Entry Level Manufacturing Engineering Opportunities

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This job description reflects potential openings at the Marysville Auto Plant and East Liberty Auto Plant for Manufacturing Engineers. Positions may be available in Forming/Stamping, Weld, Paint, or Assembly departments in areas such as Quality, Process, Equipment, New Model, and Safety. This is a general job description and represents multiple openings in various departments.

Essential Function and Responsibilities:
Process Manufacturing Engineer
Troubleshoot & analyze equipment to resolve issues and recommend new equipment in a timely manner
Analyze equipment data to identify areas for improvement in equipment – use trend data to proactively address issues before they are major problems
Researches and recommends new equipment purchases; oversees the implementation
Performs equipment capability studies
Tests new equipment after installation to ensure quality and efficiency; makes adjustments as necessary
Troubleshoot equipment issues to resolve them timely, efficiently and with the purpose of preventing their reoccurrence; minimize machine downtime
Create timely/accurate records of actions taken in response to equipment issues
Solve root cause issues and prevent recurring problems

New Model Engineer:
Evaluate drawings and designs for all major and minor new model changes:
Conduct feasibility studies on new technologies, design concepts and equipment
Review drawings with internal team and customers to verify the design
Identify past model problem history, opportunities for cost savings and safety concerns
Communicate change points to other departments
Issue countermeasure request forms to R&D Department for improvements in quality, cost, delivery, safety and assembly
Develop and present project status updates, change points, recommendations, etc.
Acts as Plant liaison when assigned

Attend New Model Trials:
Identify and document trial problems and discuss countermeasures
Communicate initial issues from build events to vendors
Inform team members and other Departments of project change points
Support quality problems and recommend countermeasures before mass production
Coordinate design update as needed

Support New Model Start-Up and Mass Production:
Respond immediately to complex issues during production
Utilize necessary tools to understand root causes and implement containment
Create problem summary and reflect on mass production issues
Inspect product and new model development (e.g., check tolerances, fixtures, parts, etc.)
Update and track items; create problem summary and reflect on mass production issues
Conduct mass production audits for problem prevention

Electrical Engineer:
Analyze and evaluate electrical applications/components/system concerns and needs related to manufacturing facilities
Determine proper measures to resolve concerns and maintain performance
Support the renovation or upgrade of existing electrical systems or the build of a new system. Conduct PDCA during design and implementation stage
Support the bidding process and contractor selection for the design and construction phase of a project and present decision to management
Determine and prioritize project tasks and develop project schedule and timelines to achieve targets and final goals for projects (on time and within budget)
Review and verify electrical engineering drawings at the various design completion levels. Work with contractors throughout the different phases of a project
Generate process tracking and control documents for projects. Present and update Department and Plant management on project's progress
Work on projects at multiple locations within the department ranging from planned electrical equipment upgrades, to installs, to unplanned modifications to help improve equipment efficiency, safety, reliability and delivery
Identify improvement opportunities for Key Performance Indicators
Assist with the development of electrical products by studying customer requirements
Provide support to experienced engineers as needed
Contribute to team effort by accomplishing related goals as needed
Complete various checks on the parts, recommend needed changes, complete approved changes
Work with equipment service technicians to help keep the production areas running and to reduce downtime
Request repair services as needed

Quality Engineer:Problem Solve/Root Cause Analysis:
Support complex problem solving analysis, investigations, report writing, and containment/repair activity utilizing quality engineering principles
Perform technical in-depth analysis related to the production process to minimize customer concerns
Identify reoccurring problems and conduct design problem analysis to solve the problems

Countermeasure Implementation:
Review new model drawings/parts and identify actual and potential problems, clarify and review with applicable departments, implement countermeasures to avoid problem occurrence at mass production
Coordinate and lead plant-wide countermeasure activities, recommend a permanent countermeasure based on investigation and analysis which could include a design change, a modification of a supplier part, or an in-house adjustment
Analyze proposed countermeasures, judge their effectiveness once implemented, and manage change point control

New Model activity related to Quality:
Support the develop testing and procedure methods for quality verification by applying measures, sampling methods, testing methodology, and other procedures to ensure quality standards are met
Support design activity with related departments, suppliers, and R&D to confirm design verses actual manufacturing condition and that the design is acceptable based on past problem history
Provide technical support throughout tool trials and crisis activity, as needed
Conduct feasibility studies on new technology, design concepts, and equipment

Supplier Management:
Ensure suppliers' parts meet specifications and provide direction on required changes to processes and procedures to improve/guarantee part conformance to specifications throughout new model development timing
Work with suppliers to ensure resolution of any quality and/or tooling concerns
Support daily trouble report management including root cause analysis, countermeasures, and customer follow-up for supplied parts concerns

Receive warranty parts back from the market and analyze to understand the failure
Review early build vehicle drawings to better understand upcoming model changes related to potential warranty issues

Required Experience (Type and Length of Time):
Minimum of 3 months of related co-op/internship experience.

Education Requirements (Degree):
Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering (Mechanical, Electrical, Industrial, Materials, Welding, or related).

Potential Departments:
Assembly, Weld, Paint or Forming/ Stamping

Potential Locations:
  • Marysville, OH (45 minutes northwest of Columbus, OH)
  • East Liberty, OH (50 minutes northwest of Columbus, OH)
Types of Positions Available:
  • Direct Hire – Associates will be hired into a specific role in the department. New hires will go through training with their department and will be responsible for performing the roles & responsibilities of their position.
  • Engineering Development Program – The Engineering Development Program (EDP) is a two year rotational program for entry-level engineers. Associates in the Engineering Development Program will be hired into a specific department and have an assigned mentor. EDP associates will complete a series of rotations outside their department related to their end role and then return to their home department after the rotations are complete.
Target Start Dates:
October 2018 - August 2019