Crunch Corporate Clubs - Upland, CA

Full-timeEstimated: $71,000 - $100,000 a year
Demonstrate a working knowledge of all standard operating procedures and policies that pertain to the club and company.

Communicate and implement company policies and procedures to employees.

Encourage staff to work as a team and be productive.

Illustrate an ability to make decisions

Recruit and hire the highest possible caliber of staff

Sales/Revenue Management:
Demonstrate the ability to lead, motivate, and manage sales team

Achieve desired sales and net membership goals

Achieve desired revenue goals thru the leadership and motivation of employees.

Implement and support company programs and promotion to help generate new sales leads for optimum new membership growth

Ensure that Sales Team maintains proper tracking forms and the daily leads

Ensure that all promotions are effectively communicated to the sales Team and all other appropriate staff

Ensure ongoing prospecting and generation of leads through membership advisors efforts versus reliance of company marketing

Review sales-related written communication such as proposal, letters and promotional pieces for effectiveness, spelling, accuracy and distribution

Ensure the sales manager is facilitating weekly Sales meeting with Membership Advisors to discuss and review current strategies, promotions, prospecting and plans of action

Ensure that he sales staff has a high level of knowledge about the clubs programs, facilities and equipment

Ensure sales planners are completed and percentages are analyzed

Emphasize importance of sales staff involvement in the community and neighborhood businesses

Personal Training/Revenue Management:
Achieve desired personal training revenue and session production goals

Facilitate integration of Personal Training products into point of sale presentations to maximize the number of orientation sessions scheduled and packages sold

Coordinate and work within company’s support functions of Fitness, Sales and Marketing, Accounting, Information Technology.

Support personnel related problems or difficulties by following company procedure and documentation.

Resolve member complaints in an expeditious and tactful manner following company procedure and documentation.

Promote a professional and welcoming atmosphere that enhances the quality of service and care offered to the members

Ensure the club meets standards for cleanliness, maintenance, safety, security, and physical plant operations

Ensure visible maintenance items are repaired promptly, proper signage is posted and if possible out of service equipment removed from the floor

Reinforce to staff the cleanliness is everyone’s responsibility, not just the maintenance staff

Assist in the processing/submission and approval of payroll

Implement “recovery plan” when locations are not achieving desired financial results.

Exhibit an understanding of budgets and income statements

Establish controls of expenses and purchasing of club supplies

Display an ability to keep expenses at or below budget

Demonstrate an ability to articulate variances in revenue/sales/expenses versus budget

Serve as a role model for employees

Communicate effectively by holding weekly and individual meeting with all key club personnel

Provide an inspirational environment that welcomes honest feed back from employees and takes action to ensure a quality, working environment.

Implement and support company programs and promotion to help generate new sales leads for optimum new membership growth

Oversees expense goals by managing payroll and general and administrative expenses

Ensure that the clubs meet Crunch standards for cleanliness, maintenance, safety, security and physical plant operations

Keep current in knowledge of key competitors

Conduct frequent walk thrus

Measurement Standards:
Successful management of all financial budgetary goals

Ensure standards of clubs cleanliness and customer service excellence

Demonstrate professionalism by leading by example

Membership retention

Timely completion of assigned tasks and projects

Follow all policies and procedures in Employee Handbook

Above description may be subject to change or alteration at any time

Requirements: 4 year college degree preferred compliance

4 years club management experience preferred

Food Handler Certification or equivalent city/state certification, if applicable

Special Skills: Excellent written and verbal communication

Creative management techniques

Strong organizational skills

Strong leadership skills

Strong administrative skills

Strong customer service skills

Strong computer skills – excel, word