MDS Coordinator


The primary responsibilities of the MDS Coordinator are to be responsible for overseeing the completion of the RAI Process (MDS, RAPS and Care Plans) as well as ensure the integrity of the data entered into the MDS. In addition, provides support to the Director of Nursing and Healthcare nursing management staff with enforcing policies and procedures.

Full-time; Monday - Friday

This is a salaried exempt position

Must have current RN license through Virginia Board of Nursing.
Prior experience with the RAI process preferred.
Supervisory skills required; experience preferred.
Ability to work with confidential information and maintain its integrity.
Strong written and verbal communication skills; ability to read and comprehend all types of written materials.
Ability to multi-task while maintaining attention to detail and having good organizational skills.
Strong customer service skills; maintain a hospitality approach when engaging all individuals.

Work closely with Director of Nursing, Unit Managers and all nursing staff to ensure quality of care and life for residents. Enforce policies, procedures and regulations.
Work with residents, staff, physicians, families, visitors and volunteers to obtain all relevant information for individualized resident care. Display pleasant, courteous and positive attitude. Communicate effectively with all parties.
Maintain thorough knowledge of the RAI guidelines, Sunnyside and corporate policies and procedures as well as federal and state regulations. Attend workshops, seminars and read materials related to long-term care changes.
Coordinate and assist the MDS team in completion of the RAI process; (MDS, CAAs, Care Plans, etc.) meeting the designated time frames for completion and submissions as identified in the RAI manual. Prepare monthly schedule for MDS annual and quarterly reviews and give information to MDS team and management via memo. Identify initial assessment date for all new admissions and assessment dates for residents with significant change in status and communicates information to team members via memo/email. Ensure a computer generated MDS form, signed by all members of the MDS team who completed part of the assessment is completed and placed in the residents chart. Review Care Plan for completion within the designated time frame identified in the RAI manual. CAAs are determined to match sections of the Care Plan and then a computer generated Care Plan is printed and placed in the Care Plan binders on the corresponding nursing unit. The Care Plans are reviewed by the MDS team members and/or nurse managers at least quarterly and a new estimated goal date is assigned for no greater than 90 days. Each time a comprehensive assessment is completed, the Care Plan must be updated in the computer system and a new form printed to replace the existing one.
Ensure resident assessments are accurate and current to be utilized by staff to provide quality of care and life for residents (including MDS, CAAs and Care Plans). Initiate, review and change Care Plans and all pertinent assessments per residents and regulations. Assist nurse managers to ensure chart documentation correlated with the physicians orders, resident assessments and care, thus ensuring that all licensure surveys are void of citations for discrepancy between demonstrated and/or staff verbalization of resident care and chart documentation or resident care and the Care Plans.
Manage the Medicare PPS process in conjunction with rehab services to meet PPS schedule for review dates as identified in the RAI manual for Medicare Reimbursement. Submit Medicare assessments to the state database within designated time frames identified by the RAI manual and in consideration of the billing office needs at the end of the month. Identify correct ICD-10 codes to be used for billing in conjunction with rehab services and enter codes into the computer program for billing purposes. Set assessment dates (ARD) for all Medicare Part A recipients with input from rehab department to achieve appropriate RUG level. These dates are communicated to the MDS team via e-mail. As necessary, ARD changes are made to ensure proper reimbursement. Complete assessments, sign and place computer generated MDS form; follow same procedure as outlined under completion of the RAI process. Complete Care Plans for Medicare Part A recipients with initial assessment and follow same procedure as outlined under completion of the RAI process.