Child Psych Specialist

Children's National Medical Center - Washington, DC (30+ days ago)4.0

Responsible for the implementation of nursing care for a child or group of children and their families from admission through discharge, under the direct supervision of the registered nurse.
Minimum Education
Bachelor's Degree

Specific Requirements and Preferences

Bachelor's in psychology or other human services field.

Minimum Work Experience

Specific Requirements and Preferences
Willing to train applicants with some mental health work expereince, one to six months of related expereince working with children in a healthcare, educational, or recreational seeting experience preferred.

Required Skills/Knowledge

Display calm, accepting, problem solving attitude with patients and families

Required Licenses and Certifications

Functional Accountabilities

Implement Therapeutic Milieu
  • Implement schedule of activities.
  • Co-lead/lead patient groups.
  • Implement individual Treatment Plans.
  • Implement time outs and seclusion protocols.
  • Maintain safety for patients, families and staff through continuous assessment and vigilant adherence to all safety protocols and plans.
  • Assists patients with ADLs
  • Assist with general hygiene, rest, activity, and nourishment.
  • Work with patients to foster developmentally appropriate self care.
  • Provide appropriate classroom accommodations for children with physical disabilities.
  • Administer care to the medically ill child under the supervision of a registered nurse.
  • Administers educational services to all children and adolescents hospitalized on the inpatient psychiatric unit
  • Administer educational assessments.
  • Provide individualized assignments for the patients based on their academic levels.
  • Administer unit behavioral protocols in the classroom setting.
  • Safety
  • Speak up when team members appear to exhibit unsafe behavior or performance
  • Continuously validate and verify information needed for decision making or documentation
  • Stop in the face of uncertainty and takes time to resolve the situation
  • Demonstrate accurate, clear and timely verbal and written communication
  • Actively promote safety for patients, families, visitors and co-workers
  • Attend carefully to important details - practicing Stop, Think, Act and Review in order to self-check behavior and performance