Cellular Network Engineer (Level 3)

3S Network, Inc. - Plano, TX


Position Summary:

Perform complex system design, installation, commissioning, verification, and customer support on Samsung’s virtualization platforms as well as Next Generation Core products and projects.

Continuously improving advanced technical knowledge in the following fields of technology:

  • Broadband IP network architecture and signaling protocols.
  • 3GPP NGC standards and implementations
  • ETSI NFV standards and implementations
  • Cloud Technologies

The NG Core products are:

  • Samsung Next Generation Core network elements including AMF, SMF and UPF

The responsibilities are:
System integration, verification and technical support of various NFV components, support SDN driven applications and Cloud Management. Primary focus on Openstack based Orchestration.

Knowledge of many of the topics described below is preferred:

NFV Concepts and Implementations
Require deep understanding of NFV in the following areas:

- Understanding of ETSI NFV architecture
- Hypervisor Architecture, Advantages, Limitations and support for virtualization technologies (Bare-Metal, Para-Virtualization, Hardware-Assisted Virtualization)
- CPU and SMP Scheduling Features to optimize and implement NFV Functions
- Memory Address Translations Mechanisms to optimize NFV functions
- Disk Management Features and familiarity with Intel directed I/O (VT-d). Storage of VMs and understand requirements to move VM image files between different Hypervisors.
- Networking Features including use of Open vSwitch, Cisco Nexus switch, SR-IOV, and Intel’s Data Plane Development Kit (DPDK), virtual NICs. Provide solutions for network resiliency and improved performance.
- Hypervisor Performance Management – optimize NFVs using Core Pinning, Non-Uniform Memory Access (NUMA), and Guest Isolation in Multi-Tenant scenarios, familiar with Intel’s Virtualization Technology (Intel VT, VT-X) to optimize NFV functions.
- Understand the requirements to perform Live Migration of NFV.
- Understand the requirements to support Power Management for NFV.
- Management at the Hypervisor and Hardware level acting as Platform As A Service (PaaS).
- Understand the security implications of each Hypervior and suggest security solutions for NFV.

Networking with SDN:

- Thorough understanding of cloud computing and software-defined networking (SDN) domain. Defining the architecture for high performance, scalable SDN (Software Defined Networking) for use with Samsung NFVs.
- Defining the architecture for Server and Network Virtualization along with the Network Function Virtualization (NFV) and Software Defined Networking (SDN) solutions for Samsung products.
- Defining the architecture of Openstack (Quantum, Nova, etc.) plugins and related agents and interfaces for Samsung products.
- Defining the architecture for SDN (Software Defined Networking) Controller and Applications and related North Bound and South Bound interfaces.
- Understanding of Linux layer 2 and 3 networking internals,
- Expertise in Advanced networking concepts (VLANs, OpenVPN, iptables, dnsmasq, tunneling and overlay networking, layer 4-7 services, topology discovery, path computation)
- Expertise with at least one or more of the following technologies:
o Open vSwitch, OpenFlow, Cisco UCS Networking, Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), I2RS.
o Expertise with Eventing/Messaging infrastructure (RabbitMQ/AQMP)
- Experience with networking protocols: TCP or IP, Ethernet, 802.1Q, GRE, VXLAN, L2VPN, MPLS, BGP, IS-IS

Cloud Management and Orchestration:

- Working experience with OpenStack (Redhat or other distributions), Red Hat Director or other cloud management frameworks (deployment, configuration, operations).
- Experience working with container technology (Docker, Kubernetes)
- Python development experience and experience with REST, JSON, HTTP will help. Extensive scripting experience (e.g., Shell, Python, Perl).
- Working experience with configuration management frameworks (e.g., Ansible, Puppet, Chef).
- Experience with orchestration frameworks for cluster management (e.g. mCollective)
- Knowledge of open-source storage solutions and distributed file systems.
- Experience working with Linux HA stack: pacemaker, corosync, keepalived

- Good understanding of server hardware and experience deploying and configuring servers include IPMI/DRAC/ILO, Bios, Raid, etc
- Experience working with tcpdump/Wireshark

Background /Experience:

A Bachelors Degree in engineering (EE, CS) or related electronics technical training from four-year college or university and a Masters Degree (EE, CS) in an area of specialized engineering expertise preferred.

  • Over 10 years of industry experience is required with MS degree and over 13 years of industry experience is required with BS degree.
  • Have in-depth technical engineering experience including wireless telecommunications engineering activities.
  • Hands on experience of 3GPP PS core and LTE SAE technology preferred.
  • Must be able to write, read, analyze, and interpret technical journals and procedures utilizing mathematics language, non-linear communications, vectors, complex numbers and logarithms as reference.
  • Must have experience with MS Office products.
  • Must have PC and UNIX Workstation experience in a LAN/WAN systems environment.

[1414-1] {3}

Job Type: Contract

Salary: $38.00 to $47.00 /hour


  • engineering industry: 10 years (Required)


  • Bachelor's (Required)

Work authorization:

  • United States (Required)

Work Location:

  • One location


  • Health insurance
  • Dental insurance
  • Vision insurance
  • Retirement plan