Education Consultant 12-P13 - Student Engagement Consultant

State of Michigan - Lansing, MI3.9

Job Description
The position serves as the Student Engagement Consultant for the Curriculum and Instruction Unit. This position initiates, leads, develops, provides, distributes, and supports programs, products, and tools that promote innovative and exemplary student engagement programs and practices including the use of Early Warning Intervention and Monitoring Systems (EWIMS), innovative approaches to education, personalized learning, and other initiatives to mitigate chronic absenteeism and promote student success through engagement and student voice. The position provides professional and technical assistance to local and intermediate school districts; coordinates activities with other MDE and state government offices and special projects designed to increase student engagement; serves as a liaison with state and national organizations; and assists in the implementation and monitoring of state, regional, and federal programs. The responsibility is broad in scope requiring new and unprecedented approaches to educational excellence that reflect emerging and best practices.

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Required Education and Experience
Possession of a master's degree in a field of education.


Education Consultant 12
One year of administrative or consultative experience in the field of K-12 or early childhood education.

Education Consultant P13
Two years of administrative or consultative experience in the field of K-12 or early childhood education, including one year equivalent to an Education Consultant 12.

Alternate Education and Experience
Education Consultant 12
Five years of teaching experience may be substituted for the experience requirement.

Education Consultant 12 and P13
Possession of a bachelor's degree with a major in education combined with a master's degree in a subject area may be substituted for the education requirement.

Possession of a doctorate degree in education may be substituted for the experience requirement.

Additional Requirements and Information
Equivalent combinations of education and experience that provide the required knowledge, skills, and abilities, identified by the appointing authority and approved by Civil Service, may be evaluated on an individual basis. For example, a master's degree in a different major AND work experience related to the position will be considered.

Some positions may require a current or past possession of a Michigan's teacher's certificate or one comparable to the one issued in Michigan.

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The Michigan State Employees Retirement System (MSERS) is separate from the Michigan Public School Employees Retirement System (MPSERS). If you are currently a MPSERS retiree, there should be no impact to your MPSERS pension due to employment with the Michigan Department of Education. If you are currently eligible for a MPSERS retirement benefit and become the successful candidate for this position, you should contact the Office of Retirement Services (ORS) to determine any impact if you elect to immediately begin receiving your MPSERS retirement benefit.