Assistant Stage Manager/Assistant Production Manager

Houston Ballet - Houston, TX4.1

Job Title: Assistant Stage Manager / Assistant Production Manager

Reports To: Stage Manager

Classification: Salaried – Exempt

The Assistant Stage Manager/Assistant Production Manager is responsible for managing the deck for all Houston Ballet productions called by the Stage Manager. This position will also serve as the calling Stage Manager for Houston Ballet productions, as assigned. This position will assist in managing studio, A/V and rehearsal needs and serve as Assistant Production Manager for events and performances by the Houston Ballet Academy and Houston Ballet II, as assigned.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities as Assistant Stage Manager:

Include the following. Other duties may be assigned;

Serve as Assistant Stage Manager for all Houston Ballet productions, both at home and on tour.
Assist the Stage Manager in supervising stage crew (carpenters, electrics, sound, rail, props, wardrobe) in execution of their rehearsal and performance duties. Additionally, serve as the primary point of contact for dancers, crew, etc. during a performance and assist in problem solving as necessary.
Generate, update, maintain and archive production paperwork with great attention to detail.
As assigned, serve as calling Stage Manager.
Call all score and movement-based cues for performances and rehearsals.
Generate, update, maintain and archive production paperwork with great attention to detail.
Prepare theater paperwork, such as: Dressing room assignments, room tags, sign in sheets, performance notices, theater case notices, etc.
Put up and maintain callboards at the theater and on tour.
In collaboration with the Stage Manager, generate and distribute daily rehearsal reports as well as rehearsal/performance reports following each tech rehearsal, dress rehearsal and performance.
In collaboration with the Stage Manager, help to monitor contract regulations for Dancers and Orchestra during all rehearsals and performances.
Provide proactive support and assistance to visiting choreographers, designers, and resident artistic staff.
Attend and participate in technical cueing sessions in the theater with designers and staff.
Other duties as assigned.
Essential Duties and Responsibilities as Assistant Production Manager:

Include the following. Other duties may be assigned;

In collaboration with the Production team, perform daily studio checks which include maintaining ¼ marks and taped out scenery, refilling rosin as necessary, and checking/maintaining A/V equipment.
Attend and participate in the running of studio rehearsals.
Provide proactive support and assistance to visiting choreographers, designers, and resident artistic staff.
Set-up, store, maintain and provide props for studio rehearsals, including the creation of temporary rehearsal props as necessary.
In conjunction with Wardrobe, provide rehearsal costumes as necessary, including caring for actual costume pieces being used for rehearsal.
Work with the Production Team to source and obtain rehearsal and performance audio repertoire.
In collaboration with the A/V department, video tape studio rehearsals as needed.
Work closely with Houston Ballet Academy and Houston Ballet II to fulfill rehearsal and performance needs as well as working closely with and mentoring the Production Assistant.
As assigned, serve as Assistant Production Manager and Lighting Supervisor for HBII / Academy performances.
Duties may include calling rehearsals and performances.
Coordinate production elements and provide support for off-site special events, i.e. dancer appearances for Marketing or Development functions.
Maintain Stage Management’s supply of tape, supplies for studio floor maintenance, rosin, theater road box supplies, and office supplies.
In conjunction with other Assistant Production Manager, generate and distribute notes from weekly Production Meetings.
Manage seasonal dancer rehearsal garments: check them out and back in each season and coordinate with Wardrobe for any needed repairs.
In conjunction with Production team and A/V department, help facilitate A/V requests from Artistic Staff as well as dancers.
In collaboration with the Production team, continuously asses effectiveness of paperwork, procedures, etc., and work together to create systems that are time-efficient, collaborative, detail-oriented and effective.
Other duties as assigned.

Minimum of 2 years’ experience in a stage management position with either a ballet or an opera company

Ability to:
Read music, including full orchestra scores
Follow tasks through to completion
Effectively communicate, both orally and in writing
Effectively interact with a diverse range of personalities
Manage multiple priorities & problem solve on the fly
Prioritize tasks and practice effective time management
Work long and irregular hours when needed
Function under stress and meet deadlines
Exhibit basic stagecraft skills including using a drill gun and other basic hand tools
Lift boxes, equipment, ladders, etc. weighing as much as 50 pounds

Required Knowledge Of:
Dance vocabulary
Musical scores
Basic A/V equipment
Personal computer use, including e-mail, record keeping, routine database activity, word processing, spreadsheets, graphics, QLab, iTunes and other audio software, etc.

Preferred Skills:
Experience with theatrical lighting, including programming, focusing, maintenance, etc.
Experience with theatrical audio, including running sound boards, setting up A/V equipment for use in rehearsals on tour or for special events, etc.

Organization/Planning – Develops clearly defined, realistic, measurable objectives that are consistent with the company’s objectives. Formulates specific strategies and programs to achieve objectives. Sets priorities and timing of programs to ensure efficient implementation. Properly allocates resources and organizes personal workload. Manages projects effectively and meets deadlines consistently.
Decision Making/Problem Solving – Objectively evaluates all options and alternatives. Consistently selects the alternative which most effectively achieves objectives. Is willing to make decisions and be held accountable for the results of those decisions. Is able to perceive and diagnose the symptoms of problems and clearly identify and define problems. Gathers and analyzes data relevant to the problem and formulates alternatives that will most effectively solve the problem.
Job Knowledge – Possesses the skills, knowledge and expertise required to perform the essential aspects of the job as well as any other specific educational and/or certification requirements.
Leadership – Ensures efficient execution of departmental plans and objectives. Capitalizes and builds on workforce diversity. Effectively manages day-to-day departmental operations. Regularly communicates with staff; demonstrates a willingness to listen and acts and/or follows up on issues. Guides and inspires others to accomplish goals, both individually and as a team. Defines and encourages high standards of performance: leads by example. Structures and delegates assignments to achieve maximum results at minimal effort and in minimal time.
Communication – Communicates effectively in writing and verbally; expresses complex ideas in simple terms. Clearly and concisely expresses in individual or group situations. Comprehends and processes information and responds to communication from others. Communicates, empathizes, uses diplomacy, influences, and gains cooperation. Interacts effectively across functions and levels of the company.
Flexibility/Adaptability – Admits and corrects mistakes; ensures the integrity of work. Accepts constructive criticism and responsibility for outcomes. Effectively responds to change. Adjusts to and accepts changes in direction and priorities. Sees changes in the business or work environment, understands implications and adjusts priorities as needed on short notice.

Physical Demands:
Bending legs downward and forward by bending leg and spine.
Ascending or descending stairs, ramps and the like, using feet and legs and/or hands and arms.
Moving about on foot to accomplish tasks, particularly for long distances and for long periods of time.
Using upper extremities to exert force in order to draw, drag, haul or tug objects in a sustained motion.
Close vision (clear vision at 20 inches or less).
Distance vision (clear vision at 20 feet or more).
Color vision (ability to identify and distinguish colors).
Moderate physical activity performing somewhat strenuous daily activities of a primarily product/technical nature.
Exerting up to 50 pounds of force occasionally to lift, carry, pull, or otherwise move objects.

Work Environment:
Well-lighted, heated and/or air-conditioned indoor office setting with adequate ventilation.
Improperly illuminated or awkward and confining work space.
Regular: Tuesday – Saturday, weekends, significant work time outside the normal business hours
Light overnight travel (up to 10%) by land and/or air.