Wounded Warrier Recovery Care Coordinator Lead

Sabel Systems - Camp Lejeune, NC (30+ days ago)

Sabel Systems is seeking a Wounded Warrior Recovery Care Coordinator. This position will provide Wounded Warrior Regiment (WWR) subordinate units with Recovery Care Coordinator (RCC) Lead coordination between the Battalion Headquarters locations (one (1) at Camp Pendleton, CA and one (1) at Camp Lejeune, NC) to facilitate synchronized action between the multi-discipline team (MDT), the Program Manager and WWR Headquarters. The primary focus of these coordination efforts is for the Lead RCCs to ensure all actions taken by the local RCC’s are being carried out in accordance with the WWR Headquarters and local battalion operations. The Lead RCC provides local leadership with a single point of contact to provide local updates on RSM care. The RCC Lead has the same tasks and duties as a regular RCC with the added responsibility of being the lead RCC within their area of operation (AO). Being the lead RCC requires coordination of RCC efforts relative to the Recovery Care Plan (RCP). RCC Leads assign task to their respective RCCs, coordinate and report on tasks that originate from the program management level and keep local commanders informed on daily business operations. These RCC leads will be required to keep the local commanders updated on RCC program activity within their AO.

Support activities include:
  • Disseminate to RCCs, within the Area of Responsibilities (AOR), any updates of information. pertinent to RCC responsibilities.
  • Organizes project progress meetings upon request of local commanders.
  • Act as liaison between local commander and WWRHQ for questions and issues pertaining. specifically to the RCP within their AO.
  • Consults and collaborates with multi-disciplinary teams (MDTs) during the initial treatment phase of RSMs and provide continuing support throughout the continuum of care, including support during the disability evaluation system process.
  • Ensures that RSMs and family have access to all medical and non-medical care management services including, but not limited to medical care, rehabilitation, education, employment-related programs, and disability benefits.
  • Works with RSMs to create the CRP and make modifications in conjunction with the MDT supporting RSM and family, to include extended family members as appropriate.
  • Oversees the RSM’s CRP, anticipating future challenges during phases of recovery, rehabilitation, and reintegration.
  • Identifies gaps in RSMs non-medical services, intervenes as necessary to expedite outcomes and assists with coordination of resources to develop and improve outcomes for enhanced delivery of nonmedical services. Works closely with on-base Marine Corps agencies, and the Marine Corps’ Wounded Warrior Regiment to ensure delivery of assistance and to resolve conflicts.
  • Facilitates an efficient, effective and smooth rehabilitation and transition of RSM back to active duty or civilian life as a veteran through coordination with appropriate personnel (Military Service Coordinators/VA Liaisons and other agencies).
  • Assists the RSM and family members in coordinating local and state resources, including referral to Governmental and Non- Governmental agencies, state and local services and agencies, as appropriate, where the RSM and family will reside.
  • Collects, maintains, and analyzes data for planning and reporting purposes in accordance with governing program guidance, which will be identified as the need arises. Maintains detailed records of recovering service members to document delivery of benefits and medical and non-medical care.
  • Assists the RSM, family and extended family members to navigate through the continuum of care which involves initial assessment, comprehensive assessment, linkage to family support programs and ongoing follow up.
  • Collaborates with community partners both on and off the installation to form a new pool of resources for the RCC program to support RSM needs.
  • Maintains current listings and resources on information relating to impact of trauma and posttraumatic reactions, and their effect on the member, family and caregivers.
  • RCCs shall provide to MDT members the Daily Disability Evaluation Report upon request.
  • Attend Periodic Professional and Technical development meetings/workgroups involving all MDT members as necessary to be held locally (within each facility location). Meetings/workgroups shall include such topics as Process improvement, Lessons Learned and conflict resolution, with the purpose of improving the care and coordination to the RSM. Date, time, and location for these meetings will be determined by mutual agreement between the contractor, the region, WWR headquarters, local battalion headquarters locations and the Contract Officer’s Representative (COR).
  • Occasionally the RCC may be required to stay beyond normal work hours to accommodate an RSMs care.
  • Identify benefits and access benefit information from a variety of sources, including, but not limited to Department of Defense, Department of the Navy, Marine Corps specific information and benefits, Veterans Affairs benefits, Department of Labor, Marine Corps Wounded Warrior Programs, Family Readiness Centers, and other governmental and non-governmental support agencies specifically as they relate to RSM and their families.
  • Analytically access and interpret information necessary to evaluate how to best support the RSM and family through the entire spectrum of care management, rehabilitation, and transition services.
  • Utilize exceptional interpersonal skills, strategic problem-solving skills, and excellent written and oral communication skills that focus on support requirements to evaluate and enhance the experience of the RSM and family. Provide leadership, mentoring, and communication skills to RSM’s.
Essential Duties and Responsibilities: Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions of this position:

Personal / Team Development
  • Demonstrates the Sabel Values through behaviors; sets high personal standards for performance/conduct; supports company and practice activities
  • Demonstrates ability to be a team player; works well with others; contributes positively to work/team environment while continually seeks ways to enhance contribution to the team
Client Management
  • Provide support to consultants and clients and understand business issues and related challenges of the client’s organization and industry
  • Performs a key role in preparation of quality deliverables
  • Supports the operations of the engagement team and management while performing as an integrated team member.
  • Supports development of engagement work plans, schedules, and performance meetings
Business Development
  • Supports business development activities as directed by management.
  • Supports practice business development activities
  • Understands basic steps in sales cycles
Other duties as assigned

Supervision: N/A
  • The ideal candidates for an RCC are individuals who served as a uniformed Marine or through close familiar relationships understand the significance of the cultural bond and Marine ethos needed when dealing with Marines, therefore previous military experience in the Marine Corps or close affiliation is strongly desired. Prior uniformed service as a senior enlisted or officer is preferred. Suitable personnel are acceptable from a wide range of personnel and benefits counseling experience; or similar work in civilian community service settings or a combination of education and experience. Strong interpersonal communication skill set including negotiating skills and excellent oral and written communication skills. Individuals must possess excellent organizational and management skills.
  • Bachelor’s degree in a social science preferred or a minimum of 5 years’ experience associated with helping, supervising, and providing guidance to service members.
  • Must be a United States citizen and meet English language proficiency equivalent to the naturalization test standards.
  • Bilingual ability is an asset in communicating with family members who are not proficient in English.
  • Exhibit a wide range of personnel and benefits Counseling experience; or similar work in civilian community service settings or a combination of education and experience