Task Lead/Senior Analyst

Succeed to Lead - Columbus, OH (30+ days ago)

Columbus, OH, Salary Range: $74,464 – $81,775
Indianapolis, IN, Salary Range: $73,784 – $81,029

Scope: The Incumbent will support a team responsible for Financial support services to include Accounting Operations, Financial Management and Budget Execution Support for a Defense Agency with Financial Analysis, Document Preparation, Reporting, Internal and External Accounting Record Reconciliation Support, review of Reported Amounts for Selected Financial Statement Accounts, Assertion Process and Internal Control over Financial Reporting (ICOFR) and Internal Controls over Financial Systems (ICOFS).

Incumbent must have an in-depth knowledge of a Defense Agency’s internal structure, automated financial systems and expertise in programmatic and financial analysis and installation level accounting.

Requirements: The successful candidate will have a minimum of 10 years relevant experience within a DoD Agency. Candidate must possess a B.A. in Business Administration, MBA preferred. Secret Clearance is required. Selectee must be available September 1, 2018.

Specific Tasks include:
Perform continual finance and accounting assessments of work units within a Defense Agency and document finding in reports.
On technical items and system requirements when building system transactions and “trouble shooting” system issues. Assist with the development, application and reporting of finance and accounting data required to operate within the Agency.
Provide support at the Headquarters facility in Arlington, Virginia to research and monitor program execution, accounting records and contract payment files for contracts managed within the Agency’s Contract Management Office (CMO). Ensure that all contracts with pending Unliquidated Obligation (ULO) have their obligations and expenditures recorded correctly in both the accounting and entitlement systems.
Identify and prepare a corrective action package that recommends a solution to a discrepant condition and describes how the solution should be implemented. Ensure the corrective action package is worked to completion. The contractor shall:
Perform audit readiness activities and associated reviews of compliance with laws and regulations, the systems of internal controls and accounting standards, and review financial results and audit reports (when applicable). At minimum two times annually or as otherwise directed by the COR, provide assessments and recommendations for resolution of finance, accounting, accounting systems and auditing issues related to the Agency, and keep an open line of communication between the Agency, its Audit Committee and other responsible entities within the Office of Secretary of Defense (OSD), Comptroller Office.
Review the adequacy of internal controls over financial reporting, including computerized information system controls and security. Create and maintain business process flow charts and narratives which will include the assessment of associated risks, control activities, environment, information, monitoring, testing weaknesses (dependent or otherwise) as they relate to the reasonable assurance of financial reporting.
Project staff must utilize a commercial off the shelf product to manage, maintain and store all documentation relative to ICOFR and audit readiness.
Create new or review and update the existing permanent file documentation (procedures, processes, and key control points) necessary for the Defense Agency to assert audit readiness, while also identifying significant financial improvements issues where corrective action plans need to be applied, including Complimentary User Entity Controls (CUECs). Complete packages of the permanent file documentation will be maintained and updated at the end of each Fiscal Year.
Provide support to the Agency when responding to the requirements of OUSD(C)/FIARSD. Provide up-to-date Assessable Unit (AU) documentation of internal controls over financial reporting and systems as required. Areas that should be documented include but are not limited to: Fund Balance with Treasury, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable and Financial Reporting, Contract Pay and Civilian Pay.
Create and maintain Agency financial reporting objectives (FROs), and the tests of internal controls and key supporting documents (KSDs) needed to demonstrate audit readiness. At least twice annually, provide evidence of sufficient tests of internal controls and key supporting documents included in the scope of its AUs.
Coordinate with a staff that provides support from Arlington, VA, Columbus, Ohio and Indianapolis Indiana.