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May 14, 2018 8:00 A.M.

This examination will remain open until the needs of the service are met and is subject to closure without prior notice.

Open Competitive Job Opportunity

This announcement is a rebulletin to reopen the filing period, update Special Requirement Information, Desirable Qualifications, the Application and Filing information, Salary information, Essential Job Functions and Supplemental Questionnaire.

Persons who have already applied and placed on the eligible register list within the last six months need not reapply.

Performs clerical and other routine duties in order to obtain practical work experience while enrolled as a student at least in high school or freshman in college .

Positions allocable to this class typically report to a permanent staff member of a County Department and as part-time, temporary employees, perform a variety of support functions while developing job skills. Incumbents assigned to these positions are restricted to no more than 30 hours per week during instructional periods without prior approval from the Department of Human Resources.

Prepares from plain and corrected copy and rough draft, or from verbal instructions, such materials as reports, letters, vouchers, receipts, lists, orders, schedules, notices, file cards, statistical data, and certified copies of documents.
Waits on the public or acts as receptionist in a small office; answers routine questions of the public, in person or by telephone.
Performs all types of filing (alphabetical, numerical, chronological and code), and pulls and charges out file material.
Posts data, keeps records, and prepares reports in accordance with predetermined forms and procedures.
Performs bills, orders, notes, receipts, permits, licenses, etc.
Operates various office machines or equipment requiring little specialized training.
Collects and delivers correspondence, records, packages, etc. on regular messenger rounds and upon request.
Opens, sorts, time stamps, and routes incoming mail; stuffs, seals, stamps, meters, and registers outgoing mail.
Searches records and files for data.
Performs comparing and proofreading of documents.
Sorts and arranges documents, correspondence or other material.
Operates a small telephone console, as needed.
Takes notes and transcribes them as needed.

Current enrollment in an accredited* college, community college, or business college, having academic standing equivalent to at least a freshman in college -OR- current enrollment as a junior or senior in high school. Age: At least 16 years of age.

A valid California Class C Driver License or the ability to utilize an alternative method of transportation when needed to carry out job-related essential functions.

Physical Class: 2 – Light:
Light physical effort which may include occasional light lifting to a 10 pound limit, and some bending, stooping or squatting. Considerable walking may be involved.

Applicants MUST attach proof of current enrollment and proof of academic standing to the application at the time of filing or within fifteen (15) calendar days of filing online (e.g. current Class Schedule, Registration Card showing the applicant has registered for the coming semester/quarter, or official transcripts). Failure to submit the required documents will result in your application being rejected.

Applicants under the age of 18 MUST present a work permit before starting work.

Applicants MUST attach proof of age (e.g., photocopy of birth certificate, California Identification, or Driver's License).

All required documents must be attached to the application at the time of application submission or within 15 days of filling such as:

  • Proof of current enrollment: Current class schedule; Registration Card showing the applicant has registered for the coming semester/quarter; letter from High School Principal on school letterhead showing grade level and current enrollment status; a student ID with photograph verifying grade level (must show your grade level and the year of class term) or official transcripts. The document must clearly show class enrolled, class term, name of school and your name. Payment statement or receipt , weekly class schedule and acceptance letter will not be accepted.
  • Proof of Academic Standing (Class Level): Copy of Official Transcripts or verification letter from school registrar's office. Letter must include name of school, student's Full Name, Class Level (e.g. freshman, senior or junior, etc.), school signature and seal. The document must be official (e.g., official transcripts or the letter from the registrar's office on school letterhead with signature and school seal). A print-out of unofficial transcript from the school's website and acceptance letter is NOT acceptable.
  • Proof of Age: Birth Certificate, California Identification or Driver's License.
Please email to if you did not attach the required documents to the application at time of filing.

If hired, applicants must continue to be enrolled and attend school in order to maintain status position.

Desirable Qualifications
Experience in a work setting providing customer service; using cash registers or performing clerical functions; or operating office machines such as personal computers, printers, fax machines, and photocopiers.

Examination Content
This examination will consist of an evaluation of training and experience based upon application information and desirable qualifications weighted 100%.

Please note, for this examination, there is no written test.

Candidates must achieve a passing score of 70% on the examination in order to be placed on the eligible register.


Applications will be processed on an as-received basis and promulgated to the eligible register accordingly.

The names of the candidates receiving a passing grade on this examination will be added to the eligible register and will appear in the order of their score group for a period of six (6) months (180 calendar days) following the date of eligibility.


The eligible register resulting from this examination will be used to fill temporary vacancies at various departments throughout Los Angeles County.


A standard County of Los Angeles Employment Application for this examination must be completed online. Applications will not be accepted by U.S. Mail, Fax, or in person . Applicants must either upload requirement documents as attachments during application submission or email a copy of the requirement documents to or fax to (213)380-3681 within fifteen (15) calendar days from application submission. Failure to submit the requirement document will result in your application being rejected.

Apply online by clicking on the "Apply" button for this posting. You can also track the status of your application using this web site.

All information is subject to verification. We may disqualify your application at any time during the examination and hiring process, including after appointment have been made. Falsification of any information may result in disqualification or rescission or appointment.

Fill out your application completely. Provide any relevant education, training, and experience in the spaces provided so we can evaluate your qualifications for the job.

The acceptance of your application depends on whether you have clearly shown that you meet the Minimum Requirements. Fill out the application completely and correctly to receive full credit for any related education training, and job experience you include. In the space provided for education, include the names and addresses of school attended, titles of courses completed, dates completed, and number of credits and/or certificates earned. if your application is incomplete, it may be rejected at any stage of selection process.

For each job held, give the name and address of your employer, your job title, beginning and ending dates, number of hours worked per week, and description of work performed. You will not get credit from your work experience if you miss any part of information.

Please include your social Security Number for record control purpose. Federal law requires that all employed persons have a Social Security Number.

For candidates who may not have regular access to a computer or the internet, applications can be completed on computers at public libraries throughout Los Angeles County.

All applicants must file their application online using their OWN user ID and password. Using a family member or friend's user ID and password may erase a candidate's original application record.

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