Investigative Support Analyst/Financial Investigator

The West River Group - St. Louis, MO


Overview and Functional Purpose

The Investigative Support Analyst supports Inspection Service criminal programs, including, but not limited to, mail fraud, narcotics, prohibited mailings, money laundering, and organized crime. This position will provide investigative support to US Postal Inspectors conducting mail fraud and financial fraud investigations. The ideal candidate will have experience working with large volumes of records and data, performing investigative and/or financial analysis, and producing work products that advance investigations. Former Federal Law Enforcement experience is desired.

Annual Salary

The compensation being offered will be an hourly rate of $55.59, which is the annual equivalent of $106,741.87 if you were to work the available 160 hours each month. You would also be eligible for all the benefits offered by WRG including sick leave, a 401(k) plan and an opportunity to participate in our Health, Vision and Dental programs.


1106 Walnut St., St Louis, MO

Skills and Ability Requirements

  • Demonstrated knowledge of federal statutes and the federal rules of criminal and civil procedure;
  • Extensive experience in communicating orally and in writing to clearly explain steps and results in research and analysis using multiple mediums such as charts and reports;
  • Extensive experience in conducting research using the Internet and other commercial/public databases;
  • Demonstrated significant ability to analyze investigative results and present sound recommendations for additional investigative action;
  • Extensive experience developing civil and/or criminal cases for presentation to the appropriate prosecution authority;
  • Extensive experience identifying the appropriate analytical techniques and methods during an investigation;
  • Demonstrated extensive ability to prepare complex criminal and/or civil investigations;
  • Demonstrated extensive experience showing the ability to work independently;
  • Demonstrated significant ability to prepare a final work product;
  • Prior experience investigating complex financial investigations;
  • Prior experience developing forfeiture in an investigation.

Work Duties and Tasks

Include, but are not limited to:


Review and analyze business records; trace proceeds of illegal activity in order to prepare cash flow analysis; perform personal wealth analysis and related financial transactions; present findings in reports and presentations in non-technical terminology to various audiences.


Data-mine Postal records and other databases to identify fraudulent activity; prepare reports documenting analytical results; disseminate research results to appropriate contact(s) in a timely manner.

Planning and Preparation

Complete assigned tasks to ensure completion within required time frames to support the criminal or civil investigation, as appropriate; assist Postal Inspectors with developing intelligence for criminal investigations; prepare initial investigative research; compile basic background information to include, but not limited to, researching all pertinent records and other data.

Reporting Responsibilities

Responsible for documenting and reporting analytical results, creating graphic displays and reports that present clear and concise representations of the information analyzed; and disseminating data as required by the assigned task(s).

Required Education and Work Experience

A Bachelor Degree from an accredited college or university AND a minimum of ten years of law enforcement experience planning, conducting and participating in complex criminal investigations with a minimum of five years specialized experience in areas such as mail fraud, money laundering, narcotics trafficking, organized crimes, forfeiture or similar area of criminal activity.

Required Security Clearance

A Security Clearance is required.

When communicating with West River Group about this position, include your email address, and use the Task Order designation FY19-036.

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $55.59 /hour


  • Federal Law Enforcement: 5 years (Preferred)