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The Heritage Community is just that – a community of people, joining together to guide our students on a future pathway to stabilization and success! As a therapeutic community, we provide a variety of “extras” for our students to help them maintain a well-balanced life. One of these extra program elements is our indoor pool! Students come to the pool to enjoy leisure time, giving them a resource to help them cope and remain steady while receiving treatment, going to school, and managing the stressors of life. We currently seek to hire a part-time Lifeguard to not only oversee the safety of the students while swimming, but to also help our students on their therapeutic journey. The incumbent will also assist our Sports & Recreation Resources Manager with sporting events on an occasional basis. Thus, we will hire a candidate who is engaging to work well with an adolescent population, who is assertive and responsible to finish assigned tasks under minimal supervision, and energetic and creative in helping our Sports and Recreation program be successful!

Schedule: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, 4:00 – 8:00 PM. May include some Saturday shifts, as needed, for sporting events.

Assure a positive, welcoming, and safe environment is provided in our indoor pool facilities.
Maintain constant surveillance of the students and employees in and out the pool, acting immediately and appropriately to secure safety of the students and/or employees in the event of an emergency.
Provide emergency care and first aid, as required.
Responsible for the daily maintenance of the pool, including testing water levels, pH levels, etc. Maintenance and management also includes upkeep of pool equipment, cleanliness of dressing rooms / showers, etc.
Keep a log of equipment and furniture in the pool facilities and laundry room. Make timely requests for repair or replacement.
Work with supervisor and Home Directors in maintaining a proper schedule for the pool.
Assist supervisor with games / sporting events with the students, as needed. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to: setting up equipment for a game, cleaning up equipment after a game, score keeping, assisting with practices, refereeing, etc.
Mentor the students and develop close, personal, and emotionally supportive relationships to guide them in their treatment progression.
Properly use trained interventions, as needed, to mediate, de-escalate, or redirect agitated and emotionally escalated students and/or situations to assure a safe, therapeutic environment.
Understand and implement principles from the book, The Anatomy of Peace, by The Arbinger Institute. This includes being an example of conflict resolution techniques to enhance a culture of excellence.
Other duties as assigned by Supervisor.

Current Lifeguard certification, from either American Red Cross, YMCA, or American Lifeguard Association.
Must demonstrate the knowledge and skills to prevent, recognize, and respond to aquatic emergencies.
Current CPR/First Aid certification.
Strong swimming skills and physical capability to assist an adolescent and adult population.
Engaging and empathetic character, to develop healthy and supportive relationships with our students.
Excellence in decisiveness, problem-solving, and organization.
Task-oriented and self-driven to be responsible in completing job duties under minimal supervision.
Some experience as a competitive sports participant desirable (volleyball, basketball, soccer, softball, etc.), or a willingness to learn aspects of these sports to efficiently assist supervisor during games and events.
Minimum 21 years of age.
Proficiency and fluency in speaking, understanding, reading, and writing English.