Amazon Home Services Certified Technician and Assembler

Sage Ideas LLC - Washington, DC (30+ days ago)

Make money as a Furniture Assembler and Handyperson

This is a Contract position that works on YOUR schedule. This is for individuals who are looking for supplemental income.

(please read entire description)

Sage Ideas is an Amazon Home Services based business. We pass on jobs to you via application and you pick up jobs based on your schedule. You will be in customer's homes all the time. And Amazon customer are the best. It requires traveling 100% of the time. We are looking for competent and self-motivated individuals that want to supplement their income. The jobs tip extremely well and most of the jobs are performed in less than 2 hours. Customers are amazing and already like us because they have purchased our services through Amazon. I am looking for awesome people that are generally in a good mood, and just genuinely have great customer service.

Types of Jobs

  • Furniture assembly
  • Exercise Equipment Assembly
  • Handyman Services per hour ($35-$50)
  • Garage Door Opener Replacements
  • Gazebo Assemblies
  • In-ground basketball hoop installations
  • Garbage disposal replacements
  • a/c unit installations
  • grill assemblies
  • pressure washing
  • electric cooktop installations
  • Removal Services (mattresses, etc.)
  • TV wall mounting
  • Curtain rod installations
  • Trampoline Assembly
  • Garage ceiling storage installations
  • Pool Assemblies
  • And many more that pertain to assembling

Pick up jobs on your schedule

Jobs are within a four-hour window to arrive, giving techs plenty of time.

Example: 8am-11am | 11am-2pm | 2pm-5pm

You will have these time windows to arrive at the job*

Job Distances

We typically travel up to 50 miles from where the technician is located. Some tech travel up to 100 miles for jobs that are worth their wild.

Perfect Candidates

  • Sage Ideas is looking for candidates that have EXCEPTIONAL customer service. Everything we do is based on customer service. Calling customer before, notifying them of anything that’s wrong, and giving them an amazing experience.
  • Someone with experience with the types of jobs indicated above.
  • Has your own tools

(Drill, Hammer, wrenches, screwdrivers, box cutters, Drill bits, level, etc)

  • Someone that will show up to the jobs and do great every single time.


  • If you commit to a job a job, we expect you to perform the job and not arrive late. YOU ARE NOT OBLIGATED TO TAKE ANY JOBS IF YOU DON’T WANT TO.
  • Always be polite and courteous
  • Do your homework before the job, and HAVE THE PROPER TOOLS
  • Throw away boxes and plastic to customer’s bin
  • THAT’S IT!


  • Techs are paid 60% of job total for jobs under $499.00

Example; Job = $200.00 payout is $120.00

  • Techs are paid %70 of job total for jobs over $500.00

Example; Job = $800.00 payout is $560.00

Typically, techs are making between ($1000-$1800) every 2 weeks working part-time*

Techs are paid every 2 weeks

(*depending on your area’s volume, your work area distance, and how many jobs you are picking up.)

Work with Sage Ideas

  • Sage Ideas wants to be your supplemental income driver. Most of the jobs are simple and done in less than two hours. Pick up only the jobs that interest you. We also provide support via Phone and Application.
  • To learn more about the position, please contact or submit your application for consideration.

(Only applicants that fit the criteria will be contacted. Thank you for taking the time in reading the entire description)

Oh... If you did read the entire description and feel it would truly be interesting for you, here is a very big tip ... write a short Cover Letter. It tells me you read at least some of the description, shows a general interest, and tells me you didn't just click "apply" for the heck of it. I thank you again in advance for your patience and your time.

- Jason

Job Types: Part-time, Contract

Salary: $2,000.00 to $5,000.00 /month