Monongalia Co. CPS Worker - $1,500 Appointment Incentive

Department of Health and Human Resources - Bureau for Children and Families - Morgantown, WV3.5


Nature of Work:
Under general supervision, performs advanced and complex social casework in the area of Child Protective Services. Work is characterized by cases involving abuse/neglect/exploitation of children. The nature of the situations requires expertise and judgment to deal with problems that are potentially dangerous to the client and the worker. Work requires the use of personal automobile for extensive travel. Employee is subject to being on-call during non-business hours and must be available and have access to a telephone. Requires ongoing training to be fully accountable for a high volume of demanding and time-restricted cases. Performs related work as required.

Examples of Work

  • Works within a caseload that crosses program lines into adoption, foster care, legal guardianship, and others.
  • Conducts investigations concerning allegations of abuse by talking with and visually observing affected individual; talks with immediate family, relatives, neighbors, teachers, doctors, and relevant others and reviews any pertinent records.
  • Makes initial assessment of validity of the allegation and the degree of danger that the child is in; documents the results of the investigation of the parent and/or caretaker.
  • Completes family assessment to determine dynamics and problems that may be precipitating an abusive situation.
  • Develops effective interventions to strengthen family that address safety, well-being, and permanency of children.
  • Prepares safety, service, and/or treatment plans to remedy contributing problems and stop behavior patterns of abuse/neglect/exploitation and solicits family cooperation.
  • Engages family in counseling to resolve problems, refers them to other available resources, and monitors safety and risk of further abuse to prevent a reoccurrence of abuse.
  • Files petition with the court as needed to ensure safety of the child, testifies before the court, and makes appropriate placement of child, including but not limited to staying with relatives, in foster homes, residential treatment facilities, or in an emergency shelter.
  • Evaluates the progress of the family or living environment towards meeting objectives of the safety/service/treatment plans, the need to modify the plans, and the eventual disposition of the case.
  • Maintains detailed case records and extensive documentation, prepares specialized reports, and composes correspondence.
  • Attends extensive, ongoing training to develop comprehensive knowledge of State and Federal social welfare laws, rules, regulations, and evolving protocols regarding child abuse and neglect.
  • Conduct and facilitate Multi-Disciplinary Team Meetings.
  • Conducts validating interview of sexual abuse investigations.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

  • Knowledge of State and Federal social welfare laws, rules, and regulations, particularly those concerning child abuse and neglect policy (i.e. Gibson, ASO, ASFA, Title IV-E, Chapter 49, Chapter 9000).
  • Knowledge of social work theory, casework methods, and community organization.
  • Knowledge of human behavior and the behavioral sciences, particularly concerning child development, family dynamics, and interpersonal relationships.
  • Ability to assess emotional states, behavioral indicators, family dynamics, and overt signs of abuse in order to evaluate safety and risk and determine whether an abusive situation exists.
  • Ability to formulate client safety, service, and treatment plans.
  • Ability to influence people to engage in problem-solving activities and to change attitudes and behavior.
  • Ability to work effectively with judges, law enforcement officials, and other professionals.
  • Ability to communicate with individuals who have emotional or mental problems, substance abuse issues, and/or domestic violence situations.
  • Ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing.
  • Ability to maintain detailed case records and extensive documentation, prepare specialized reports, and compose correspondence both in written and database format.
  • Ability to operate a computer.
  • Ability to pass competency testing.

Minimum Qualifications

Education: Bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited college or university.
Substitution: Current West Virginia Social Worker License.

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $27,732.00 to $57,660.00 /year


  • Bachelor's (Required)