Perl Developer

Accolite, Inc. - Dallas, TX

Long Term contract

Develop command line and web applications, as well as various third party integrations that are designed with scalability and secure coding (OWASP) practices in mind.
Maintain and improve existing backend application systems in support of order acquisition, order fulfillment and monetary capture processes.
Implement and enhance existing integration application infrastructure for internal and third party use.
Develop tests, predict areas of risk, and coordinate with our QA staff to deliver solid, dependable code.

8+ years professional programming experience with Perl 5
3+ years professional experience working with relational databases (SQL).
General experience with MVC design pattern use in your custom application (no CMS reliance) or web service.
Experience with creation of REST-based APIs and web services.
Ability to comply with mandatory fun.
Linux or UNIX command-line experience.
Ability to break down business needs into small, well-defined, actionable projects.
Skilled in juggling multiple, shifting priorities during our busy e-commerce season, when we shift from Scrum to Kanban.
Excellent English-language communication skills both written and oral.

Experience with at least 1 language other than Perl (PHP, Python, Ruby)
Experience with Agile software development practices (e.g. Scrum, Lean/Kanban)
Experience with developing (and troubleshooting) Javascript (jQuery specifically) for DOM manipulation and AJAX interactions.
Experience with RabbitMQ or other message queueing systems.
Experience with Modern Perl, Perl Best Practices and PerlCritic.
Experience with Perl Template Toolkit or similar templating system.
Experience developing automated functional and performance testing suites.
E-commerce experience.
Published and/or contributed to CPAN, GitHub, Google Code, or similar Open Source repositories.

Accolite is a cutting-edge technology consulting services company with offices in North America, Europe, Asia Pac and Delivery Centres in India. We are trusted partners for our Banking, Insurance, Telecom, Aviation, Logistics and Product Engineering clients delivering Digital and Transformation Programmes for them.

We have rapidly grown over the last few years to 850 + people across the globe and continue to hire the top technical minds for our expanding customer base.

Accolite is involved in executing and delivering projects to our client’s critical end-user facing & analytics applications for which we are looking to hire the brightest minds in the industry across experience levels to be working closely with the client partners and delivery managers involved in transformational projects using the latest technology stacks across UI frameworks, React Native, Java, Flink, Kafka, Python, Hadoop etc.