Dance Studio Manager/Teacher

Salida Dance Studio & Buena Vista Dance Studio - Salida, CO

Full-time$22,000 - $30,000 a year

Office Manager Position at Salida Dance Studio & Buena Vista Dance Studio

30+ hrs per week
Starting Salary $22,000 additional pay based on teaching hours and experience

Benefits include health insurance for yourself. Additional family members
would be at your cost.

POSITION: This position would be to oversee the day to day operations of Salida
Dance Studio and Buena Vista Dance Studio. Your role would be to manage the
operations of the studios and its participants, not the teachers or major decision
making of the studio. The studio owner will continue to manage staff and provide
support for all functions. The studio owner will focus on business development and
the growing expansion. Payroll for this position will begin in June 1, 2019 and
will be a year round position. Any teaching hours will be put in to the salary rather
than hourly. The pay period will be monthly and the health insurance will be
provided for the 2019/20 year. This position can be performed at home or in the studio
office. The position will include a studio credit card for purchases and cellphone. All
studio calls will be directed to this number but any issues above day to day
operations may be directed to the studio owner. Tasks and time will be managed on
your own. It will not have permanent hours. This position will be a training position
and will develop over time. Your tasks may start out lighter in the beginning but will
be up to full speed in 3 months. Additional added tasks will be part of your salary
and not considered above your scope of work. There will be weekly meetings and
monthly reviews of performance.
SKILLS: This position will require a staff member who is organized, proficient in
excel, word, wordpress, social media marketing, customer service skills and most
importantly self motivated and flexible. Computer skills are a must and you may use
the studio macbook pro. The ability to be personable and kind to all students,
parents and vendors is a must.

These are some of the job tasks, but is not considered a complete list.
PHONE: Answer and respond to all studio phone calls, fielding any important issues
to Jaime or direct information to teachers such as absences and schedule changes.

MINDBODY/Sports Engine: Daily reconciliation of all classes, follow-up with students and parents for any missed waivers and payments. Weekly (until caught up then monthly)
review of all accounts to be sure all credit cards and payments are being processed
correctly. Send out invoices when needed.
Manage Mindbody Online schedule and enrollments. Enter and prepare all future
classes. Monthly review of classes. Manage transition of MindBody to Sports Engine.

Check in with staff on a regular basis for any registration changes and basic needs at the studio; Kleenex, bobby pins etc.
Run errands and get items to the studio in a timely manner.
Regular visits to the studio to pick-up organize and reorganize the space spot cleaning if necessary.
Manage any repairs and contractors for the space for daily operations.
Call and meet repair companies if needed.
Change out fliers, go through the mail and clean up front area. Take any items to caring and sharing when needed.
Manage the minimal storefront, fold clothes that are left check remaining items.
Check with studio owner if you feel something needs reordered.

DEPOSITS: Friday’s pick up any funds out of the black box. Enter them into
mindbody and deposit into HCB.

PACKAGES: Pick up any packages from Studio owner and deliver to the studio.

COSTUMES: Prepare all class lists and provide paper copies to each teacher. Set
deadlines for students to be measured and coordinate with the teachers. Research
all discount deadlines for companies. Provide the catalogs to the teacher. Order the
costumes. Manage and track deliveries and be at classes to check each costume with
students and reorder when necessary so teachers can continue to teach.

RECITAL: Manage all aspects of the recital. Venue, Ticketing, Marketing, Pieces,
Music, Lighting and Sound Tech, Program, Flowers, SDS Apparel, Volunteers, letters
to parents, finding a backstage manager and overseeing the event.

WEBSITE: Manage and keep it current with the schedule and
any changes. Update galleries and photos. Comb for inconsistencies.

MARKETING: Manage SDS & BVDS FB & IG pages, providing quality posts and articles as well as reminders.
Write and send Monthly Constant Contact Newsletter and all
communication with the parents.
Working within the studio budget, prepare and post ads.
Manage all donations for ads in school newspaper, sports etc.
Look for new affordable way to get our name out there.
Manage studio signage.
BUDGETING: Help manage and maintain budgeting items to find cost savings.
Possibly managing quickbooks in the future.
FUNDRAISING: Fundraising for the Scholarship Fund and managing the scholarship

Average of 30 hours per week
1 full day at BVDS - 10:00 - 4:00 pm
1 full day at SDS - 10:00 - 4:00 pm
3 days “online” - 10:00 - 4:00 pm
Weekends online based on availability, “will respond within 24 hours”
** Days and hours subject to time of year **
Days in the studio can be for on site managing; stocking paper and bathroom products, spot cleaning, picking up deposits, running errands, changing out flyers, checking in with staff, etc.
Days online can be for marketing, website & registration management, account reconciliation, etc.

Monthly Goals: (approx.)
June - Summer registration. Fundraising. Scholarships
July - Fundraising. Registrations
August - New Enrollments, 2019/2020 season starts
September - Book recital date and weekend
October - Finalize all class lists
November - Costume Measurements
December - Finalize Costumes.
January - Order costumes by first week. Schedule picture day.
February - Confirm recital date and time, set up tickets, order flowers
March - Recital tickets on sale. Hand out costumes (once ALL arrive)
April - Finalize details for recital. Release Summer schedule
May - Recital. Summer Registration

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Added this in for an easier break down of weekly and monthly expectations. Feel free to remove.

Job Types: Full-time, Internship

Salary: $22,000.00 to $30,000.00 /year