High-End Residential Construction Site Supervisor (10 Years)

Trinity Building Co., LLC - San Francisco, CA (30+ days ago)

A little about our company…

We are a team of construction professionals dedicated to managing and crafting high-end residential projects in the San Francisco Bay Area. We firmly believe that the construction process is shaped by three critical components - project scope, budget, and schedule for completion - inherently linked like the three sides of a triangle. We are committed to working with clients and the design team to find the right balance in these competing parameters in order to deliver the best possible product. From project inception to final detailing, we strongly believe that the success of the undertaking hinges on developing and maintaining a truly collaborative environment and clear communication between client, design team and the building trades. By engaging all parties in a cohesive process, we are able to achieve a final product that reflects our clients’ needs and desires.

We are a modern company that adopts and uses the newest technologies available to our industry in order operate more efficiently and to produce a high-quality end product.

We value the input of all of our employees and strive to help them grow in their career while helping to continue our company expansion and goal of advancing our recognition in the industry.

We are a positive and energetic group of professionals that all take on any and all tasks required to successfully complete the projects. We are looking for people with the same positive can do attitude during all phases of the project.

We are currently seeking to fill the following positions:


Candidates that are leaders, reliable, highly motivated, dedicated and career oriented are encouraged to apply. You must be able to give directions and follow protocols. You should have a minimum of 10+ years of verifiable experience in all areas of high-end residential construction management.


  • Ability to read and understand architectural, mechanical, electrical, and structural plans. Ability to scale and do take-offs from project plan sets both printed and in .pdf on the computer.
  • Must have previous hands in experience in the trades which has provided you a strong knowledge base of how tasks get completed and the timelines to complete tasks
  • Must have a very thoroughand clear understanding of for all scope of work areas and responsibilities of all trade groups from Foundation to Finish. Applicant need not have detailed install experience with electrical, plumbing, HVAC, etc. However, applicant MUST have adequate understanding of these trades to schedule work flow and anticipate what subcontractors will need when they arrive on site.
  • Understand how high-end finishes are installed and the relationship between materials and the necessary preparation for the proper installation of these finishes.
  • Must have experience and capability to use plans, project specifications and correspondence from the design team to fully layout sites from rough to finish.This requires having experience using laser levels, installing datums and control lines, installing story poles and layout sticks, and having a keen knowledge of the trades affected by given layouts.
  • Must have knowledge of construction scheduling and phasing in order to create an efficient and well run jobsite. This is the cornerstone of completing projects on-time and on budget.
  • Must have previous hands on experience in performing aspects of residential construction in the field. Preferably you have detailed experience in rough and finish carpentry
  • Be honest, dependable, and a clear communicator. Know how to listen as well as you speak. Know how to ask for help and design/detail clarifications when required.
  • Know how to use MS Office, Cloud storage solutions, be comfortable learning new software programs and be able to correspond clearly through e-mail and text messaging.
  • Must know how to or being willing to quickly learn to use mobile applications and cloud project management solutions.
  • Be able to work quickly and efficiently without sacrificing quality or safety. As a function of this skill, you must be extremely organized in all facets of this site supervisor management role.
  • Have a clean and neat appearance and understand the importance of maintaining a professional demeanor at all times, particularly when dealing with clients, architects, designers, consultants, and project neighbors.
  • Able to lead any employees working under you to work at maximum efficiency.Understand the strengths and weaknesses of those working under you and allocate their abilities accordingly.
  • Be able to work with site staff to coordinate scheduling of subs/vendors and monitoring progress to keep them on schedule and ensure that work is completed within the parameters of their contract.
  • Able to think ahead to the next day, week and beyond in order to have the necessary materials, tools and labor on-site when needed.
  • Able to problem solve and prioritize tasks
  • Able to adhere to a project schedule using our BuilderTrend Project Management software


In-Progress Jobsite Project Management

Depending on the project(s) you are assigned to, you will work with company Project Managers and staff Carpenters on the production of several jobs at one time. You will help coordinate and schedule jobs, help PMs obtain the correct subcontractors, in-house employees, and material resources. You will assist in the purchasing of materials and fixtures from various vendors and track delivery to jobsites. You will distribute and log updated plans, sketches and specifications to the site staff and any affected subcontractors and vendors.

Working with the PM and other site staff to ensure the smooth, efficient, and profitable production of all work undertaken by the teams. You will keep track of job progress and work with the PM to track job costs using the Company documentation systems and report any potential problems to the Company Owner. Produce and track various in-house logs and documentation, such as material order logs, Daily Work Reports and logs, Architect/Consultant RFI logs. You will work in coordination with the jobsite PM to ensure the accuracy of these documents throughout the course of a project.

At the end of the projects you will produce both hardcopy and digital Operation and Maintenance binders based on CSI divisions. You will collect subcontractor and vendor final lien release documents and all warranties.

General Administrative Functions

  • Filing—maintaining project binders and vendor files; archiving old files and plan sets as appropriate; maintaining company databases for accuracy, completeness and relevance.
  • Updates to TBC’s cloud software project management solution.
  • Updates to TBC’s digital filing system as required and updates to the shared Cloud storage system.


Field Estimating for Add Scopes

You will work with jobsite PM to accurately price any additional work that is client or designer directed during the course of a project. This requires assessing in-house labor required, materials required and subcontractor pricing. You will maintain a current list of subs in each required trade/specialty and make sure that each one is notified of bidding requirements and Bid deadlines. You will maintain information on the prices of common components of the work such as plywood, framing lumber, roofing, etc. You will research completed job records to compare actual costs with estimated costs. As a means of continually improving the efficiency of your estimating work, it is important that you maintain a record of the prices of common scopes of work such as additions, decks, houses, kitchens, bath, etc.

Because you will be acting as a representative of the Company to current clients and designers, your demeanor, and personal appearance must project a professional image. You will be responsible for analyzing the needs of existing clients and making recommendations, which best suits their needs. You must have tact at all times when working in tandem with clients and design teams to not impart your opinion before the client or the design team.

Requirements to Apply:

- Provide at least three references in residential construction

- A portfolio of work completed is a plus.

- Provide legal documents to work in the U.S.

- Own basic tools & reliable transportation (Truck with lumber rack preferred)

- Pay strict attention to detail

- Have a minimum of 10 years experience in residential construction

-PLEASE ATTACH a PDF version of your resume and references.

Job Type: Full-time


  • Verifiable: 10 years (Preferred)


  • Bachelor's (Preferred)