Deployment Specialist, Consulting

Deloitte - Atlanta, GA

CTS Deployment Specialist-Consulting

Our mission for Resource Management is to optimize deployment of our workforce by assigning our professionals to roles that satisfy the needs of our external clients, develop our people, and support our strategic business priorities.

Work you’ll do
The Deployment Specialist is a consultative and service-oriented resource management professional who directly supports the deployment needs of our individual client service professionals. The Deployment Specialist is responsible for driving deployment, ensuring deployment data quality, and providing staffing-related advice to our professionals.

The Deployment Specialist engages with our client service professionals by assisting in the search for new assignments, collecting information on strengths and preferences, advising on successful navigation the deployment processes, confirming schedule information, and directing professionals to other appropriate contacts and information sources.

The Deployment Specialist partners with the business Talent Group Leader to manage practitioner deployment and deployment information for the designated Talent Group.

To optimize deployment and best serve our professionals, the Deployment Specialist maintains deep knowledge of current business priorities, service offerings, skills profiles, client engagements, and active client pursuits.

The Deployment Specialist collaborates with the Deployment Analyst Team to maintain the timeliness, quality, and completeness of the deployment-related data for his/her assigned business area. The Deployment Specialist supports the Engagement Staffing Managers by proposing and confirming candidates for open project needs, and they collaborate provide an integrated and exceptional deployment experience to our engagement teams and professionals.

Job Responsibilities
Assist professionals in the search for suitable project assignments that align with their skills, goals, and/or staffing preferences – both within and across businesses
Identify priority populations of professionals, and work proactively and with urgency to deploy them and meet their broader deployment needs
Advise professionals on the relevant business factors that should be considered as they seek future assignments and engage with potential project leaders
Provide Consulting Talent Group Leader with information on availability or utilization for individual professionals or the relevant population overall, as needed to supplement to standard reporting package
Facilitate the resolution of staffing conflicts or other deployment escalations with the Talent Group Leader, providing recommendations as appropriate
Update schedule data with the outcomes of deployment activity or interactions with professionals, leveraging or collaborating with the Deployment Analyst Team, as appropriate
Review schedule data proactively to maintain high degree of timelines, accuracy, and completeness; collaborate with Deployment Analysts to address any data gaps
Review schedule confirmation, variance, resume, and skills data proactively to identify any compliance issues; initiate applicable compliance processes and/or collaborate with the Deployment Analyst Team to address, as needed
Direct practitioners to available information sources on resource management metrics, tools, and compliance responsibilities
Partner with Talent Group (TG) Leader to respond to market needs for hot skills with training and/or development opportunities for practitioners
Provide additional practitioner information to Engagement Staffing Managers, as needed, to drive deployment or assist with filling open engagement needs
Provide Deployment Specialist Team Lead with observed trends, opportunities for improvement, and areas of concern related to practitioners within designated business area
Provide Talent Group Leader with standard reporting and information, for example: rosters, schedules, availability, priority staffing, and scheduled utilization
Participate in deployment-related meetings with Talent Group Leader to provide insights on skills gaps, new hire traction, and priority staffing
Escalate staffing conflicts to Talent Group Leader for resolution, as appropriate
Escalate sensitive or high-risk staffing situations to Deployment Specialist Team Lead and/or Engagement Staffing Manager, as appropriate
Maintain understanding of key resource management metrics, including how they impact our business and individual practitioner performance
Maintain detailed knowledge of skillsets and competencies aligned to designated business area
Maintain knowledge of Consulting and cross-business areas where similar market offerings and skillsets may be aligned, including current supply and demand status
Maintain knowledge of the engagement portfolio and pipeline in designated business area in order to advise on future supply of practitioners
Leverage available leaders, teammates, and information resources to maintain current knowledge of current practice, industry, and offering priorities and trends; factor this information appropriately into deployment decisions
Maintain high-level proficiency in all resource management tools and relevant Deloitte technology resources
Maintain current knowledge of RM reporting capabilities and standard reports generated by the Deployment Analyst Team
Participate in or support resource management special projects and initiatives, as needed
The team
The mission of Core Talent Services (CTS) improves efficiencies and operational excellence, deliver strategic and transactional services, institutionalize operations efficiencies and quality and enhance ability to scale and reduce cost structure. CTS focus on delivery of both strategic and transactional services, either directly for the businesses or in support of the Business Advisors and Centers of Excellence (CoEs)