Executive Manager, Code Compliance Services (Third Tier Executive)

City of Dallas, TX - Dallas, TX3.9

Under administrative direction of the Code Compliance Director and collaboration with the department's management teams, is responsible for managing the training, strategic planning and performance of field and professional staff in the Code Compliance Department. Performs organizational structure review, operations research and logistics, systems research, and related work reviewing methods, procedures, policies, department functions, and internal relationships. Coordinates studies and projects to completion while keeping management informed of progress or problems, as required.

This is an executive level position who supervises management, professional and support staff. The position will interact with a broad spectrum of individuals and groups, including other city departments, elected officials, community leaders and citizens.
Essential Functions
Develop, plan and direct long-range goals for current and new programs within Code Compliance
Analyze operations in conference with the Code staff to determine best approach; recommend operational efficiencies, changes and reassignment of resources when necessary to the Director; coordinate programs and resource allocations within the department and with executives in other departments as necessary
Monitor progress of service delivery elements through procedures and strategies to accomplish timely and effective use of available services
Evaluate and analyze monthly management reports to assist with operational analysis and to make budgetary and strategic recommendations
Manage and coordinate special research requests and coordinate responses to the City Manager or City Council with accurate and timely results
Champion quality management initiatives to enhance productivity through improved work procedures and practices, improved communication and accountability
Periodically review and propose ordinance changes in order to achieve operational efficiency or strengthen city codes, as needed
Review and approve personnel actions including hiring, training, performance evaluations and other personnel actions to ensure productivity and quality standards are maintained
Represent the City at local, state and national organizations and at professional activities to maintain the image of the City and to create public support for departmental programs
Prepare annual reports, trend analyses, and budget estimates for Code Compliance
Makes presentations to City management, City Council and community groups on Code Compliance issues
Work with Neighborhood Code Representatives to develop outreach and education programs; recruit and manage volunteers for community service projects
Lead the Department's customer satisfaction efforts by reviewing and refining Service Level Agreements; ensure that Estimated Response Times and Service Level Agreements are met, and services are delivered to the community in a timely, efficient and cost-effective manner
Coordinate efforts to reduce the number of service requests received through proactive measures and by developing and executing programs in areas of need.
In partnership with the Public Affairs Office, publicize programs and initiatives to the public through marketing materials, traditional and social media outlets.
Ensure timely responsiveness to open records requests and media inquiries.
Minimum Qualifications
A Bachelor's Degree in Public or Business Administration, Marketing, Social Work or related field.
A Master's Degree in Public or Business Administration, Marketing, Social Work or related field preferred.
Four (4) years of progressive responsible experience in organizational performance review, human resources planning, and statistical analysis, preferably in municipal government or equivalent combination of education and experience.
Valid Class 'C' Texas Driver's License
An equivalent combination of education, training and relevant experience may be considered
Knowledge, Skills & Abilities
Knowledge of principles and practices of supervision, training, and personnel management.
Knowledge of principles and practices of budget preparation and administration.
Knowledge of performance measurement techniques.
Knowledge of applied statistical analysis
Knowledge of organization strategic planning.
Knowledge of operations research.
Knowledge of human resources planning.
Skill in operating a personal computer and utilizing rudimentary software.
Ability to operate a computer keyboard and other basic office equipment.
Ability to communicate clearly and effectively.
Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with City staff and the general public.
Ability to analyze complex organizational structures and functional relationships.
Ability to write clear and concise reports.
Ability to apply mathematical and statistical methods to organizational studies.
Ability to make presentations to groups.