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We believe in exceeding our employees' expectations by treating them like family and acknowledging them as our most valuable assets. We can't operate a great business without great people, and we take that seriously by showing our employees how much they mean to us every day.

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The opportunity to use the sum of your life’s experiences and knowledge to expand a successful organization into a new facility, to stabilize that new creation and watch it grow. We provide a strong support staff that is ready to mentor and encourage our team members to grow with the organization in a fun and exciting atmosphere! Should you invest your career in a job so amazing you’ll feel proud to be a part of every day?

Benefits, Vacation, Paid Holidays and Competitive Salaries.

“Traditions Spirits believes in exceeding employee and guest expectations by treating them like family and acknowledging them as our most valuable assets. Our success is measured by teamwork, growth, profitability and delivering legendary service to every guest, every time.”

The following list of core values guide, drive and define our unique family culture. They are constant and unyielding; they do not change with time and they don’t vary from person to person. These values underpin our relationships with our employees, guests and partners. Our core values are the heart and soul of everything we do.


Is the foundation of our business. We genuinely care about our employees, guests and community, and we strive to exceed their expectations.


Is what fuels us. We pour our hearts into everything we do, and that is what sets us apart.


Is what guides us. Ownership, accountability and the honest desire to operate in an ethical manner, is the core of our reputation.


Are the cornerstone of our business. Our success stems from treating employees, guests and partners like family.


Drives our team. We will motivate, innovate and evolve to ensure our continued growth.


Is the spirit that bonds us. We work together respectfully and harmoniously, sharing enthusiasm for achieving our common goals.


Position Description
Prepares food to be served within the outlet according to the standards set forth based on proper presentation methods and service standards. They prepare meals based on established specific recipes and number of guests being served. Responsible for ensuring all food standards established by Traditions Spirits including, but not limited to sanitation duties are fulfilled.

NOTE: Traditions Spirits, Inc. ® may change the requirements of this job description at any time. These include, but are not limited to the following:

Embodies Traditions Spirits Mission, Vision, and Core Values
Estimate food consumption; then requisition or purchase supplies, or procure food from storage
Portion, arrange and garnish food as well as assist cashier in the expediting of orders
Regulate temperature of ovens, broilers, grills and roasters
Season and cook food according to recipes or personal judgment and experience
Wash, peel, cut and de-seed fruits and vegetables to prepare them for consumption
Weigh, measure and mix ingredients according to spec recipes using various kitchen utensils and equipment
Inspect food preparation and serving areas to ensure observance of safe, sanitary food-handling practices
Assist all fellow co-workers as needed
Grill, deep fry, bake broil and microwave raw and prepped foods
Measure and assemble ingredients and cook all items according to specific recipe and menu guidelines
Maintain cooking line in clean, sanitary and safe manner
Stock/restock items on line according to specifications
Wash and clean raw food products
Peeling, dicing, shredding and slicing food products using electric equipment
Explain how various menu items are prepared, describing ingredients and cooking methods
Maintain personal health and sanitation standards (wash hands when after using the restroom, etc.)
Review work procedures and operational problems in order to determine ways to improve service, performance and/or safety

NOTE: These include, but are not limited to the following (additional responsibilities may be assigned as necessary):

Be observant to any and all safety concerns surrounding your work area
Ability to answer the phones in a professional manner as trained
Following all health standards and guidelines established
All side stations are well maintained and stocked through your entire shift
Cleaning of all spills that may occur during your shift
Aware of any and all potentially hazardous conditions
Superior attendance and punctuality
Always wear a safety belt when lifting objects over 20 lbs
Always wear slip resistant shoes
Provide information to supervisors/managers

Must be 18 years of age or older
Knowledge of business and management principles involved in strategic planning, resource allocation, leadership techniques, production methods, and coordination of people and resources
Knowledge of economic and accounting principles and practices, banking, and the analysis and reporting of financial data
Excellent oral and written communication skills
Expert computer skills, ability to compose and create reports, letters, memos, and procedures
Mature judgment and professionalism in handling all matters
Required knowledge of administrative and clerical procedures and systems such as managing files and records and other office processes, procedures, and terminology
Ability to read and understand information and ideas presented in writing
Excellent math skills
Excellent organization and problem-solving skills
Knowledge of InfoGenesis software

Reaches, bends, stoops, lifts, carries and pushes
Lifts and carries supplies, and cases, weighing up to 50 lbs
Essential hand/eye coordination
Work is normally performed in a typical interior restaurant/bar/casino work environment
Noise level is moderate to high
Moderate or high exposure to cigarette smoke when on property
Limited exposure to physical risk
Moderate physical effort required
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