Teacher's Assistant 1 or 2 - MLC

Community Action Marin / Marin Learning Center - Marin City, CA


Job Summary: Assist Teachers in the overall functioning of the classroom, establish

supportive relationships with staff and children.

Primary Responsibilities:

Provide Effective Supervision & Child Guidance

* Develop and maintain warm, caring, positive, and respectful relationships with children

* Show appropriate affection, acceptance, and support to all children

* In cooperation with staff, maintain adequate supervision of children, as defined by California

Department of Social Services Community Care Licensing and California Department of Education

* Attend to the physical and emotional health, safety, and well being of children

* Report to teacher: relevant observations about children, all injuries, and any issues that need to be communicated to parents

* Role model best practices in interactions with children and with other staff

* Recognize and respect cultural and ethnic diversity of families and children served

* Refer to CAM Staff Evaluation and verbal feedback- understand and meet these expectations

Exhibit Professional Conduct

* Implement CAM Child Development Programs philosophy of child care, family support

and agency cooperation

* Maintain confidentiality between staff, families, and children

* Maintain an attitude of cooperation and promote teamwork

* Role model a professional and positive attitude, conveying respect to all staff

* Be willing to listen and receive constructive criticism

* Refrain from communications that cause negative staff relations: (ex. gossip)

* Be punctual and inform supervisor when you will be absent

* Bring concerns, issues or complaints of staff to attention of the site supervisor

Develop and Support Curriculum (that meets state standards and best practices in the field)

* Understand and assist teachers in Desired Results Child Assessments (twice a year)

* Assist teachers in completing an ITERS, ECERS, or SACERS (once a year)

* Assist teachers in creating and maintaining Child Portfolios for each child

* Complete written observations on children on a regular basis

* Assist teachers in creating curriculum and a classroom environment that is: based on

observation, developmentally, culturally, and ethnically appropriate, and responds to the

individual needs and interests of the children

* Lead classroom activities (such as projects, circle & story time, meal/snack, outside time)

as agreed upon with teacher

* Assist teachers to support appropriate and effective transitions

Complete Classroom and Program Organizational Tasks

* Assist classroom teacher in developing schedules, rules and standards for classroom

* Assist in keeping program in compliance with licensing, health, and State standards

* Assist with classroom maintenance/responsibilities as defined by site supervisor and head teacher

* Attend staff meetings, and meet with teams as requested by site supervisor of head teacher

* Assist teacher with administrative tasks as requested (ex: meal counts, food forms to parents)

* Document children’s schedule, health needs, behavior, etc as requested

* Inform teacher of any safety hazards or licensing issues that may arise

* Inform teacher of any staffing or personnel issues

Provide Parent Support

* Be responsive to parent requests

* Report to teacher any issues, needs or concerns expressed by parents

* Attend Parent/Teacher meetings twice a year (under supervision of site supervisor)

* Greet parents and maintain warm and friendly communication style

Continue Professional Development

*Obtain and maintain necessary certification in accordance with California Teaching Requirements

*Attend staff trainings and meetings

*Understand State Standards for Curriculum and Child development


  • For Teacher's Asst 1 - Early Childhood Education or Child Development experience a plus; For a Teacher's Asst 2 - Must have at least 6 units of Early Childhood Education or Child Development
  • Maintain a positive attitude of cooperation, teamwork, flexibility and responsiveness
  • Be patient and nurturing towards children
  • Must be punctual and have regular attendance
  • Deep understanding – and ability to articulate – the role equity, inclusion, and diversity plays in our work.

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $27,040.00 to $27,830.00 /year