19-138 Motor Vehicle Operator

Air Force Nonappropriated Fund (AFNAF) Services Career Program - Eielson AFB, AK3.6

Full-time | Part-time$18 an hour
Motor Vehicle Operator


SALARY: $17.57

LOCATION: School Age Program on Eielson AFB, AK



( ) Regular- Full-Time

( ) Regular- Part-Time

( X ) Flex


1. Drives one or more types of passenger buses which carry 16 or more passengers. Drives predetermined and/or scheduled routes or special runs such as touring trips to historic locations and recreation events/facilities. Reads maps and judges road/traffic conditions to determine the shortest and safest route. Provides friendly, polite, and courteous service. Enforces passenger seatbelt use. May check I.D. cards to ensure authorization of passengers as required.

2. Performs operator maintenance, such as checking fluid levels and air pressure in tires, cleaning and washing of vehicles and performing inspection checklists to ensure safe and proper operation.

3. Maintains records and documents actions on operator inspection checklists/forms and accident/incident reports. Uses two-way radio (or other device) to maintain communications with dispatcher/supervisor on assignments and locations.

4. Utilizes safety practices and procedures following established safety rules and regulations and maintains a safe and clean work environment. Uses and assures proper fit of required safety equipment and clothing.

III. CONTROLS OVER WORK: Instructions are received from the dispatcher or supervisor on the type of vehicle to be operated, destination, passengers to be transported, purpose of the trip, deadlines to be met as well as any unusual situations.

1. Skills and Knowledge: Knowledge of and skill in operating buses capable of carrying 16 or more passengers or other gasoline, diesel or electric powered wheeled vehicles with a GVW of more than 26,000 and up to 32,000 pounds. Knowledge of the height, weight, width, and length of the vehicles in order to judge overhead and side clearance, the turning radius, braking distance and safe distance to be maintained from other vehicles. Knowledge of safe braking distances of buses considering the extra load of passengers. Skill in applying this knowledge to maneuvering vehicles in congested areas and when backing vehicles up to loading station. Knowledge of federal, state and local safety and traffic rules and regulations for operating vehicles. Skill in defensive driving techniques. Skill in recognizing developing hazardous road and traffic conditions, the judgment to adjust driving methods to the practices of surrounding traffic and ability to select alternate routes to avoid potential problems. Skill in reading and understanding road maps and other locator documents and in determining the shortest and safest route for both short and long runs, considering the weight and size of the vehicle and road restrictions. Knowledge of the operator’s manual for assigned vehicles.

Ability to recognize developing maintenance problems when conducting operator inspections and reporting problems to the supervisor. Knowledge of passenger safety rules including the use of seat belts.

2. Physical Effort: Physical effort is moderate to heavy. Work requires reaching, turning or moving hands, arms, feet and legs to operate hand and foot controls. Associated duties require stooping, bending and climbing. Lifts and carries objects weighing up to 40 pounds and heavier objects with assistance.

3. Working Conditions: Drivers work mostly outside and operate vehicles in all kinds of traffic and weather on public roads (or equivalent) and are exposed to the danger of serious accidents. Drivers are exposed to dirt, fumes and to the possibility of cuts, bruises and broken bones as a result of accidents when loading and unloading the vehicle. Incumbent drives in heavy traffic, within legal speed limits, over complicated road and interchange systems.


Must have experience which demonstrates knowledge of and skill in operating buses capable of carrying 16 or more passengers; traffic and safety regulations, practices and procedures pertaining to motor vehicle operation (buses); and passenger safety rules. In addition, must have experience which demonstrates the ability to: communicate orally; be courteous; judge road/traffic conditions and read maps to determine the shortest and safest route; interpret instructions, specifications related to motor vehicle operation (buses); do preventive maintenance and ensure passenger safety. Requires reaching, turning or moving hands, arms, feet and legs; associated duties require stooping, bending and climbing. Lifts and carries objects weighing up to 40 pounds. Must satisfactorily complete a pre-employment physical. Must possess an appropriate, valid driver’s license as required by local/state law. Must be able to obtain a valid Alaska State, Class C, and Commercial Driver’s License within 90 days of employment. Must be able to satisfactorily complete a National Agency Check with Inquiries (NACI). “This is a drug testing designated position. The incumbent is subject to random testing for drug us.”


If position is announced as Regular Full Time (RFT) or Regular Part Time (RPT) you will be eligible for annual leave, sick leave, retirement, 401(k), health and life insurance. If you are a civil service employee with DoD, you may be eligible to keep the current retirement. As a Nonappropriated Fund employee, you are eligible to use the fitness center, golf course, bowling center, clubs, swimming pools and other Force Support Squadron facilities.


Applicant’s claiming Military Spouse, Family Member, Transitional or Veteran’s Hiring Preference must submit required documents to be considered. Reference the Preferences Tab above for required documents. We are not responsible for employment ineligibilities based on missing information or lack of documentation.


1. Please ensure that your application/resume contains all the information requested in the vacancy announcement. If your resume or application does not provide all the information requested on this form and in the job vacancy announcement, you may lose consideration for the position.

2. All Federal NAF employees are required by PL 104-134 to have salary payments made by electronic funds transfer/direct deposit.

3. Internal NAF applicants pay may be set according to applicable pay setting rules.

4. For current appropriated fund (APF) employees, portability pay setting rules apply (REF: AFMAN 34-310, NAF Personnel Program Management and Administration Procedures, para For current nonappropriated fund (NAF) employees, pay setting rules apply (REF: AFMAN 34-310, NAF Personnel Program Management and Administration Procedures, Table 18).

5. “Any Individual who was required to register with Selective Service and who is not registered or knowingly and willfully did not register before the requirement terminated or became inapplicable, will not be appointed”.

  • All tentative selections will be made via email. Please make sure a valid email address is provided.*