability, to support functional gains and to adapt to community living

Facilitate participation in and utilization of strengths based planning and treatments which include assisting the individual and family members or other collaterals with identifying strengths and needs, resources, natural supports, and developing goals and objectives to utilize personal strengths, resources, and natural supports to address functional deficits associated with their mental illness

Assist the individual with effectively responding to or avoiding identified precursors or triggers that would risk their remaining in a natural community location, including assisting the individual and family members or other collaterals with identifying a potential psychiatric or personal crisis, developing a crisis management plan and/or as appropriate, seeking other supports to restore stability and functioning

Provide ongoing rehabilitation support for individuals pursuing employment, housing, or education goals. Assist the individual with independent living skills to promote recovery and growth specific to managing their own home including managing their money, medications, and using community resources and other self-care requirements

Implement interventions using evidence-based and best practice techniques, drawn from cognitive-behavioral therapy and other evidence-based psychotherapeutic interventions that ameliorate targeted symptoms and/or recover the person’s capacity to cope with or prevent symptom interference with daily activities.


CPST Providers must currently possess a license or a permit from the New York State Education Department who are qualified by credentials, training, and experience to provide direct services related to the treatment of mental illness and shall include the following:

Licensed Social Worker

Certified Rehabilitation Counselor (CRC)

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Nurse Practitioner in Psychiatry

Licensed Creative Arts therapist


Licensed Practical Nurse

Registered Professional Nurse

Licensed Psychoanalyst


Licensed Psychologist

Physician Assistant

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Job Type: Part-time

Salary: $50.00 to $60.00 /hour


  • Field: 1 year (Required)


  • Master's (Required)


  • Bronx, NY (Preferred)


  • LMSW or LMHC (Preferred)


  • Spanish (Preferred)
  • Creole (Preferred)