Restaurant Manager

Panda Restaurant Group - Columbus, NE3.7


I am looking for great people who are driven, hard working, and wanting to join in our intense growth opportunities.

we have some of the best pay scales and benefits in the business.

please reply to this email with your phone number and email address if you are interested in setting up an interview with me for possible position with our company.

Job Title: Restaurant Manager
Company: Panda Restaurant Group

Salary, INCLUDING benefits:

Assistant Manager: $35,000 +
General Manager: $70,000 +
District Manager: $100,000 +

All Management Positions including Full Benefits (Dental, Medical, Vision). *Actual earnings may/will vary based upon total hours worked, the applicable hourly wage rate, overtime pay, bonuses and benefits

For more information please visit

Kandid Pagdee
Training Leader

Job Type: Full-time