Special Agent (BWC Fraud Investigator) - Mansfield (REPOST)

State of Ohio Jobs - Mansfield, OH3.8

Full-time | Commission
Primary Location: United States of America-OHIO-Richland County
Work Locations: Mansfield Service Office 240 Tappan Drive North Mansfield 44906-8051
Organization: Workers' Compensation
Classified Indicator: Classified
Bargaining Unit / Exempt: Bargaining Unit
Schedule: Full-time
Compensation: $26.20 - $37.33
Unposting Date: Aug 25, 2019, 10:59:00 PM
Job Function: Investigation

Agency Contact Name: BWC Human Resources

Agency Contact Information: a77509@bwc.state.oh.us

Special Agent (BWC Fraud Investigator) - Mansfield (REPOST)

Job Duties

Special Agent (BWC Fraud Investigator) - Employer Fraud Team
BWC PN 20083084
This position is located in Mansfield (Richland County), Ohio.
Pay Range: OCSEA/AFSCME 32

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This position shall be filled in accordance with the provisions of the OCSEA Collective Bargaining Agreement. BWC bargaining unit members have selection rights before non-bargaining unit members. All other applications will only be considered if an internal bargaining unit applicant is not selected for this position.


Under general supervision of the BWC Special Investigations Supervisor, independently, or as lead investigator or as a member of an investigations team, analyzes computerized data (e.g. Human Services Criss-E, Auto Track, Sanctions, Ohio Offender, BMV photo files, LEADS-Law Enforcement Automated Data System) to detect fraudulent activity: conducts field &/or in-house investigations into allegations of fraud, abuse &/or other violations (e.g. felony & misdemeanor criminal activity, administrative or ethical misconduct) against OBWC system by members of the general public, internal & external employees, contractors, employers, attorneys, injured workers & other persons &/or entities involved in allegations of fraudulent activity; evaluates referred allegations to determine existence &/or extent of fraudulent activity as defined by OBWC rules & laws; independently manages & prioritizes assigned investigative caseload; develops action plans as deemed appropriate to successfully complete assigned cases; researches criminal & civil records at city, county, state & federal courthouses; procures, audits & analyzes records (e.g. medical, payroll, bank account records, tax statements, employment records, personal & business records & other applicable financial & medical records) from employers, financial institutions, health care organizations, Ohio Department of Job & Family Services (ODJFS), other government agencies &/or business entities in order to gather evidence & documentation; understand & adhere to laws & statutes, rules & regulations pertaining to investigations, evidence gathering, & search & seizure; researches, audits, analyzes & interprets medical & benefits documentation & terminology from internal OBWC claims files & computerized claims information (e.g. PowerSuite); locates, interviews & interrogates subjects of investigations to obtain statements &/or confessions; contacts & interviews other individuals (e.g. informants, witnesses, physicians, attorneys, victims) associated with allegations under investigation; maintains accurate & complete case records; collects & preserves all physical evidence (e.g. payroll records, bank statements, tax records, suspect & witness statements) to support case findings & prepare concise, accurate & detailed investigative reports to prove or disprove allegations of fraudulent &/or criminal activity. Serves as liaison with internal OBWC departments & external groups & agencies (e.g. local, state & federal law enforcement agencies, state regulatory boards & agencies [e.g. Attorney General’s office, Industrial Commission, Inspector General’s office, Ethics Commission, OBWC claims management, OBWC accounts payable, county prosecutor’s office; Federal Bureau of Investigation, Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigations & Identification; Social Security Administration, ODJFS, Ohio Department of Rehabilitation & Correction, Ohio Pharmacy Board, Ohio Medical Board, Ohio Chiropractic Board]): arranges trips out of state to obtain vital information; testifies before grand jury, courts of law & administrative hearings as to validity & accuracy of techniques used to obtain administrative & criminal evidence; attends briefings & team meetings; attends internal & external training seminars; (e.g. surveillance techniques, undercover operations, public records searches, Reid technique of interviewing & interrogation, computer crime, electronic crimes, self defense); participates in developing internal training programs for new investigative personnel; develops curriculum & conducts training seminars as assigned (e.g. Red Flag Training). Independently, or as lead investigator or as team member, conducts covert surveillance activities in order to identify whether employers are operating without coverage or with lapsed coverage: conducts surveillance within & outside of Ohio; obtains undercover forms of identification to assist in maintaining undercover identity; formulates & decides cover stories to work best with ever-changing circumstances; assesses immediate situations & makes split-second decisions as needed in order to maintain undercover identity; performs surveillance of dangerous & potentially violent individuals in hazardous areas to document criminal &/or fraudulent activity or behavior; uses baton &/or defensive sprays as trained; determines best surveillance sites; operates sophisticated undercover & surveillance equipment (e.g. 35 mm camera, camcorder, mini-camera, undercover audio recording devices, time lapse VCR, pinhole camera systems, two-way &/or other radio systems) in potentially dangerous situations & surroundings; maintains surveillance equipment by ensuring proper storage & use; troubleshoots malfunctions of surveillance equipment; carries & utilizes expandable baton/nightstick & chemical repellents (e.g. MACE/pepper spray) as necessary; procures trash from businesses & individuals to obtain evidence & develop additional leads. Performs related duties (e.g. collects, inventories, secures & examines evidence): prepares evidence for forensic analysis; ensures compliance with established evidence procedures; takes statements & affidavits; executes legal actions (e.g. warrants, subpoenas); identifies & investigates lapsed coverage & non-covered employers; investigates forged certificates of coverage, manual classifications & risk shifting & calculates financial impact on the State insurance fund; assists in making decisions regarding possible criminal prosecution & refers cases to Attorney General’s office or other law enforcement agency for appropriate remedies; recommends policy & procedure changes (e.g. evidence handling & presentation, investigation safety, surveillance procedures, equipment needs, handling irate or dangerous suspects); operates personal computer (e.g. develops & maintains databases, creates & maintains spreadsheets to display evidence in sequential order, verifies claims management entries, enters all investigative activities in Fraud Management System [FMS]); searches internet to locate resources; maintains confidential reports; utilizes Law Enforcement Automated Data System (LEADS) through Ohio State Highway Patrol & other related crime computer information systems (e.g. NCIC, Criss-E, NICB, BMV photofiles); prepares video, audio & paper evidence exhibits for administrative hearings, grand jury, criminal & civil proceedings.


Unless required by legislation or union contract, starting salary will be set at the lowest rate of the salary range. In most cases successful employees will move up a step in the salary range within six months, with subsequent step increases occurring every year as supported by successful performance evaluation results.


Completion of associate core program in criminology, criminal justice, or law enforcement;

AND 18 mos. exp. in conducting criminal investigations.

Or equivalent of Minimum Class Qualifications For Employment noted above.

(Note: conducting criminal investigations is defined as performing field interviews & interrogation, field surveillance, field information & evidence gathering techniques while conducting investigations involving violations of criminal law [i.e., special emphasis on theft & fraud cases] as well as researching various administrative laws, policies & procedures related to commission of possible criminal offenses).

The final applicant accepted for this position must successfully pass state highway patrol personal background check prior to employment.

Note: Pursuant to Ohio Administrative Code Chapter 4501users of system shall adhere to policies & guidelines published in NCIC operating manual, CJIS security policy, LEADS operating manual, LEADS security policy, newsletters,
& administrative messages from LEADS, all of which are either available on ODPS/LEADS intranet or disseminated to LEADS agencies; pursuant to LEADS security policy state & national fingerprint-based record checks must be conducted within 30 days of initial employment or assignment of all personnel, including appropriate IT personnel, having access to LEADS, or to records storage areas containing CCH/II data; minimum check must include submission of both a State of Ohio BCI& I card & an FBI applicant fingerprint card; both completed applicant fingerprint cards must be submitted by employing agency to State of Ohio Bureau of Criminal Identification & Investigation for processing & forwarding to Federal Bureau of Investigation; record of this check must be kept by employing agency & made available to LEADS upon request; fingerprint card returned by Ohio BCI&I is sufficient documentation.

Pursuant to Ohio Administrative Code Chapter 4501 terminal agency shall conduct a complete background investigation of all terminal operators including, but not limited to: an applicant fingerprint card submission to BCI&I & FBI, an inquiry of state & national arrest & fugitive files; terminal agency is required to notify CTO of any applicant’s criminal record; existence of a criminal record may result in denial of access.

Knowledge of: criminology; criminal justice or law enforcement; BWC*; state & &/or federal statutes, rules, regulations & procedures applicable to investigations; evidence gathering & search & seizure; public relations; interviewing; case preparation; LEADS operator rules & regulations*; human relations. Skill in: operation of personal computer, word processor, database & spreadsheet software; analytical software used in fraud detection*; surveillance equipment (e.g. 35 mm camera, camcorder, mini camera, undercover audio recording devices)*. Ability to: define problems, collect data, establish facts & draw valid conclusions; gather, collate & classify information about data, people or things; prepare meaningful, concise & accurate reports; conduct interviews effectively; assess immediate situations & make split-second decisions; handle sensitive inquiries from & contacts with officials & general public; safely handle irate &/or dangerous citizens; recognize unusual or threatening conditions & take appropriate action; deal with many variables & determine specific action during investigative process; comprehend & record figures accurately; add, subtract, multiply & divide whole numbers; calculate fractions, decimals & percentages; understand manuals & verbal instructions, technical in nature; use proper research methods in gathering data; work in isolation. (*) Developed after employment.

Prior to an offer of employment, the final applicant will be required to sign a background check authorization form and undergo a criminal background check. Criminal convictions do not necessarily preclude an applicant from consideration for a position.



The Final External Applicant Selected For This Position Will Be Required To Submit To Urinalysis Prior To Appointment To Test For Illegal Drug Use. An Applicant With A Positive Test Result Will Not Be Offered Employment.

BWC Will Conduct A Complete Background Investigation Of All Final Applicants Including, But Not Limited To: An Applicant Fingerprint Card Submission To BCI&I & FBI, An Inquiry Of State & National Arrest & Fugitive Files.


You can check the status of your application online by signing in to your profile. Questions not pertaining to your application status can be directed to: a77509@bwc.state.oh.us.

Applicants experiencing technical issues should send an email to careers@ohio.gov for assistance.


Background Check Information

BWC requires an official transcript for any applicant claiming to meet the minimum qualifications based on educational achievement. A transcript is only considered “official” if it is verifiable through the educational institution that awarded it (e.g., contains institution watermark, ink stamp, embossed stamp, registrar contact information). If provided from an on-line transcript clearinghouse the transcript must contain clearinghouse contact information so that it can be verified. Printouts of course information available to the student through the institution’s website are NOT considered an official transcript. In order for education to be taken into consideration during the application screening process, BWC employees must have an official transcript on file with the Personnel & Benefits department by the deadline date on the job posting. Applicants not currently employed by BWC must attach a copy of the transcript(s) to their application, however, an official transcript will be required if invited to interview for the job opening.





Pursuant to Ohio Administrative Code 4501:2-10-03 (G) (3) all terminal operators must be LEADS certified by completing appropriate LEADS certification test; this must be completed within the first six months of employment as a terminal operator; each terminal operator must be recertified through testing every two years; during a new employee training period, trainee is permitted to use LEADS terminal under supervision of a certified operator.